110920 Yesung and Victoria is a new couple?

September 20, 2011 at 9:33 am | Posted in News/Rumors, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys, Yesung | 18 Comments

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Super Junior Yesung and f(x) Victoria revealed a couple picture.

On September 20th, Yesung uploaded two pictures via his twitter account and wrote, “Victoria’s new partner is me .. The strongest couple is in the middle of filming.”

Victoria had just ended her virtual marriage with Nickhun on MBC ‘We Got Married’.

In the picture, Yesung and Victoria wore the same white t-shirt with ‘The Art of Household’ written on their name tags. These two took the picture with V-signs and smile on their faces. Netizens commented, “Victoria is beautiful”, “Doesn’t look bad”, “Both are cute”, “If Nickhun sees this, he will be upset.” and many other responses.

Meanwhile, these two were in the middle of filming for cable TV E!Channel Shin Dongyup and Leeteuk’s ‘Strongest Couple’. Its pilot episode will be aired September 14th at 11PM.

Source: tv daily via nate
English Translation: dewspaper for SUPER-LEGACY.COM
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  1. I ship that couple 🙂


  3. xD I think Kyuhyun would be jealous… I believe in Kyutoria hehe~~~

    • me tooooooo..

  4. Lol, kyuhyun will kill u..but I’m happy for Ys, he finally has a girl beside him..Haha, his v sign is so cute..

  5. andwaeeeeeeeee oppa

  6. 나는 질투 (naneun jiltu).. !! 질투.. Jiltu, jiltu, jiltu.. ! 😀 :(((

  7. Happy to see Victoria.

  8. No Ye, that’s supposed to be me!! T_T

  9. Perfect.
    On the list “Couples I’m definitely not shipping.”

  10. cute couple :3

  11. I can’t wait to see this episode! Hehehe. And Yesung looks really young next to Victoria even though he’s older.

  12. am i the only one who wouldnt like to see them as a couple? :/

  13. Wow, they looks cute together ^^
    Victoria seems to fit with everyone XD

  14. Its obvious that yesung’s hands are smaller than victoria’s! xD

  15. 14th september?! it has been aired?! awww i love victoria 🙂

  16. definitely,love yesungs hair now than mr. simple hmm,i think they don’t fit as a couple ..yesung looks too innocent and younger than her even though he is older than her..LOL

  17. korean

    의지해 예성강 연발세 …… OMG!!!!!! 당신을 죽일 yoona 과 빅토리아…………화내리라 kyuhyun!!!!!!!!!!!! 가사집 가사집


    OMG………….yesung oppa!!!!!! yoona will kill you
    and victoria…………kyuhyun will get angry!!!!!!!!!!!!

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