110913 Super Junior’s Eunhyuk ‘jumps like an anchovy’?

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110827 Idol Athletics Championships, SUJU

Super Junior‘sEunhyuk made the panelists cheer wildly for him by showing perfect form during part one of MBC‘s Chuseok special, ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships‘.

Boom raised anticipation for Eunhyuk’s performance in the men’s 100m hurdles by commenting,“Eunhyuk will jump over those hurdles with the smoothness of an anchovy in a pond.”

With his eyes on the prize, Eunhyuk showed intense focus as he jumped over each hurdle. Hilariously, it went as smooth as Boom had predicted, and he earned a new nickname, ‘the hurdle anchovy show’.  The mindset must’ve worked, as he easily passed the preliminaries with a record of 18.67, coming in at first.

After the match, he said, “My juniors all have young blood so the energy is quite amazing.  I think the match will get harder.”

Source + Photos: Newsen via AKP
Shared at www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com by uksujusid 




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  1. Eunhyuk was really good, he was so fast O_o
    Our Anchovy is the best ♥

  2. Bwahahaha yeoboooo *coveringmyownface*
    Lol at Boom “i’d like to represent of Boom academy and apologize for this”

  3. Fighting Hyukk

  4. LOL ‘the hurdle anchovy show’.?! he looked so different with that hair band haha!


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