Idol Athletics Championships – Sungmin Focus [12 Fancams] – From 110827

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110827 Idol Athletics Championships, SUJU | Compilation

they just uploaded it now >< so…

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  1. So many Sungmin goodness!!!!!! Ahhh…..
    888bananaman is so amazing and of course our SuperMIN!!!!!

  2. Lol! i believe these comes from She not They..she’s a sungmin bias, and she attended almost all SJ’s events..amazing..i wish i could do that..>_<

    • is it??i think 888bananaman is a team, since they have lots of Sungmin’s fancam from every part of the world. well, but she can buy the fancams from other ELF ofc. but, i don’t know either. let me check about this later 🙂 thanks for the info btw!

      • She did say she attended all, you can check her youtube channel. I happen to follow her on twitter, and though i don’t her language, i could see she posted her boarding pass every time she went elsewhere..the same finger nail holding the pass.. :))

        • ouch, really! i’ve never noticed it! okay then. thanks for the info neee~

        • And why I suddenly remember Kyu story about the avid fans who always there in their plane everytime they flying abroad?? was it her??? LMAO XD

  3. min….. u r so kind……. ❤ ❤

  4. awesome fangirls chanting 😀

  5. minnie you’re our SUPERMAN!!!! OMO i love sporty kyu!!!!!!!!! i see heenim 😦 cute minnie doing warm ups!!! 🙂 minnie has sexy butt haha pervert me! aaww shindong came over to help him relax!!!! 🙂 LOL at shindong’s umbrella! and he even danced with pom pom around that MC with epic hairstyle!

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