110920 [INFO] Kangin and other armys stars will come to Indonesia

September 20, 2011 at 4:48 am | Posted in Events/Concerts/Perfs., Kangin, News/Rumors, Wonderboys | 18 Comments

@SoKangin: [Kangin/Info]HyunBin,KangIn and some other stars will attend a Korean culture activities in Jakarta at the end of this month[迷仁http://sokangin.com

@sundaymandarin: [Info] KangIn (SJ), Hyunbin, Andy Lee (Shinhwa), Lee Dong Gun, Lee Junki, etc will attend Korea-Indonesia Week on 28/09 – 03/10 2011 in JKT

Source: @SoKangin, @sundaymandarin
Pic credit: @sundaymandarin
Shared at http://www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com by myuchullie


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  1. what about Heechul??aaaarrrggghhhh…


  3. Is this true??? Heechul in army too, and will he come too?? Ohh GOD! Gandaria City is just 5 minute from my house~ (I hope this is true! Wish Heechul will come too!)

  4. wow! hehehe.. eventhought he is in the army, it seems like he also has an Asian Tour. haahhaa.. congratulations oppa!! have fun there!

  5. goodluck kangin… have fun indonesia…

  6. Are you sure Kangin in there too?
    I dont see his name in the poster…
    Is he allowed to come? He is in army, and this is not even Korean army event..
    If it true I’ll be beyond happy, Jakarta are not that far 😀

  7. wowww 😉
    have fun kangin in my country 😉

  8. after KIMCHI, now hangeng,, and then Kangin,,,, wow,, we are so lucky… ^__^
    Hope SS4 in Indonesia,,,, 🙂

  9. hyunbin donggun and junki also in army. they are entering army at the same time. i mean, donggun and kangin. junki in 2010.

  10. Hi guys~
    it’s still unconfirmed^^:

    Hi Tweeps,mencegah kesimpangsiuran dan ketidakjelasan berita yg beredar, blm ada konfirmasi bhw Hyunbin akan dtg.Bgt juga dgn KangIn Suju”


    Hi tweeps, to prevent confusion and vagueness of the circulating news, there has been no confirmation that HyunBin will come to Indonesia, so does SuJu’s Kangin.

  11. Kyaaaaaa i must tell my friend

  12. indonesia is like the second home of SUJU, they go there quite often >< please come to malaysia!

    • I wish if were true.. >__<
      But honestly they came to Malaysia much often, either for their MV shooting or SS concert..
      SJ only ever been in Indonesia once at Kimchi..
      They mostly heard about Indonesian ELF much of us crazy enough to always filling the SS concert in Singapore n Malaysia and made many fan projects.. (too bad im not part of those rich enough ELF T__T)

      • yes we are crazy,, hehe,, cuz we want SS concert in Indonesia… ^_^

  13. After KIMCHI ,, Now HAngeng opaa and then Kangin…….

    i’am so lucky&happy …..

    Hope SS4 Super Junior in Indonesia !!!

  14. i cant gooo
    so please dont come Dx

    sorry for being selfish, my buddy elf

    • me too ..
      dont come here oppa ..
      a can’t even see u there …
      come to my home please … >________________________<

  15. i really want to coooooomeeee, please please kangin confirmed please ..
    and pray for free time at that time too T.T

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