110922 today at My Kingdom Press Conference in Indonesia with Hankyung [FanAcc]

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The media asked Hangeng if he will answer them if they asked about SJ, and he said “oh its okay, its the sign that Hangeng don’t have any problem with SJ” Hangeng never said that Beijing Fried Rice is his past, he only said its his old hobby, he never talked bad or anything about SJ. Hangeng only eat local foods, he likes to eat roast duck, Sambal,

Credit: @veroKHC | Shared by: @momokka
Shared at www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com by uksujusid



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  1. but then.. when the host greet him with “annyeonghaseyo”, he replied with “ni hao” (hello in mandarin). I never thought that he would have problem with SJ. just that it is a sensitive issue which is better not to be mentioned.

    • More than that, the host called him a Korean person. They didn’t even know he was Chinese. If he was upset, it was because of that, which to me is completely understandable. The TV host didn’t do their research at all.

      • Sarah is totally right!

        i mean,,he’s Chinese,,but they greeted him w/ annyeonghaseyo? so strange.

        when the host greet w/ korean,,Geng did smile and tell the translator, “that’s mean ni hao,” bcoz the translator is Chinese-Indo translator,,she doesnt understand Korean…

      • I think you guys got it wrong.
        They COMPLETELT knew he is chinese!

  2. Even if he didn’t have any problems with SJ, doesn’t seem like if he liked to talk about them or he waned to come back… I think it’s a bit sad 😦 Hope that he keep contact with Hee & SiWon with ones he had a greet and lovable relationship !

    • Every time he so much as mentions SJ, a lot of ELF get really angry with him and bash him saying that he is using their name to make him famous. This is why it is not good for him to talk about SJ and why he doesn’t do it a lot. Because he gets bashed every time he does it.

      • Ya~ I did not know this ! o: For me, those ones are not real ELF ! SJ is 13+2 for ever even if he’s gone, even if KiBum is not there and KangIn did some errors and HeeChul is in army. They’re always 13 ! They always themself said this, like in SUPERMAN song or anywhere else ! So, I hate those people who say that they’re ELF. Really, HanGeng has the right to have respect ! (sorry for my bad english) And I’m sure that he doesn’t use this name for making him famous. Even, I think sometimes it’s irritating him because everybody know him like “Old SJ’s member”, so they’re stupid ! But, if he’s blushed about using SJ’s name, why did he use in one of his live a HanChul fanmade ? Did you know it ?

        So, thanks for the answer, I understand why now (:

        • He didn’t use it. The people in charge of the event used it without his knowledge. It was not his decision, and he didn’t know about it until after the performance (because he couldn’t see the screen behind him when he was performing).

          • But it wasn’t the first time that it’s used this vid’ in one of his live, so, it’s strange that he didn’t know it, no ? I used to see pictures of other lives where there is, in two, the same fanmade, and in one other, pictures of HeeChul or a vid’, don’t really know..

            And, where did you know it please ? What’s your “source” ? (:

            • No, it really only happened once. The other things were photoshop pictures created by fans. The fan video only happened that one time.

              My source is all the Chinese Gengfans on weibo who were actually there and at his other performances, and who are in contact with his management and staff.

              • Oh ! Really ? But, sorry if i’m “straight”, I’m sure that I’ve seen this in THIS website ! Oô But, if it’s Chineses Geng’s fan, I trust you (:
                Really they’re in contact with ? o: I imagine that I can’t have the possibility to talk with them ? (x (not the management ! But your contact ^^ )

                • No, it wasn’t the same live ’cause he was wearing different clothes ! But, yeah, it’s maybe photoshop which did it !

                  Ah ! Don’t know them personally ? I did like to have a contact with them, cause, I don’t know chinese at all, so, if they speak english it would be good… Damn ! I just will use this (really good!) site. Thanks for infos (: And if you know an other site for having more infos about HanGeng, please tell me ^^

                • It won’t let me reply to your other comment, so I will reply here. The Baidu Bar heads only speak Chinese, sorry. But if you need websites, this website is always really good 🙂 I will also recommend @geng_bao on twitter/ geng-bao.net because they are a website only for Han Geng. But this website (sup3rjunior) also does a really good job posting his information. 🙂

                  • And you, what is your Twitter ? Maybe I will can ask you “trust or not” for infos that I will see because you seem really informating ! (hope that my english is understable T.T)

                    Really thank you and, yes, this website is REALLY good, but I like have different infos sites (:

                • Grumble, many non-Chinese gengfans use Weibo to follow Geng too. You can always use translator. For English sites, I recommend
                  1. http://geng-bao.livejournal.com/
                  2. http://forhangeng.wordpress.com/
                  3. http://fuckyeahhangeng.tumblr.com/

                  • Oh ! You’re really nice 😀 Thank you so much ! I hope I will be abble to understand cause, like you can see, my english is not really good even now ! (:

                    Thank you so much, it’s really nice to you !

  3. Fans better understand that he is successful now and this makes him upset that they know him just as a member of SJ….
    And if those things are right well Im sorry but shouldnt they do some researches that who is this Hangeng and a Korean singer flies from China airport ???
    This is so funny that we fans expect him so much… if bringing SJ makes him remember the past and annoyes him ,,, we better just respect him ~

  4. yesterday,was the first time,hangeng’s name in trending at twitter.i was so happy..at least, he still get the attention from fans..but as expected, most of them talked about his past and what he said..i dont know if fans can understand him..he come to indonesia to promote his film”my kingdom” the first movie as he is one of the main actor..but people came and see him as part of sj..and keep on talking about the past..till when will people only recognize him as HANKYUNG? he is HANGENG..people tend to bash him whenever he said about his past..whenever he said good things,people still bash him..even cause misunderstanding..he wants others to know him as HANGENG..it doest really mean that u have to be GENGFANS to support him as HANGENG but ELF can still support him but dont drag him with the issues in the past..jaebal!

