ILove these songs. & HAPPY CHUSEOK

September 12, 2011 at 12:06 am | Posted in CandidRandom(nonSJ), Mod Post/Compilation Posts | 12 Comments

HAPPY CHUSEOUK..  Everyone ~~! Thought I’d share another random, candid non sj post.

IF YOUR NOT INTERESTED skip this post =D

ILove these songs.. ~! I’ve only chosen songs by female solo artists, from the EAST SIDE. With a simple basic explanation as to why..

^^IU – HAS an amazing voice. No one can deny,  she is really beautiful. I love the MV,  it reminds of something like a musical, something from the West End of London ~~! Good Day (^__^).. the awkward moment you discover a random guitarist in your bathroom :O

KANA NISHINO – My favourite Japanese female solo artist.  I love every song by Kana Nishino,  & I’m actually not just saying that. I came across her so randomly, this artist is definitely worth the time.. Majority of he songs, I can relate to.. I can relate to the lyrics.

MiCHi – MICHI MADNESS ~~! the artist is underrated, I really think so!  Her songs consist of a combination of English & Japanese lyrics, it’s perfect. It represents MiChi.. as she is mixed race, (Japanese & English!) The lyrics truly come from the heart, alot of her songs are unlike any I have heard.. Kiss Kiss Kiss ~!

MELODY – When you want to feel content, happy, good about yourself.. Melody has created songs that are beautiful, her album Lei Aloha wow. It makes me think, appreciate.. “Stay together, hand in… hand”

MAKI GOTO – She was one of the lead singers of Morning Musume, tbh, I don’t know much about Maki Goto.. But I really love this song. It lifts my spirits up & gets me motivated!

What about you? What songs do you love, by eastern female artists? & Why?


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  1. mine’s kyary pamyu pamyu’s Pom Pom Pom and KRY’s My love, My kiss, My heart

  2. Agnes Monica!! The one that Siwon used to tweet.. Nyahaha…

  3. OMG!! I was wondering maybe Sid forgot again about the candidrandom posts!! LOL ahh like all.. especially the one with my name ^_^

  4. well not a soloist but I fell in love of her voice, Kim Yoon-Ah of JAURIM and the song that made me a fan is SOMETHING GOOD, in the antique bakery ost. I don’t know why but I like to considere it as a female version of suju’s Angel fron haru ost wich I love

    • I was also going to mention Jaurim as well. Though I like Something Good I actually prefer her 6th album more than her 7th. The 6th album! I can go all day how beautiful and great it is.

      • If I had to pick one song from the 6th album (ashes to ashes) though, it would have to be Seoul Blues. But really you’d have to listen to the album in entirety to realize how great Jaurim is. Cuz Seoul Blues is better with Loving Memory following right behind it, and Jester Song after that and so on. The songs are so beautiful and haunting but there’s enough edge to them that keeps it from being too melancholy/depressing. And Kim Yuna’s voice is so mesmerizing! I first took notice of her when she was In I Am a Singer especially because of her vocals.

  5. from the east side???

    i’m glad monday post is back 😀

    pretty songs!

    enjoy chuseok everyone~~ eat a moon cake or rice cake kekeke

  6. my favourite female artist is younha – she has an amazing voice and i love all her songs. plus, she can pull off absoultely any genre of music, from ballads (which is what she’s known for – like ‘we broke up today’ and ’22nd street’) and pop (‘like’) and my favourite, a kinda ‘rock’ song – ‘one shot’. oh, and i’m pretty sure she’s not fluent but she sings really well in english with really good pronounciation in ‘my song and…’
    anyway, i hope everyone has a happy chuseok or lunar celebration ^^

  7. UTADA HIKARU 🙂 she has amazing voice!!! tried to sing her note but always ended up listening to her instead of singing by myself haha!

  8. A Japanese artist I really like is YUI =] I got to know her through BLEACH OST and… well, i just love her voice =] I really really like IU too! So much talent in such a small body ;A;
    But I’m not that much into girls voices tbh ^^;

  9. Just two songs I can think of off the top of my head~:

    Kokia – Arigato. Such a beautiful song TT~TT It’s just love ❤

    Sheila Ki Jawani by Katrina Kaif(?) I don't know much about this song except that its awesome to dance to XD An indian friend posted it on facebook and I loved it!

  10. I really like Park Bom’s voice, after listening to “You And I” it’s a really nice song I think. Also, Davichi 🙂 Minkyung can reach high notes so easily without straining for them like others do. And when I heard “Don’t Say Goodbye” when I listened to Haeri’s voice it was amazing, I don’t know how to explain it but somehow it was like…a kind of voice that wouldn’t come out of a regular person, somehow every word she sang seemed…light, in a way? Not sure how to explain it. But you guys should listen to the live performances!

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