111006 MBC We Got Married – Leeteuk | Part 2 [1P]

October 6, 2011 at 10:56 am | Posted in Drama/Film/TV/CFs, Leeteuk, MBC, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 19 Comments

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111006 MBC We Got Married Recording – Leeteuk [3P]

111006 Leeteuk and Kang Sora begin filming for ‘We Got Married’?

Credit: Star News
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  1. i see awkwardness between them….teukie oppa looks so tired! OMO the girl’s face is too fair!

  2. ohh.. she’s not pretty.. LOL.. my imaginations are slightly wrong..

  3. OMG- I very sock

  4. no!!!!ee teuk oppa already super duper busy.poor him…be strong oppa.fans alway

  5. oopppss!!fans always with you…

  6. i watched her on Strong Heart before, what i like about her is that she’s actually fat before, and she’s not ashamed about it… i’m just disappointed because i was expecting SUNGMIN to be her husband, oh well, just take care LEETEUK, he got so many shows already, but anyway, i’m still gonna watch this..

  7. aww teukie is gonna be even more busy, 6 shows on his hands, i hope he takes more care of his health and rest more

    our angel should not be overworked 😦


  8. I don’t like this. Teukie engaging himself to all these schedules and overworking himself isn’t good for his body. And I can tell his prepping himself for his leave for the army. This is EXACTLY what Heechul did before leaving… Exceedin workload capabilites… Appearing in all the shows… God, Teuk. You already have Hello Baby, SuKiRa, Strong Heart, Star King MC-ing and a zillion other guestings and co-mc roles in different shows. Not to mention A-CHA and SS4 preparation. Don’t you think you’re spreading yourself too thin? WE GOT MARRIED, I really don’t like this. It should’ve went to less busy members instead of Teuk. His body isn’t 100% healthy. He has chronic gastroenteritis right? :(( I’m just so worried you know. 

    • i agree… i’m also quite disappointed, but what can we do, he accepted it already… let’s just pray for him, especially for his health…

      • I also agree,, why leetuk instead of other members?? (honestly I really hope Donghae will be the groom XD),, he’s really busy with current schedule,, and now WGM?? hwuuuaaa,, they really make oppa to the bottom,, U_U’
        Plz stay healthy oppa!! We always support u no matter wht,,

  9. I don’t like Kang Sora !!!

  10. i dont know, im not that pretty as well but im kinda disappointed with Leetuek’s “wife” and why Leetuek when he is so busy, when he is already on a “family” related show, kinda overlapping, =(

  11. omg elfs LETS PROTEST. of course i want to see him in many shows and stuff, but damn… he will be so busy… of course its all because he’s going to leave for army soon, but still… >.>


  13. I think you fans are very selfish….Fine he has many schedules but he’s the one who accepted all these programs so instead of complaining here and there why not support his decisions…how old are u guys 5? You can’t control his life, his life is in his own hands not yours so get over urselves…Gosh fan like you guys really annoy me…Also hasn’t he said before that they prefer fans encouraging them instead of complaining……

    • What we must do are supporting him. he mentioned it in sukira with yesung before. They like their job

    • well, you can’t blame the other fans, they are also worried for his health, and yes, he accepted it, so we can’t do anything about it, even though we complain all day, lol, nothings gonna happen… we just want to speak our minds, and that’s it, after that, we can all accept it and moved on, and encourage him… don’t worry =))

  14. i don’t think it;s him

    i think he and kang sora do like a surprise..and actually it is another member*hints: LEE SUNGMIN*

    me and my imagination

    or maybe he accept WGM because he wants FEMALE to care for him…Like Kangin and his ex.. ^^
    kangin’s ex took kangin’s side when he involved with everything eventhough they had end their relationship .. ^^

  15. I think Kang So Ra’s jacket is teuk’s ^^. Hope become the best couple in WGM. I will always suport you oppa !!!!

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