111006 Gaon Chart releases chart rankings for the 1st week of October!

October 6, 2011 at 10:44 pm | Posted in Albums, News/Rumors, Wonderboys | 16 Comments

The Gaon Chart is the national chart of South Korea and is intended to be the equivalent of Oriconin Japan and Billboard in the United States.

Check out the chart rankings for the 1st week of October below!


Gaon Chart National Digital Singles Ranking

1. Brown Eyed Girls – “Sixth Sense”– 46,789,957 Points

2. Huh Gak – “Hello” – 34,227,262 Points

3. INFINITE – “Paradise” – 24,293,080 Points

4. KARA – “STEP” – 22,914,003 Points

5. Davichi – “Don’t Say Goodbye” – 22,890,488 Points

6. Sung Shi Kyung – “I Like” – 21,404,236 Points

7. Brown Eyed Girls – “Hot Shot” – 21,321,574 Points

8. Kim Gun Mo – “A Sadder Day Than Yesterday” – 18,478,875 Points

9. UV – “Who Am I” – 18,438,032 Points

10. Yang Yoseob (B2ST) –  “No” (Poseidon OST) – 16,304,481 Points

Gaon Chart National Physical Albums Ranking

1. INFINITE – ‘Paradise, 1st Repackaged Album’

2. Brown Eyed Girls – ‘Sixth Sense′

3. Kim Kyu Jong – ‘Turn Me On’

4. Huh Gak – ‘First Story’

5. Super Junior – ‘Beauty, 4th Repackaged Album’

6. Various Artists – ‘Kim Tae Won Selects’

7. G-Dragon – ‘Heartbreaker’

8. SHINee – ‘Hello’

9. Various Artists – ‘Princess Man OST’

10. Kim Gun Mo – ’13th Autobiography & Best’

Super Junior’s Bonamana’s on there but not Mr. Simple?!?! Come on ELFs~~ We gotta work hard so SuJu can win ♥

Source: Gaon Chart, allkpop
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  1. Oh the 4th repackaged bit not the 5th?! ELF fighting. The boys have to win!!

  2. Bonamana is mistake, wher is a-cha repackage?? I am following hanteo, and ther

    was a-cha, charts this week pos. nr 3


  3. Somebody please tell me the different between Gaon & Hanteo ?
    Why its counted different for each other ?

  4. Hanteo counts the actual sales (the real number of albums bought in a span of time) while I think in Gaon they count the production minus the returns.

    The 5th album is not in the chart for the first week of October because SME hasn’t release a new batch of repackage album yet (maybe because the number of the released album in the first batch is not sold out yet) but they released 4jib copies (that’s the reason why it is on Gaon chart). Problem is, they are not yet releasing another batch of Ver. A in Korea and the last batch is already sold out.

    Gaon album chart update until September: Mr. Simple Ver. A & B – 318,669…. A-CHA – 97, 210 (no. of copies sold).

    We are almost on our 500,000 goal in Gaon but not yet in Hanteo.

    • ThankKyu :))

      But, you know which will counted for win GDA ?

      • Hanteo is the one counted in GDA. I wonder why because Hanteo only counts album from stores related to them while Gaon counts everything.

        • Because Gaon give his results only after GDA already end. That’s why. And because Gaon only 3 year old. And don’t worry. Remember when Mr.Simple out, on the 2nd or 3rd week, we drop on Hanteo on #22, but despite this monthly we was first with 287k . So we must think only about Hanteo and monthly Gaon chart.

    • are u sure the 318,669 is from ver A n B only ?? n ver C sold 97,210 already ?? OMG so we sold over than 400,000 so far ??

  5. i saw this and laughed out loud! like why would 4th jib even be on the charts lol. but the reason in the comment before mine makes sense but proves that sm has questionable business skills. but it also cool that elf support SJ no matter what jib is released.

  6. Well it kinda makes sense to release a batch of 4th jib… lots of new ELFs from Mr Simple promos looking for 4th jib to buy!

  7. But the really weird thing if Infinite’s repackage is selling better than SJ’s…

    • For the month of September, Infinite’s repackage has a total of 34,704 copies while SJ’s has 97, 210

  8. Wowww
    The 4th album comeback in chart.

  9. WA! aft reading te comments it made me feel a little better.. bt it is HIGHLY IMPOSSIBLE for the 1st batch to not be sold out!

  10. LOL?! is this a good thing or bad thing? i don’t know, i have no idea ><

  11. shock mode. I should eat more vitamins

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