110912 [INFO] Youtube Blocks Korea as a Result of Using Tools to Promote KPOP

September 12, 2011 at 8:16 am | Posted in CandidRandom(nonSJ), News/Rumors, Random/Other, Updates | 79 Comments

Sorry for making all of you panic! But I condemn everyone who told this rumour the first time! errrrr! 
This what I’ve got when go to the source of this news.

[TRANS] Youtube blocks Korea as a result of using tools to promote KPOP

Youtube announced that they will be blocking access from Korea. Users with the country setting “Korea” will not be able to upload videos, their views numbers will be monitored which means that they won’t be able to affect the number of views.

What is the reason that forced them to take this step? The truth is, Korea in order to support it’s own Kpop, manipulate the number of views into becoming more than 100,000 views. Normally Youtube will count one view for each user, but in Korea they have tools and use multiple accounts that allow them to fake increase the number of views.

Because of that, Girls Generation has more views than world stars like Britney Spears and Avril Lavigne. The ban is the measures taken to prevent such attacks.

T/N: I didn’t translate the other example in the article nor the authors comment at the end~


Source: http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20110912-00000012-scn-ent
Translated by: @As0or83
Shared at sup3rjunior.wordpress.com by natashagnes


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  1. No Way !!!!!!!! @_@

    • This is completely Japanese lie. They already deleted the link because yahoo knows its a Japanese lie as usual.
      This news is from year 2009. Korean gov’t rule is you have to use your real name for use of internet sites. Google can not follow this rule because google can not change rule only for Korea. That is why you can not view or your view is not counted if your country location is Korea. Japan will lie anything to harm Korean wave because they are jealous. Go to allkpop forum, this is all explained there

      • again, this article is translation of Japanese media “searchina”

        which is complete Japanese lies

        The link is already deleted because Yahoo knows its a lie

        Korean people is very angry about this

        please delete this posting

    • When i saw this I thought it’s just stupid…as many groups’ fans, I re-click and replay and re-watch the vids many times…WE ALL HAVE THE FREEDOM and right of choice to do so right???????Like TVXQ’s Mirotic song…that video, especially the dance version, is so addictive I spent an entire week re-watching it so many times…probably like 5 times a day, and I kept showing it, sending it to my friends etc!Big groups like tvxq/dbsq got over 1000000 fans just in Korea and Japan, and all of us from the numerous countries around the world aren’t even counted in yet!if each of us click the vids 5-10 times, it’s just a pure simple maths to check how many clicks we can make!!
      Not to mention there’re lots of discussions…replies..comments and fan fightings going on at all the vids’ comment section^^;;;that would totally add up the views too, when all of us keep clicking back in.
      And all the fans would post vids too, and ppl can have multiple accounts…NOT JUST PEOPLE IN KOREA. They don’t control everything and they’re certainly not everyone over there.
      Stupid anti ppl -__-

  2. Should I be amused that Korea does this? Or should I be amused that YouTube wants American Pop to be on top and not Korean Pop? Either way, I’m amused.

    • agree.. i think they simply just want their american pop to be on the top. But it ok, let the records sales prove it! this is more important.

  3. This seems weird to me… Why does YouTube care where views come from or how they get there? I don’t understand why they would be biased in this way. I have doubts that this is actually a thing. Just seems made up to me. YouTube is accessed all over the world. If they want people to keep visiting their site, decisions like this are just a bunch of bull.

  4. wow..dunno what to say….

  5. What The Fuck.
    They can’t generalize things like this.
    1) How do they know in Korea and ONLY Korea has people who manipulate viewership?
    2) Does ALL Koreans do this? Prove/evidence, no? (You’d be racist at making such a bias statement then.)

    Everyone and anyone from every single part of the world CAN do it, yet YouTube blocks only Korea…
    Now I can say one sentence which is: YouTube’s creator (the 3 Caucasian dudes who I don’t give a fuck to remember their individual names) must be so afraid that Asians will overtake them and put a stop, just in case Korea is in the lead, instead of them, the original creator.

    P/S: I don’t believe as large (and how advanced) as a country USA is, they should have manipulated views one way or another. But YouTube chose to turn a blind it to them, why? Racism, exist is each and everyone’s blood. It just depends how far an extent you’d go to. But YouTube, sorry to say, you’ve went a tad too far.

    • *turn a blind EYE

  6. =_= Youtube, Youtube, Youtube……..

  7. this is ridiculous, since when the number of views becomes that important? it’s just for fans’ excitement..perhaps fans should just move the whole things to another streaming site..let youtube feel the power of fans..mmm…

    • yes…i’m agree with that…100%..

  8. if Youtube wants to stop that problem, they should stop the use of that tools instead of block access from Korea! if they do that, they’ll only aggravate the situation. that’s what i personally think! errrrr! failed Youtube ==’

  9. what???!!! NO!!!!!

  10. then what no Super Junior on YouTube,???? i mean smtown channel also will be gone? OMG this is totally bullshit ridiculous why on earth they do this to us? it’s totally unfair to korea.. I can’t believe it they use user view as an issue..

  11. youtube is feeling insecure. duhhh.

