110919 Full Translation Of “Oops” I have no words, other than “Stop saying bullshit, here is my key”

September 18, 2011 at 4:54 pm | Posted in 5th Album, Albums, English Subbed, Wonderboys | 75 Comments

[Use This Method!!!!] 110919 A-CHA Official Release

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this is a rough translation.. HAHAA but seriously, wthshisus.. LOL LOL.. to many epic parts. I can’t choose!

So Ladies, I know y’all feel me.
Them boys are always be bluffin’
Tryin’ to feel like they’re the man
Trying to be in control
Thinkin’ they’re always right
But they just don’t get it
Look at this kid, This kid is bluffing so hard
Please anyone, stop their bluffings
Started again, they are being stubborn
Stop it Oops Oops
They’re sayin’ Oops Oops
Here we are, Please give us a big hand
I don’t care what you say, But we have good lookings
it’s under 1% and No.1
Everyone says that we are handsome singers
Whenever we are on TV
Girl fans are watching TV Are you there Choi Si won?
Please someone tell me that I’m handsome for one day
for just one day
Cause they are saying it everyday.
Don’t say that our singing ability in under average
It’s because we are too handsome that you can’t listen to our voice
You will kneel down after seeing our faces
Look at this kid, This kid is bluffing so hard
Please anyone, stop their bluffings
Started again, they are being stubborn
Stop it Oops Oops
They’re sayin’ Oops Oops
Stop it Oops Oops
They’re sayin’ Oops Oops
Stop saying bullshit Here is my key
Get the car the one I ride
It’s a super-car that you guys envy
My house is in Las Vegas L.A
Hollywood Hawaii Maldive
I can even go Dubai without taking airplane
How can this be possible
Because my car flies Fly to the Sky
I buy car  cause I can’t wait for new car
I buy car cause I can’t charge my transportation card
I just buy it buy it
My car just growl
growl, Valet parking Please
Hey~! Mr. Simple
Oops boy Smirk on my face
Oops boy Here comes Mr.Pinocchio
Oops boys These boys are bluffing so hard Oh yeah
Bring a navigation
You will need it because you get lost in my house
I even have a poster
Jisung Park’s here I get soccer lesson from him
This is a jacket made out of dinosaur leather It’s really hard to buy
One that passed by now is my pet
This one is Ceaser My mom’s chimpanzee
Do you like coffee
Come here I’ll show you
Use water from my spring water at my farm
If you are thirsty Oops Oops Oops
Hey Fish over there
You want to listen to my story?
Whole world changes
to what I order
I make new rule 1+1 = 3
1-1 = 100
all blacks turn into whites
all whites turn into blacks
I hate racism
I break the law of gravity and talk about  continental drift theory
All universe become one continent
What I say is a law and the truth
I’m the president of ladies Lee Teuk
Look at this kid, This kid is bluffing so hard
Please anyone, stop their bluffings
Started again, they are being stubborn
Stop it Oops Oops
They’re sayin’ Oops Oops
Oops Oops
I’ll be back in 2 years
Bluffing of Universe big star
I’m the The greatest Pinocchio
I’m shiny. I’m a flower I’m attractive
I’m don’t look at ladies because I look better
The phone rings all the time
Monday Wednesday Friday You are my girl
Tuesday Thursday Saturday She’s my laday
Oppa please let me be yours on sunday O.K
O.K sure You are my type of girl.
Alady who’s annoying me is a Red-bean Bread and it’s not funny
I am like I bring lunch box whenever I go picnic(this part actually means “My personality is not good”)
This is not bluffing
Look at this kid, This kid is bluffing so hard
Please anyone, stop their bluffings
Started again, they are being stubborn
Stop it Oops Oops
They’re sayin’ Oops Oops
Stop it Oops Oops Oops

Credit: jingukim @ Flitton
Shared at www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com by uksujusid


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  1. o_O this is interesting

  2. so funny but i love this song ❤

  3. LOL THIS SONG IS FUNNY. good job sj for the lyrics XD ahahah

  4. OMG,is this the translate of that song??OMG,OMG,this song is about them OMG OMG,I REALLY LOVE THIS SONG TOO ~I’M TOTALLY CRAZY NOW LOL

  5. this lyric is EPIC !!


  7. THE LYRIS…so like them!

    But I still like the song XDDD

  9. Am I the only one who loves it despite the translation? And I want Oops! to have an mv!!!! OMG just imagine them being all…~~~~ kyakya (>//7//<)

    • Second to the MV. I can imagine SJ’s all being narcissist and funny.

    • dear god that would be awesome. it would be goofy as heelllll. i like the song, playful lyrics, making fun of things like they always are

    • Big yes to a MV!! It would be epic ♥

    • lol.. just imagine what stuff that will appear in the MV.. super-car that could fly, jacket from dinosaur leather, spring farm to make americano, cheetah that pass away at home, mom’s chimpanzee (?) and many other weirdo thing..
      i hope this have an MV together with A-Cha.
      but once again, we have SM to deal with here.

  10. lol the lyrics are so funny!!

  11. I LOLed at the lyrics too hard!

  12. LOLOLOLOLOL. I can’t believe that it’s the actual lyrics.
    This is a jacket made out of dinosaur leather It’s really hard to buy. This line cracks me the most.

