[TRANSCRIPT] Leeteuk & Eunhyuk talking about their trainee days, their Chuseok holidays and Choco – From 110913

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110913 Sukira (KTR) Cuts w/ Leeteuk & Eunhyuk

110913 Sukira (KTR) Fan Pictures – Leeteuk & Eunhyuk [3P]

Eunhyuk: We members love to crack this kind of jokes too (She couldn’t hear the joke which the listener left……), Sungmin-ssi & Kyuhyun-ssi, the biggest problem we have after training is who gets to bathe first;

Eunhyuk: In the end we would bathe together, one would shower on that side of the bathroom, there’s another shower head on this side, so we all bathe together~!
Leeteuk: Sigh……We only have 3 people left on our level……
Eunhyuk: There’ll be one less next year……

Eunhyuk: Didn’t I go back home this Chuseok? I thought there would be Kimchi Tofu; Didn’t I say on air before that I wanted to eat gimbap? The round ones?
Eunhyuk: When I went home there weren’t any round gimbaps at all so I asked my mother “Aren’t there any round gimbaps?”
Leeteuk: Ah……You must have lost your temper because there weren’t any right?
Eunhyuk: No I didn’t; We made round ones and ate them together~~~X3

Eunhyuk: Choco whom I’ve not met for a long time was waiting for me at home~!
Leeteuk: Was she drinking milk while waiting for you?
Eunhyuk: Milk? No she wasn’t, what are you saying? Because she hasn’t seen me for quite some time, so she followed me around for the rest of the day, she was so cute~!❤
Leeteuk: Let Choco send in a message to Sukira~!
Eunhyuk: She doesn’t have a handphone right now……There isn’t any smart phone, and I can’t get her a touch screen phone because her paws are furry, so she can’t use it……

Credit: @凝幻 の weibo~!❤
Translated by: dancingbunnyclouds @
Shared at by supergirlRain



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  1. Hehheeh that was so cute of Hyukkie 🙂

  2. so cute ^^

  3. o_o you don’t feed a dog milk. they’re lactose intolerate. sooo cute how he adores her.

    • Dogs aren’t lactose intolerant, who told you that? X) All puppies have to drink milk from their mums when they’re still babies right. All my dogs drank dog milk when they were puppies as well (:

  4. “Leeteuk: Let Choco send in a message to Sukira~!
    Eunhyuk: She doesn’t have a handphone right now……There isn’t any smart phone, and I can’t get her a touch screen phone because her paws are furry, so she can’t use it……”

    LOL!!! Me dies of Hyukkie’s cuteness~ XP

  5. What does Teukie mean by only 3 left on his level? There should be 4 right now: Teukie, Shindong, Ryeowook, and Donghae.

    • Ryeowook is on the other level with the quiet ones lol. His roommate is Yesung! XD

      • nope wookie moved up when hankyung left

        • leeteuk didn’t count himself i think

          • some says that shindong is living solo right now…he bought an apartment… or hae probably sleeps with hyukkie…kkkk joke…

    • Only Wookie,Teukie and Hae live together….Shindong doesn’t live with them

  6. who’s on tuekie’s level? wookie, tuekie and? he sounded so sad while saying that.

    • wookie,teukie and donghae

  7. Eunhyuk makes me smile … about the phone.

  8. Lol at Hyuk said abwt Choco who doesnt have Phone, smart phone n touch screen phone :DDD
    i once heard that shindong live w/ His Family . . . (?) m not sure ><
    ah~~ more empty year by year-_-

  9. Lol.. Choco with her furry paws! Hyuk’s so cuuute!
    Hmm… There’s gonna be one less person next yr 😦

  10. All showering together?! kyumin + eunhyuk?! xDDDD kekekeke! ): but poor level 12…. theres only 3 people left (ryeowook, leeteuk and shindong?). Soon leeteuk will have to leave…. and then there’ll be two… ;___;

  11. I think it’s leeteuk, donghae and ryeowook. I’ve got a feeling shindong stays alone/with gf/with family. From their previous tweets when ze:a came over to their dorm, shindong was never mentioned.

    Ah I love reading sukira trans, you get to know a wee bit more about them through their conversations everytime.

  12. Lower floor: Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun, Yesung and Sungmin.
    Top floor: Leeteuk, Donghae and Ryeowook.

    I don’t remember where I read it but I’m pretty sure Shindong doesn’t stay at the dorms anymore…

    ps: I wanna stay at the quiet floor with my bias Hyukkie and Kyu lol xDDD

    • what about SIWON ?

      • I thought he lived with his family

  13. OMO feel like visiting their dorms especially their bathroom after seeing this! and lol hyukkie ah….her paws are furry, so she can’t use it……LOL!!!!

  14. this is too cute to stand!

  15. adorable…
    hyukkie really love his dog..

  16. the talks about members left at the dorm kinda makes me sad, but lol at hyukki’s talk about giving choco smartphone etc , omg ==”

  17. haha!!! I love that Choco follows his appa everywhere..

  18. Hehehe oh these guys x)

  19. LOL hyuk really sounded super cute there keke

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