Happy birthday myuchullie!!!!!!!! ^______^

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Hi! Today, September 26th, is one of our SUP3RTEAM myuchullie‘s birthday!!!

From all the staff of sup3rjunior.wordpress.com, we wish you a year filled with the same joy you bring to many ELFs by spreading SuJu’s Love. FIGHTING ♥

Presents for you: Kim Janghoon’s duet with Heechul will be released today right? ^^ and KATC blog mentioned they’ll upload a video of Heechul in military today too!! And here is just some Heechul pics for you! HAVE AN AWESOME DAY!! ♥♥

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and some Heechul – Zhoumi pictures too!! ^-^

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Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

^imagine you’re Sohee~~ xD

Credit: kyueunhae143 @ youtube | Pictures credit as tagged 🙂


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  1. Happy Birthday!!!

    ah, you should definitely listen to the duet….from the preview…it’s gonna be AWESOME! heechul is a true star.

    • thankss..i totally agree!!!

  2. ah~~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    • thanks jenny

  3. saengil chukha haminda 🙂

    • thanks…

  4. seems nice the pictures with zhou me!!!

  5. Happy Birthday!! 😀 thank you for providing us with info on Suju

    • thanks..i didn’t post a lot…but thanks for being a nice reader…

  6. happy birth day unni ..i love you soo much

    • ohh..u called me unnie…hahaha,,thanks dear…

  7. Happy Birthday!

    • thanks

  8. yay!! we share the same birthday! Happy birthday! 🙂

    • aahhh..really??happy b’day too then…

  9. happy bufday XD

    • thank you…

  10. Happy Birthday Dear ^^.)
    Thank Q so much for your hardworking !

    • ahhh..i didn’t do nothing here…and thanks being a nice reader here…thank you ssoooo muucchhh

  11. happy bday onnie!!!! have fun ^_^

    • thanks again rain…

  12. happy bday ^^

    • thanKYU

  13. Happy birthday myuchulie!
    Really thank you for your hard working for sharing information about our beloved oppa.
    I really enjoy your post.
    I can give you nothing but wish you a happiness for all time!
    Saengil chukae! 🙂

    • actually i didn’t do a lot here..but thanks anyway…thanks for beaing a loyal reader here…really apreciate that…

  14. happy birthday myuchullie~~~~
    dont miss me.

    • I WON’T….wweeee..btw..that words belong to me rite??my last sms to you…hahahaha..thanks dear…

  15. Lol at the Sohee comment… Anyways happy happy b-day myuchulie! Thanks for sharing SJ news with us!

    • i should thank you then for being a reader…thanks…

  16. happy birthday to you myuchullie,may whatever you wish comes true but most importantly, stay healthy, cheerful and young always

    • wwoooaahhhh…that was a great wish!!!!thanks…

  17. happy birthday!

  18. ็Happy Birthday ^^

  19. Happy Birthday!!

  20. his bitrhday is 10 / 7 ???????? i know it like that

    • what do you meant??

      • oh sorry i realize my mistake
        kekekekeke i feel i am babo i read the topic again and realize that u r one of our great stuff here * excuse me i think teuk oppa ate my brain **
        i found u saw my post already so T_T

        happy birthday
        u r working hard here
        i am kinda new i used to read in our Arabic blogs but now i am here all the day i got evry topic on my mail so i read all of it
        i love your blog , all of u ‘stuff ‘

        really kamsaminhda
        and happy birthday again

        • hahaha…thanks btw…

  21. wwoooaaahhh….I LOVE HEEMI!!!!!!whe’d u get the pictures reneee????jeongmal gomawoyo…

  22. HaPPy BirthDAy~ 🙂
    Wish u good health & Happiness …

  23. Happy Birthday Heechul…glad we’re back to a banner and background of him lol

    • sorry..it’s not Heechul b’day..but this is me..hahaha…i’m one of the author…

  24. Happy Birthday !!

  25. happy birthday myuchullie 🙂 thanks for being sup3rjunior crew *0*

    • oohh..thanks..and thanks to you too for being a loyal redaer…

  26. Happy Birthday !!!! >_<

  27. happy birthday my love
    seni chuka hamida
    my love
    love you for ever &ever hope you come back soon
    in a good helth and happy and
    make a birthday party with the members
    heechul fighting
    sarrrrranhhhhhhhe oppa ^ ^ ^ ^

  28. happy besdAy oppa heechulll.

  29. Haapy Birthday…
    wish you all the best^^
    thank you for always update our Oppadeul news and more… xD

  30. 생일 축하합니다 … heechul ❤

  31. 생일 축하합니다 … heechul ❤

  32. Manny Returns of the day. Happy Birthday

  33. Happy birthday and thanks for all the effort that you’ve put into Sup3rjunior! appreciate it very much! Enjoy your birthday and have a blast! 🙂

  34. hepi besday heechull…..

  35. Happy birthday author mychullie!!!
    Hope you have a nice day and also make all your wishes come true!
    With love, PhungELF, author too!

  36. Happy Birthday .. i hope that you will have a happy year.. thanks a lot for your hard work .. 🙂



  38. Saengil Chukkae -___-


  40. myuchullie !!!! Happy Birthday XD !!!!!

  41. Happy birthday I wish you years full of happiness and pleasure
    have a nice week

  42. Alles Gueti zum Geburi ( Happy Birthday in Swissgerman )
    as a loyal reader of this blog i’m thankful for feeding my daily doze of super junior.

    Wish you a fantastic day with lots of nice people around you and today Chullie is yours.. but after that day you might have to share him again .. but till then: Enjoy it ^^



  44. Happy Birthday~~ ^^

  45. Happy Birthday!!! 🙂

  46. عيد ميلاد سعيد ^^

  47. Happy b-day,,thanks for sharing information bout super junior,,really appreciate it,,,since we had the same feelin,,i mean we love super junior,,i feel like it’s my sister’s b-day ^^,,,wish the best for u,,,^^

  48. Happy birthday!! Thank you so much for what you have done for us international ELFs ❤ thank you thank you!! I hope you have an amazing birthday with lots of smiles 🙂

  49. Even if it’s just simple words, happy birthday! ^^

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