111006 MBC We Got Married – Leeteuk [1P]

October 6, 2011 at 9:21 am | Posted in Leeteuk, MBC, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 20 Comments

Reupload & Posted by: SoulAngel701(sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

-LEETEUK with Kang Sora for “We Got Married” 1st recording. The show will air on MBC every Saturday. -(source from:@All4Hyuk)


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  1. ohhh so Teukie is on WGM!!!! SHOCKER for me!!!

  2. lol her face

  3. i am looking for him, finally

  4. i wish this WGM doesnt have long episodes,, =( poor teuki oppa, he must be tired..

  5. omg so this is confirmed that teukie is getting married while having 4 wives and 1 cute kid?! >< the girl doesn't seem really pretty for me…well…just saying…since news have been reporting that she is a very very pretty girl? teukie ah!!!! don't forget us!

    • I’m ok that she’s not super pretty lol. I don’t really like these ty

    • I meant I don’t really like these types of shows anyway so as mich as I love teukie I prob won’t be watching. I can barely make it thru Hello Babu even tho Teuk with Kyumin is so adorable.

  6. T_____________________________T

    They dont’ look like 7 years old different.

  7. cant wait for this to watch! waaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!!!!!!!!

  8. they look good together..

  9. So its true?please… I really feel bad for him now. I mean,doesnt he feel tired?im afraid he is going to tired..

  10. seriously i dont lke this….”-“

  11. Leeteuk,SM take too many many jobs for you,she dosen’t care the health of any artist, she just want earn more n more money from you before you join the army :((((Leeteuk, our best leader, you should take care yourself, i wish you happy n healthly everyday,saranghae xD

  12. look at her expression kekek lol i will say no comment i promised not to bother her

  13. Teukie is gonna have 3 houses?! Oh ,dear, he’s already got 4 wifes/1 son, and 12 children in another house. For shisus, rest a little Leader. I’m getting worried!

  14. I am teukie biased but I will watch this completely. I think it is good for teuk that he has a lady who will support him as a virtual wife. Please just support them guys. All members have tight schedule too (onscreen and offscreen), they all working hard and like their job. You all know that SJ has less popularity in Korea. What we should do are supporting and praying for them. I think why Leeteuk is choosen for WGM because his age already matured and most of his fans are mature too

    • they are?? as in, not that popular in KOREA??

    • Agree!

  15. leeteuk oppa…as long your happy , married with kang sora…
    i will keep smiling in front between you and kang sora noona…
    be happy after all…


  16. What is wrong with you guys? I think Kang Sora is sooo pretty, and they both are very compatible. Well I don’t know why people were very angry at them, because..they have their own life, people why are you so jealous? Just let them be. Lets just be his fan, that can support him anytime he needs us. Teukso couple! ❤

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