Super Junior M – Celebrity Tour Guides Ep. 3 [ENG SUB] – From 111009

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Episode 1: Super Junior M – Celebrity Tour Guides [ENG SUB] – From 110925
Episode 2: Super Junior M – Celebrity Tour Guides [ENG SUB] – From 111002

Credit: caesetia @ livejournal
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  1. thanks a lot for uploading the video with Eng Sub ,, now i can understand it more … thanks for your hard work ..

  2. thanks for uploading it =)) i just laughed at EunHyuk in the first part, haha… naughty naughty student EunHyuk…. drawing his teacher, haha….

  3. thanx a lot.. i really love this show.. n thanx again.. love u guys.. 🙂

  4. thanks for the sub! ^^

  5. Kyu feeding the guy the kyulongbao! LMAO! Kyu, y so precious? XD

  6. funny seeing them went against each other. Zhoumi’s ten cups of tea, Henry’s not being able to take it slow & went fast-paced, Ryeowook’s troubled by the cap, Kyu’s ‘present’ LOL!!!, Sungmin as a fast learner, Eunhyuk’s diligence despite having to work with alcohol… Henry & Eunhyuk got the worst task possible for them but they did great kekeke

  7. 哈哈!so enjoyable all their hard working to complete the mission with funniest way….O(∩_∩)O哈哈~

  8. thank you so much for sharing this here^^
    help me a lot~! b^^d

  9. Wow, I really respect EunHyuk for not drinking a drop of alcohol at all.

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