110913 Super Junior’s Heechul cheers on SM Town participants

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110827 Idol Athletics Championships, SUJU

Despite not being able to participate in this year’s “Idol Star Athletics Championships“, Super Junior‘s Heechul was seen at the venue cheering on his bandmates while enjoying the beautiful weather.

With an umbrella in his hand, Heechul jokingly remarked, “Team SM will only come to their senses once they come last,” but still showed his love for his labelmates as he added, “But anyway, to our team: fighting!”

Since Heechul was preparing to enter the military at the time of recording, the Rainbowmembers saluted to him and shouted, “Choongsung!” (“Allegiance”). Kim Heechul shouted back, “I told you not to do that!“, causing the spectators to laugh.

Boom supported Heechul with the words, “When you go to the army, you’ll receive a number. You will not have a name, only that one number. I wish you the best of luck.”

Source: Newsen  via AKP
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  1. I miss chullie

  2. heechul really sayes what he think of love him for that . i will wait for him but i really wish he can fined his love of his life in this 2 years and get married and have some kids to 0_0 okay that is to much in 2 years but i hope he will be happy

    • that’s exactly what i’m thinking and wish too, that he might find someone in this 2 years.. hope some fans won’t bash me for hoping that LOL ;D

      • haha… i hope FANS will understand that they’re not BOYS anymore, they’re MEN… FANS should know their limitations when it comes to celebs private lives, they’re also humans like us, the only difference is we see them on TV, and they are talented.. i really do wish that LEETEUK and HEECHUL can find their TRUE LOVE, especially on their age… =)

    • i totally agree with you two, hehe..i really hope he does date someone within this 2yrs, i mean, they’re not getting any younger, they should find someone who will make them happy…

  3. Oppa Miss U

  4. miss u 2-101!!!! hope he’s doing well there ><

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