  12. لهآلدرجه غآيرين أليوتيوب !!!! ><
    من جد يعني لآزم البوب الأمريكي يكون آعلىآ من البوب الكوري
    مصصخره ذي <<< عصصبت

    • خخخ جد غيرانيين مع نفسهم اذا الكلام صدق يوتوب راح يخسر الناس مو الكيبوب الحمدلله لقيت وحده عربيه خخ

      i think this is all a lie if it was a true they
      are the loser we gonna show them the power of Kpop

  13. They dont want Kpop to be more popular!!!! RIDICULOUS

  14. :O i wouldnt doubt that some people would be doing this but BLOCKING the WHOLE of SOUTH KOREA (I’m assuming its the south)?! I agree with some of the comments made already: i bet you anything there are people from other countries doing this. But have they been banned? No, they haven’t!

    I don’t want to point fingers, but is it really that hard to believe that kpop artists have some really dedicated fans? Take ELF for example. We’re been watching the Mr Simple video non stop! Most of us, including the KELF, dont have such tools!

  15. …What? They decided to block an ENTIRE country because of this? Seriously? Why not just shut down the channels? This is REALLY unfair and I’m surprised that it’s even allowed. Why would YouTube care anyway? It’s just views, what the hell.

  16. They will only give the start to a new war. WTF they think of do?
    Kpop is not only Korea, not anymore.

  17. I see why they are doing this but i think it’s just an irrational decision……As most of you don’t seem to know, YOUTUBE CHANNELS THAT ARE PARTNERS LIKE SM/YG/JYP AND OTHERS GET PAID FOR THEIR MV VIEWS…..The more views you get the higher u get paid cos youtube puts ads on the videos…
    Although this is generalizing and Youtube should think this thing over b4 blocking out a country…….

    • Yes, youtube paid them, but they from how much we watch video get even more money. Money that they paid it’s just like small part from what they get.

  18. What the fuck is this Youtube can go to hell.

  19. the stupidest news i’ve ever read for this day..

  20. Uhh it’s everyone’s own right to make as many accounts as they wish. Stoopid.

  21. NO, NO! GUYS. It’s taken out of context. Don’t jump to conclusions already. It’s too outrageous if it’s directly designed against K-Pop. “YouTube did NOT block Korea. Some functions are disabled if you set your country to Korea. It’s because of Korea’s real name verification law. It’s an old story.”

    Cr. to the author

    • really? ah~ i almost fainted because of it ~

  22. what the hell =,= made me BAD!

  23. WTF!!!! hallyu wave is getting really powerful which is why they won world stars in views!! FUCK SHITT!!
    youtube better get thing right !!

  24. Guys, this is a hoax. The article was made by an anti-hallyu group. Don’t panic. Youtube is smart enough not to do such a crazy act. They earn money through the many viewers that they have and blocking an entire country would be insane.

    • yep~ i almost fainted because of it~ xD
      *excessive* =o=

  25. أتمنى انها تكون اشاعة…ياااارب

  26. WTS!!!! is this real? i depend on youtube a lot for super junior’s news and vid! n now they r doing this?! WTF! not only vid, views too? that means korean totally cant use youtube! argh shit you!

  27. Guys chill out! The original article have been taken down from it source : Yahoo Japan..
    So probably it was just another hoax 😉

  28. WHOAAAAAAAAAH! seriously it’s a hoax??glad to hear that! then i’m gonna delete this post!

    • I suggest not to delete this post so that other ELFs will be aware of such incidences and so we learn that this kind of news has no basis to be true and are purely a plot against hallyu artists.

      • yes, i’m not deleting it! i just tell that it’s a hoax. don’t worry.

  29. Moga ja ni rumor… amin

  30. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i want/need to see suju’s fancam. i need to watch their SS4 fancam

  31. are they doing it, cause they are jealous that KPOP is more famous and is gaining more attention around the world?

  32. “Google has disabled both uploads of videos and comments on the Korean version of YouTube after the South Korean government tried to enforce a new law which requires web sites with at least 100,000 users to verify the person’s real name if they upload files or leave comments. The Cyber Defamation Law, as it’s called, went into effect on April 1st. According to officials at the Korea Communications Commission (KCC), the country’s broadcasting and telecommunications regulator, the law is an attempt to quell the cyber-bullying and spread of misinformation on the internet. However, critics say that it’s just another example of the Lee Myung-bak government’s overzealous efforts to monitor and control cyberspace.”

  33. {YouTube did NOT block Korea. Some functions are disabled if you set your country to Korea. It’s because of Korea’s . It’s an old story.}

    “We have a bias in favor of people’s right to free expression in everything we do. We are driven by a belief that more information generally means more choice, more freedom, and ultimately more power for the individual. We believe that it is important for free expression that people have the right to remain anonymous, if they choose.
    Because of Real Name Verification Law in Korea, we have voluntarily disabled comments and video uploads when using YouTube in Korea with the Korea country setting, so you will not be required to verify your identity.

    You will still be able to enjoy watching and sharing videos on YouTube. You may still upload videos and comments without proving your identity by choosing a non-Korean country setting from the top of any YouTube page.