  5. I’m so sad that some fans still misunderstood everytime a words come from his mouth. Is it hard for all of you to accept Han Geng as a soloist right now? All he need from all of you is to understand his feeling. If you are his fans and love him before why don’t you continue to love him and support him now. Han Geng never change people who near and close to him know that. Even super junior member mention his name & respect him, why not you Elf don’t trust him. Han Geng once said he want to protect them so do them. He even cry mention his brother. Why you all make so hard on him! Please Han Geng or HanKyung is still a same person, only now he had his own career. If you don’t like him, please respect his feeling don’t bash him or insult him. Super junior member also didn’t want you all to hurt him too. It’s hard for both Han Geng & super junior to please you all. Please understand the situation….I hope no more bashing or hating toward Han Geng & super junior.

  6. when this issue came yesterday,( the news bout Geng said Beijing is his past n he doesnt want any related again w/ SJ),, i TOTALLY NOT BELIEVE THE NEWS! i know that’ll b some misunderstood n it really prove that it’s a misunderstood.
    please,,Geng will never say such things,,why u guys as fans can’t think of tht??
    He’s our innocent Geng that only hurted by the company… he’s not hating any SJ members at all.
    n it’s a press! HE WILL NOT say that stupid things right??? can u imagine when the media asked Hangeng if he will answer them if they asked about SJ, and he said,

    “No,,i dont want related to any SJ thing anymore. and Beijing Friedrice is my past, no from now on!”

    can u,my fellow ELF, imagine tht?? he will never said such things rite?
    so why this stupid misunderstood can b created?

    • Agreed. After so many misunderstandings (or mis-tranlations) from before, I do not trust any reports unless I hear what Geng says personally on video. Even the subtites of videos are often wrong because he talks so softly.
      However, if you are curious, there is an Indonesia witness posting about ‘Beijing fried rice” incident here. http://matakelabu.coffee-cat.net/2011/09/22/hangeng09222011/
      According to this fan,
      “There was a game in the press conference in which people who were able to answer questions about Hangeng would get signed My Kingdom posters. One of the questions was: “What was Hangeng’s nickname?” The expected answer was ‘King of Dance’, but some of the audience answered ‘Beijing Fried Rice’. When Hangeng was asked to decide whether the answer was true or not, he said no it’s wrong, he used to be called that way, but he’s no longer Beijing Fried Rice, it was in the past.”

      • thanks for the source link..
        well, he really said that,,but in a different thought w/ the issue rite?

        looked like Geng was meant to say tht nowadays he’s not called BeijingFR anymore by people around,, tht’s why he said it’s no longer his nickname, isn’t it?^^

        it’s not like wht everyone thought; tht it’s mean he’s no more BeijingFR bcoz he’s no more in SJ….
        i know he totally didnt mean tht, don u agree?

        it’s a misunderstood,, why can’t they see his react when answer it?
        the way he smile when answer is only prove that he didnt mean anythg bad.
        if he answered it w/ a lil angry or disappointed face,,tht’s wht we can said he’s meant it…

        (sorry if u confuse of my words! @_@)

  7. There are some so-called ELF taking this opportunity to bash him all over again. Poor Hangeng.
    For those who know him, love him and trust him, would not be affected by an un-verified statement posted by “don’t know who”.
    Yes, I have learnt to trust only words coming right from his mouth, on a reliable video source, without editing or lousy translation. And of course, video is important as it records his expressions and body language, which would reflect the true interpretation of what he says.

    • In any case, I hope Hangeng is not upset by what’s going on.
      Those who are bashing, are not his fans, to begin with. So, no big deal.
      I believe that he will be able to handle this gracefully, like he always does.

    • >> “video is important as it records his expressions and body language, which would reflect the true interpretation of what he says.”

      i agree so much.
      even when he said he’s not BeijingFR anymore or wht,,we can know wht he’s really mean to say by looking at his expressions etc..

  8. Really disappointed with fans who easily being misunderstanding. I mean you guys told to other that you are an ELF, but how can you guys easily being misunderstood to the BeijingFR rumor? Did you guys believe Hangeng say that by chance?It’s not his fault. The hosts should know where do he from, and what should she said to HG. Hangeng even smiled when the hosts saying “Annyeonghaseyo” and told the translator that “They mean “Ni Hao” in Mandarin”. Did you guys think after leaving SJ , he don’t want to say anything related to SJ? Of course he do want, but what happened to him after mentioning SJ? ELF bashed him right away by saying him using their name to be famous.
    Do you guys know how much pain that he had received starts from the trainee (that he got hated by ELFs cause of ethnic differences) and himself hurted by the company, till now.
    People bash him whatever he said something related to SJ and even don’t related to SJ.
    Please give him a happy life just once and don’t think of bashing him anymore.

  9. If you guys keep misunderstanding him, I don’t think you guys should be call a fans. Cause as a fans, they known the idols really well.

  10. ahhh i think we should really accept the fact that he has his own career now…of course he won’t say he doesn’t want to answer anything about SJ right? it’s a really sensitive issue! but i guess he is still in contact with the boys personally…hope so

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