110913 3D Donghae? [1gif] random post xD

September 12, 2011 at 10:22 pm | Posted in Donghae, Drama/Film/TV/CFs, Events/Concerts/Perfs., KBS, Pictures/Videos, Random/Other, Wonderboys | 18 Comments

110909 KBS Music Bank 

Whaaa I find this funny, but it looks so real to me.. Like I can reach my hand out & grab him.. No I am not delusional.. xD. Now if only every other image/video was 3D of Donghae..

CLICK on the image ~~

Credit: crystaland22 | Shared at Super Juniors Baidu
Reupload & Posted by: uksujusid (



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  1. I can’t see it 😦

    • Just stare at Donghae..xD

    • I can’t see it either.

      • LOL.. I guess I am delusional.. xD

  2. It has some japanese and then it says x__x

    • actually…that’s Chinese ^_^

  3. it’s kinda creepy

  4. I get it now! Hahaha. It’s so 3D-ish! He’s so handsome!!

  5. You are very beautiful when they sing
    Please care about your health good love

  6. yeah.. it looks so real.. thanks for sharing ^^ if only i can see him once in real life..

  7. OMSJ, i see it! like the first time to see him so up close kekeke.. thanks..

  8. wow! true true true true! that’s so true! it’s much more 3D than the harry potter movie i saw in 3D! you’re not delusional! i felt like i could grab him too! ^^

  9. woahhhh that’s sick! I wish I can see him in real life someday… instead of always in front of a computer screen LOL :$

  10. WOW 😀 this is great ~ very 3D , Thank you ❤

  11. omg it’s so in 3D!!!!!! but i can’t hold any longer because he is looking into my eyes! ><

  12. Hehehe… I think its 3D toooo :p haeeeyaaaa

  13. I saw it too, it really looks like 3D 😀
    But 3D is too dangerous, he seems even more handsome XD

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