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At first, after recording, Leeteuk said he got something to annouce. He said: “today.. he..” & before he continued, Donghae said “today is his last stage.” Fans were shocked and it turned out to be a joke

During recording, Yesung’s voice cracked at the beginning, so they had to redo. After that, (namely) Leeteuk, Sungmin, Eunhyuk and Donghae were imitating his voice cracking and Yesung was laughing in embarrassment

Leeteuk revealed that he will be on WGM. He wrote a letter for his future wife and Donghae helped him in reading the contents. Leeteuk also asked for fans’ blessings.

Eunhyuk also helped Leeteuk in asking for fans’ blessing and led the crowd to sing G.O.D song. Leeteuk was embarrassed/shy. He wanted ELFs to be the first to hear the news from him. So he took out the letter & started to read. But halfway through, he was too shy/embarrassed, so Donghae continued for him instead

Leeteuk said that he is going to get married to an actress. In his WGM letter, for the bridegroom, he filled in “Leeteuk” and for the bride’s, he filled in “pretty”

Leeteuk was concerned with how fans would feel about/react to his marriage, so he kept asking the fans if they will congratulate him. ELFs screamed: “YES!” After that, Sungmin said if fans object is also okay & ELFs screamed even louder.

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  1. teuk oppa! i will support you~ fighting. now u got 5 wives and 1 kid. lol.

    • hahhaha lmao man this boy is a pimp

  2. OMO so the rumors are actually true?! sigh >< but i will support u no matter what teukie oppa! hwaiting with your life with 5 wives, what a busy life haha!

  3. so the wgm rumour is true….hmm..
    hope our leader can rest well despite his pack schedules

  4. lol and aww and thank you to leader Leeteuk who is worried how fans will take him being “married”. i don’t think it’s jealously when some elf don’t want to see them with other girls, it’s like a sense of protectiveness. and yes his schedule is packed but i think he wants to do many different things before enlisting and show his skills so it will be easier for him to comeback after. Leeteuk fighting!

  5. Congrates to our Leader ~ i can’t wait to watch WGM ! fighting !

  6. kyaaa!! first its hello baby and now… WGM??!! i love you teuk! i’ll support you no matter what. anyway, im so happy.. im gonna see more teuk in the future.. go teukie teukiee!!

  7. I hope leader will find a way to rest one way or another since he is also starring in Hello Baby, and being MC for a couple of shows + a radio DJ in the evening.

  8. LOL! i love the last part… haha.. even though it’s fine for me, but still he can’t stop us from worrying about his schedules and health.. hmm.. he really wants us to be the first to know.. we ELF’s are really special to them.. i can really feel it.. whatever they do, they always think of us as a part of the family..

    what can we do, let’s just support them.. and give them blessings!
    and also, always include SJ and this fandom in our prayers,,

    lets be a good example to everybody.
    Just like SJ=)

  9. Personally i’m a fan of WGM so yea a new reason to watch cos i stopped after Khuntoria couple but i guess the marriage won’t last long cos it’s almost the end of the year and he’ll be going to the army soon so i see it as a bad move on MBC’s part only if they intended for it to be short…..

  10. yaa all i can say is of course all elfs will support you no matter what , you’re such a sweet leader who ask permission for “marriage” , kkekeke
    but still, you can’t stop elfs either for worrying you, oppa :’/ hectic schedule, please stay healthy , eat well!

    SJ boys always have fun on stages , no forces for them , and the target now is yesung ~.~ *beside hyuk and teuki*
    LOL at sungmin’s statement , ELFs going wild , hahhaaa

  11. very cute of teukie to think of the ELFs and make sure that they are okay with it. he even wrote a letter to his bride, how cute is that?
    i dont mind teukie “getting married,” just worry about his health, with so much on his already full plate.

    poor yesungie, his voice cracked. :/

    why does it seem pre-recording always has the fun stuff? why aren’t there fancams of this? 😀 wanna hear the boys read the letter.

    • in Korean, there’s not allowed to take cam/pic while recording…

      • so sad that fans can’t take a vid of them offcam, i hope if they have another concert here in the phils. they will go to ASAP ROCKS, so that fans will have a chance to see them offcam…

  12. hahahaha that the leader that i love ,, he is soo funny and cute ..

  13. Oh so he is going to wgm after all ! 🙂 we’ll definitely support leeteuk! I hope the actress is someone who is nice as well! Although the thing that bothers me is that he already looks tired in hello baby and if he were to squeeze in another show in his schedule .. He might be dead tired =/
    But who knows a partner could help him to cheer up more … Like When he will be in a relationship.. Oh anyways! We’llsupport teukie ! Hope u get a nice n pretty wife 😀

  14. sooooooo………
    it’s true………
    OMG!!!!so many variety too watch…
    so he got like 5 wives lol!!!!!…keke

  15. HAHA them making fun of yesung’s voice crack xD

  16. Omo I got a heartattack just after i woke up lol
    Teuki oppa even though i’ll be jealous muhahaXP i’ll still support you ❤

  17. yes!! i’ll have to watch out for that… so excited to see him in WGM, but i do hope he’ll take care of his health… but so sweet of him to let the ELFs know first…

  18. Idk, my first reaction is shock!
    Then sad.. it’s really make me hurt 😥
    I know as a good ELF I must support SuJu whatever they do..
    But I know WGM so much cuz I’m the fan of WGM.. It still hard for me to see Teukie oppa or another SuJu’s member get married 😥
    Hiks.. What should I do?

    I hope slow but sure I can accept this..
    Mianhae oppa tto saranghae~ ❤

  19. kangteuk join wgm~~
    this is leeteuk revenge for kangin >.<

  20. Omo…our Leader is already very very busy…hope he could still get some rest..
    Leeteuk oppa FIGHTING!!!!

  21. Frankly I would love to see Teukie on WGM as I would get to see him on TV more. But definitely not at the expense of his health. They should take him out of those shows where he is just a mere supporting role.
    Anyway Teukie fighting!! He is really popular these days. He must want to experience as much as he could before army. I guess he wont be long on WGM since his enlistment is next year.

  22. Poor Yesung!! The boys are so mean. xD

  23. Awww… he’s so thoughtful n all planned out… breaking the news personally to ELF about his WGM… honestly i dont watch WGM… but im going to start watching because teukie is in it & mayb suju will get some screen time too… hee… this is going to be interesting… but im worried about teukie health though as this will even cause him to be more busy n tiring… i hope he get more rest… oh well, Leader TEUKIE FIGHTING!!!

  24. I think I’ll have to turn a blind eye to every news & videos related to this topic from now on. 😦

  25. aww don’t tease yeye like that

  26. ahh! too bad no fancam. it would be daebak if thr is one. LOL

  27. Teukie~~ He’s really busy nowadays…i hope he’s healthy 🙂 I’ll always support them ❤

  28. Omg. How can you be in WGM and HB at the same time? /laughinglikecrazy

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