110917 Love Request – Super Junior Cuts

September 17, 2011 at 10:12 am | Posted in Drama/Film/TV/CFs, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 15 Comments

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O_O They Speak Indo Language 


Talk & Sorry Sorry Performance


Ending 2

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  1. errmmm.. As Indonesian I’d rather if you write it Bahasa Indonesia or Indonesian language.. Maybe you’d like to edit it? Indo language sound litle degrading ^^
    The boys are sooo sweett…

    • YES AGREE, please edit 🙂 Bahasa Indonesia or Indonesian language ^^

  2. Super Junior looked really sweet here, their reaction were so adorable when Nurul knew Mr.Simple.

    Kepada Nurul, semoga selalu tabah dan didoakan cepat sembuh…

  3. This is so amazing! Seeing SJ with Indonesian kid, but yeah it’s Bahasa, not Indo language.

  4. They were really cute…

    Nurul aku do’akan semoga kau lekas sembuh, amin…

  5. Did you see Sungmin’s hair colour???????

    omo ,,

  6. lol , the ahjumma said Ganteng ganteng ya .. (saying that they are Handsome) ..

  7. OMO ~!!!! They’re Saying “Alsalamalykum” Wooooooh *dies*

  8. thankyu onnie.

  9. Aish,please correct your article,there’s lots of missundrstnding bout Indo!! Even allkpop is wrong. It’s Indonesian language and he is Indonesian boy.

  10. Could you please correct this article?? There’s a lot of missunderstandng bout Indo..Indo in korea means India but in Asia it’s abb. from Indonesia :). So Nurul is Indonesian boy and from Indonesia. Even allkpop is wrong too *sigh..LOVE SUJU!!

  11. this was really sweet!

    also :18 2nd ending yeye’s small hand

  12. awww…that was really sweet…

  13. kakak2 super junior emang sangat baik hati.. mereka yg terbaik..

  14. i’m crying seeing this TT__TT

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