Super Junior Introduction Mr Simple, by Japanese ELF

October 9, 2011 at 8:44 pm | Posted in ELF, MV/DVD/CD, Pictures/Videos, Projects, Wonderboys | 10 Comments

YES. I just saw this awesomness now.. thanks to @nokkii_lovDong  whoever mentioned this to me on twitter. I forgot who? :X

Credit: Changsomu 

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  1. lol at the intro (Donghae,Siwon) xD

  2. It’s me send to you ^^

    From @nokkii_lovDong

    I’m glad yhat you post it 🙂

    Thank you!!!

  3. i giggled whenever i see horses when siwon turn comes up lol. that was so adorable. thanks for sharing 🙂

    • oh yeah i forgot about the fish too lol that was so adorable.

  4. wowowo it’s soooo perfect!!! haha love it!!

  5. This is so cute. Somebody needs to do this in English… it would be so much easier to send this link than to keep having to describe it to curious viewers on the MV comments section.

  6. I didn’t understand but the fishy and horse were pretty obvious. LMAO The graphics on Hyuk’s dance solo distracted me from the actual dancing. I love this!

  7. this is so hilarious!!! whoever made this didn’t make fun out of our boys but make this MV lots and lots of fun and joke!
    it’s hard to translate all those subs into Eng since many Japanese famous comedians jokes are used which don’t make sense in translation
    wish everyone understood Japanese because this is really funny and cute!!!!

  8. haha siwon will be sad after watching this!!!! this edited MV is so cute!!!!! nicely done!!!

  9. 私はそれを愛する!私はそれを愛する!私はそれを愛する!私はそれを愛する!私はそれを愛する!私はそれを愛する!私はそれを愛する!私はそれを愛する!私はそれを愛する!私はそれを愛する!私はそれを愛する!私はそれを愛する!アイラヴITは!私はそれを愛する!私はそれを愛する!私はそれを愛する!私はそれを愛する!私はそれを愛する!私はそれを愛する!私はそれを愛する!私はそれを愛する!かわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいい!

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