“The First President” emphasizes influence, Director Wang praises Hankyung

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On September 30th, the movie “The First President” will premiere in cinemas. This movie has brought in more than 40 stars, of which spanning 3 generations of talented artists, with the background of this movie situated in the era of the Chinese bourgeois democratic revolution (led by Dr.Sun Yat-Sen in 1911, which overthrew the Qing Dynasty). The director expressed that the cast list was decided after much effort and deliberation, and most of them were already familiar to the public, and have a solid fanbase as well. About Hangeng, who just stepped into the movie industry, he had a lot of praise, and stated that Hangeng has the “ability to influence like a role model”, and also emphasized that the young generation ought to remember the magnificent China history.

Urges the young audience to watch a history-related movie

With the involvement of many movie industry and cultural related organizations*, they produced this movie “The First President”, and in it Hangeng acts as Sun Yat Sen’s secretary, Hu Han Min. In the movie teaser, Hangeng wore sophisticated golden-rimmed spectacles and spoke in a slightly tired manner: “These Western countries will always be the friends of the rich, and the enemies of the poor.” He brought his character, the main assistant and secretary of Sun Yat Sen to life. The director also said that when the filming of “The First President” just started, he once tried to understand and find out about Hangeng’s past. “He suffered a lot of pain, and his fans also know about how much he suffered in Korea. His popularity wasn’t without reason, and was also not self-proclaimed by his crazy fans, but it is because he really has the ability to make so many people be infatuated and fall for him. “That is why I say, that the power of a role model is immeasurable, and why so many charity organizations often invite heavyweight celebrities to be their ambassadors, is because they are people recognized by the public, and so they have the power to influence people,” the director explained. He also urged the young generation to watch history movies, and he also wanted more youth to walk into the cinemas, so as to realize that the happiness the forefathers had sacrificed so much for was actually not easy gotten.

Praises Hangeng: he “has power”
As for the Hangeng who only recently entered the movie industry, the director frankly admits that he saw Hangeng’s ability to influence. But he also says that the fans do not just like Hangeng purely because of his charismatic looks. “The young people of today do not like to watch history, because history to them is too heavy for the heart.” Up till today, the only history related events that people love are only those related to the Three Kingdoms or from the Ming Dynasty. “Now, after the 90s, how many people actually like watching movies about the past? The classic movies from those days have evolved into movies that no one ever bothers with. It is not that the classic movies have become things of the past, but it is because of the changing opinions of the new generation. “The First President” will tell the true story of Sun Yat Sen in the Chinese bourgeois revolution, and his love story, giving him a more realistic and humane potrayal.

Source: NEWS CN | English Translation: jungyunho @ Super-Legacy.com


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  1. this is the first historical movie that i watched in cinema, well obviously i did it for hankyung! haha!

  2. Han Geng, I wish you success in every of your movie!

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