    We understand that this may affect your experience on YouTube. Thank you in advance for your understanding. We hope that you continue to enjoy and participate in the YouTube community.”

  34. LMAO. seems a little fake.

  35. Wait I’m kinda confused~so should we crap at Youtube or not?^^

  36. A quick summary if you don’t feel like reading

    Youtube did Not block Korea and it will not affect the videos currently online. It just had to disable some function in korea because of a law where the citizens had to put their citizen number if they want to upload or comment on videos. Youtube states that they believe in an individual privacy so it suggests to korean citizens if they want to keep their identity private they just have to change their setting to a non-korean country.

    • sorry about the post , when i tried to post it earlier it said their was a problem and it was not showing so i made another post

    • Which is kind of ironic when the owners of YouTube wanted us all to give real names on Google Plus!

  37. OMG! I was going to say! i thought banning a whole country would be a bit weird of youtube -_-

  38. a quick summary:

    Youtube had to disable some of the functions like uploading and commenting as a result of a new law passed in korea. The law basically required a citizen to type his citizen number to upload or comment on a video. Youtube stated they believes in individual privacy so it advises the korean users if they want their identity private when they upload or comment to just change their setting to a non-korean country.

  39. what dipshit believes that in the first place.. idiots.

  40. it’s better for them to close their site non-sense YouTube, they don’t even know what their doing 😀 they just lost lots of people not that good for them 😀

    by the way? if this going to happen? where am i going to watch my IDOL? Y_Y

  41. Also the yahoo japan article was removed, probably it was posted by someone from the anti-korean movement. I don’t get the anti-korean movement they say they want to protect their country but what their doing is just racist. If you don’t like the music or dramas from korea then don’t watch it/hear it . If they want to protect their country culture then they should buy their music, buy their products, watch the dramas and movies…. If i was them, instead of complaining about this I would be trying to help my fellow citizens that lost everything in the earthquake, helping rebuild the cities.

  42. This is completely Japanese lie. They already deleted the link because yahoo knows its a Japanese lie as usual.
    This news is from year 2009. Korean gov’t rule is you have to use your real name for use of internet sites. Google can not follow this rule because google can not change rule only for Korea. That is why you can not view or your view is not counted if your country location is Korea. Japan will lie anything to harm Korean wave because they are jealous. Go to allkpop forum, this is all explained there


  44. It’s Japanese lie, as usual. The ban took effect in 2009, due to the Korea’s real name registration law which requires all web sites to take real name and social security number. Googles, instead of following this law, believes in anonymity. They just changed their program to circumvent this around the Korean law. This was in 2009. The Japanese are butt hurt that Korean pop culture is gaining around the world (while their own pop culture influence in Asia is dead in the water), so they are doing everything they can, to stop it.

  45. wow what? i don’t know why YT would care as long as people are going to their site

  46. I smell Anti-hallyu wave tsk. If this was true i’d go crazy

  47. NOOO!!!!!!! This is crazy!!!!

  48. adoi! If not Youtube where else can they promote? Are they tryin to create a new video search site since kpop influenced many people around the world. -.-‘ whatever lah

  49. does it is anti fans’s product? =))

  50. Don’t worry it’s just an anti Korean Wave tabloid website spreading rumours.
    Quote from another website “YouTube did NOT block Korea. Some functions are disabled if you set your country to Korea. It’s because of Korea’s . It’s an old story.”

    • Should have been written “It’s because of Korea’s real name verification law.”


  52. Don’t hate YouTube hate the Japanese people who made this false article. 😦

  53. bullshit=)

  54. i can smell jealousy!!!! then mr.simple official MV will not exist anymore?! no way!!!!!!

  55. To bother with this

  56. How come Korea is not on there when you try and look for it in Location? I see Japan and Hong Kong but not Korea. Am I missing something? Help

  57. “How come Korea is not on there when you try and look for it in Location? I see Japan and Hong Kong but not Korea. Am I missing something?”

    You cannot set Korea as location. Youtubes, instead of complying with South Korea’s real name registration system, just decided that you cannot upload videos using the Korea location. In South Korea, you must register your real name and social security number to post any comments and videos. But Youtube doesn’t want to follow this rule because they strongly believe in anonymity of internet, so they’ve just disabled the Korea location to satisfy the Korean law. That does not mean Koreans cannot upload videos. They can still do so, by choosing a different country location.

    As for the charges of Koreans using tools to click on videos numerously on Youtubes to make the count go up… ridiculous charge. Youtube has a special coding that prevents the same IP’s from being counted as a click over and over again. It is really difficult to make the count go up artificially.

  58. So happy that is a lie!!

  59. Kinda ironic that after this was revealed as a lie a Korean weather channel which no one would be interested in would be on top page on youtube LOL

  60. That’s a relief!

  61. This article is nothing but an anti-kpop activity. If you are smart enough to know about world wide web ‘environment’, you wouldn’t buy this crab. I give a point to Yahoo Japan in spite of their current disasters and recommend them to focus more on the restoration. period.

  62. OMG.. No way…

  63. OMG

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