  13. lol oh my. super junior has really gone big for this album, including songs that brag about their status and money and fans and everything. it’s a side we haven’t really seen before. i like it bc i’m a fan and ELF know they worked hard to get here. but i hope others don’t misunderstand and call them cocky/rude/arrogant.

    • i dont think this song is meant to brag about them. its like a funny take on the whole ‘superstar’ status. like, its just for fun, doesnt mean they think they’re ALL THAT. thats why the chorus is like ‘pfft, shut this boy, he’s bluffing’ XD

      • yea, i know that. but like i said, i hope others dont get the wrong idea 🙂

  14. LOL so this is a rap song about them being Handsome and bluffing Ahahaha! Gotta Love Super Junior! My favorite part is when Donghae pronounces Hollywood as Holly-ud and the Choi siown part and the ” Do you like coffee?”

  15. this is EPIC :DD I have nno words left :DD

  16. DAE. BAK. ROFLMAO!!!!! x)))))))) so many stupid lines in just one song xDDDDD

  17. omg wat XD

  18. Epic lyrics !!!! Love them ^^

  19. lol the lyrics are just ~~~hahahah

  20. I don’t even care about what they’re singing anymore. I just love these boys ranting the rap like there’s no tomorrow! I would really love to hear what KRY think about this one XD


    somehow the bluffing lyrics makes them hotter~~~~ O///O

  22. HEECHUL!! EPICNESS!! lol lol The song is a mixture of hilarity and pseudo-bragging.

  23. So epic hahahah

  24. haha!! LOL! only SJ can wrote songs like this and only them can pull this off.. haha.. just by hearing it.. it really has an SJ feel.. hahaha. so cool!

  25. LOLOLOLOL~~~

  26. How witty can our boys get?!

  27. LAWLL theyre so cute, love the lyrics! they are so witty~

  28. OMG, it’s like an “in your face, haters!” kind of thing! I love their witty lyrics, they’re so awesome! xDDD


  30. 아아아아아앟 …. if you hear Oops!! then you hear heenim saying in the background ‘2 years ill be back…’ ㅜㅜ

  31. ummmm…..not quite sure what to say about this song. I’m the president of ladies Lee Teuk XD best line.

  32. That’s a very smart song, esp with the girls bringing them back down to earth in the chorus! Would so love to see this performed.

  33. LOL This is so epic funny. Does anybody know if SJ wrote this themselves?

    • only lyric. Every boy his own part-)

      • *write

  34. Best lyric award 2011 goes for this song-)

    • totally!^^

    • agree!! >.<

  35. they say dubai arab elf so so so happy

  36. LOL this lyrics is TOTALLY about them……i love it so much… i imagine Heechul face must being narcissist if he sing it 😀 it’s great job… i wait the MV n i wish so ^^

  37. oh my god
    oh my god
    oh my god
    i am dying
    what is that
    hyukkieeee your are more handsome than siwon do not say that >>>>
    i love it so much
    i love fx but how they dare say that even in a song hehehehe

    i did not hear it yet i am burnning for o.O
    wow amazing

  38. After hearing CHOI SIWON in this song i just had to search the trans … and LOOOOOL at this xDD IM LOVING IT xD

  39. The lyrics are epic !!! I don’t really like the song but those lyrics are so cool, there’s so many good quotes XD

  40. these lyrics are just too amazing!! new side of su ju !!! i like it so much !!! su ju fighting!!!

  41. Do You like coffee… oops.. siwon habit “coffee”

  42. LOL this song is full of epicness! Soo hilarious!! Dong Hee’s part is the funniest & Chul rapping is so hottt!

  43. LOL! This song is soooo EPIC! They really did have a lot of fun for this album.
    I approve for an MV to this!!

  44. LOL AT THE LYRICS! choi siwon? xD

  45. WTFFF XDDDDDDD i had a hunch it’d be a hilarious song ever since hyukjae sang “choi siwon” and they inserted random english word every now and then. ROFL

  46. So who is Red-bean Bread, who annoy you, dear Heechul? 😀

  47. i can not explain the epicness of this song. lyrics, beat, EVERYTHING. let’s just say it beats rokkugo(x

  48. daebaaaaak!!!

  49. This is just pure EPICNESS. I LOLed so hard reading the translation. XD

  50. LOL i love this song and all
    so our minnie has already leaked eteuk’s part —-> president of girls X’D

  51. since when did 1 + 1 = 3??? :DDD

  52. I’m so love this lyric and song~ just so SJ like haha

  53. OMO first time seeing lyrics of a song is that cool and true!!!! haha! epic: It’s because we are too handsome that you can’t listen to our voice!!!!!

  54. very weird. What exactly is this song about????

  55. AHAHAHAHAHAHA BEST LYRICS EVERRR TOO EPIC!!! AHAHAHAHA i laughing soooo hard when i read this. AHAHAHAHAA

  56. DEABAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHOOT AN MV FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!

  57. xDDDDD this is so funny XD I like it ,, thx for tran

  58. ahahaha!!

  59. they made their own lyrics right??
    donghae talking about flying car!!
    such a kid!!

  60. Hahaha! i say brillant! they’re being sarcastic to the stereotyping of idols..cool!

  61. LOL, i bet hee was drunk when his lyrics XD

  62. totally daebak!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the lyric is so funny and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuu….

  63. what eeteuk means with 1+1=3????

    I LIKE IT !

  65. wat does choi siwon say???

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