110928 Sungmin Blog Update – Starcraft Master Kyu!

September 28, 2011 at 7:02 am | Posted in Cyworld/Fancafe/UFO/Twitter, Kyuhyun, Pictures/Videos, Sungmin, Updates, Wonderboys | 44 Comments

The long-awaited selca with Master Kyu!

Although the internal camera’s definition is kind of low…

Anyways the starcraft disciple who hasn’t been learning much went to look for the master…
Please teacher me a little~~


Source: Sungmin’s Blog
Credit: kmholic | English Translation by: @paperheartsMIN
Shared at by supergirlRain



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  1. oh YEAH.!!! kyumin!!

  2. eheheheheheheheheh *BREATHE* EHEHEHEHEHEHE! KYUMIN FTW ❤

  3. Cute!!

  4. At the first glance, I thought both are ming! O.o

    • Yeah KyuMIn are starting to look very similar nowadays… coz they have the same sort of hairstyle! A

  5. kyumin! kyumin! kyumin! i love kyumin!

  6. woah the long-awaited kyumin moment is here, can’t believe it’s so direct 🙂 KYUMIN ❤

  7. where are they with these big elaborate chairs and decorations? and isnt that teukie and yesung in the back?

    • I think they’re in a coach ..

      • I think it’s a bus..

        • I look at leeteuk before min and kyu. ^__^

  8. their hair color and style is almost the same… such as twinning ~LOL
    both are cute as usual… kekekeke… xD


  10. “Anyways the starcraft disciple who hasn’t been learning much went to look for the master…
    Please teacher me a little~~”

    Oh god, this is what fanfictions are made of lololol

  11. THE post who made all the KyuMin shipper go crazy XD

  12. kyumin shipper thought #1: I know that min’s hair is orange, and kyu’s is light brown. but it looks like they have couple hair here XD
    kyumin shipper thought #2: there are SO MANY seats in the bus yet they sit TOGETHER?? hoooot~~~

  13. Master Kyu >_< now i remember the fic that i write by using that nick. Lol…cool ming. You should call him like that often, kKkkk ~~~~

  14. hahah,, i’m really surprised by this.. waah!! KyuMin!! ahhaha..
    where are they going??
    looks like they are using bus again.. just like 5 years ago.. hahah. cute!!

  15. 😮 i see yesung’s head… and is that leeteuk at the back eating something?

  16. Lol,,,,kyuhyun is a famous master of starcraft,,,,

  17. more KyuMin selca,Ming!!! hehe


  19. I am willing to play Starcraft against you, Maser Kyu! 😀

  20. they sit by each other? cute. i wish i could wook in this pic….i want to know where he sits and by who.

  21. kyumin selca makes me really excited.. you two look like twins

  22. two handsome boys ^^

  23. I’m ready to die at any moment!!!!!! OMG my forever fav couple!!!!!!!!!! They’re always together, eh? Their KYUteeeeeeeeeeness makes me cry over sudden happiness <3<3<3<3<3

  24. I’m ready to die at any moment!!!!!! OMG my forever fav couple!!!!!!!!!! They’re always together, eh? They’re so KYUteeeeeeeeeeeeeee that they make me cry over sudden happiness <3<3<3<3<3

  25. photo of KyuMin, 27 comments here (when on usual posts there are only 2-5 comments…xDD)
    they look adorable ❤ Ming's "teach me" sounds so…. oh yeaaah XDDDD love them ❤


  27. Master Kyu Please teach your Minnie~~ kkkk

    awww KyuMin ❤

  28. i’m going to die~~~ OMG There’re so many KyuMin moments since 5jib released. They are so adorable~~~~This made my day>3<

  29. KyuMin!! And Shindong behind them

  30. wahhh….my fav couple!! =D

  31. KyuMin<3<3<3<3<33

  32. *O* kyumin!! TT TT

    I missed SO MUCH this kind of kyumin interaction :”D

  33. yeah finally! but i see awkwardness? well nevermind, as long as kyumin is together haha! is that shindong behind?

  34. LOL KyuMin<3

  35. Finally.. KYUMIN selca ^^ hahaha.. \^^/

  36. OMAIGAT >////////<
    I'm going crazy now.
    I love that two boys <33333

  37. So cute ❤

  38. the long awaited selca , LOL indeed , even ming has been waiting for it x)
    now master kyu, you already has loyal student !
    handsome *-*

  39. its funny how pumpkin say he waited to long for having selca with prince KYU….sooo sweet..when actually they meet everyday,sleep together…roommate right
    hehehehehe…KYUMIN is real indeed

  40. I love them ❤ They're my everything ❤ Especially when they're together… xD
    Oh how much I love this ❤
    KyuMin are like twins, so KYUte and adorable xD No wonder they're the perfect couple… <3<3<3

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