Super Junior in “Zona Joven” Peruvian Magazine – September, Issue 134 [TRANS] – From 110910

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Super Junior
They’re back Simple and Perfect

Super Junior presented recently their new production, shaking Asian and worldwide countries, as more fans are still appearing in many countries like Peru. Leeteuk (the leader), Heechul, Yesung, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun have released their 5th studio album, “Mr. Simple”, having for the second time just 10 members (the first time was with “Bonamana” in 2010), because Kangin, Hankyung and Ki Bum have no activities with the group momentarily. 

Before releasing the album, the group was busy with “SMTown Live World Tour” performance that this year was spread outside Asia. To tell you the true, they don’t stop working, as they also host their radio show “Super Junior Kiss the Radio”, appear on TV shows, etc. 

The new album, “Mr. Simple” hit the Korean record stores on August 3rd and in its first week sold 80,000 albums, without counting the sales in Japan and ten more Asian countries. In order to promote their new material, SuJu held a press conference at the Hotel Imperial Palace in Seoul, where they revealed the long-awaited MV that hit millions of views in just few hours. 

About the Album

Leeteuk said at a press conference, “Despite defining the genre of the music, we have focused on the letters. There are so many scary and sad news on TV and newspapers that we want to bring hope with our song”.

Some fans bought the ten versions that the new album has, as there are ten different covers with photos of each member, and all has the same songs. Among these songs, we can find “Good Friends”, written by Yoon Jong-shin, and Mr. Simple, the promotional single, which has a catchy melody and encouraging lyrics. Leeteuk continued by saying, “We are happy to fulfill our fans expectations. They care and support us more than before, and it feels good”.

The “Perfection”

“Perfection” is one of the songs included in the album. However, this single was released in February by the sub-group “Super Junior M” and was well received by all their followers.

On August 24th, “Super Junior M” released a mini-album titled “Perfection”, with the song in Japanese (since it was originally released in Chinese and then in Korean). It includes photos and CD + DVD with interviews and the three versions.

What’s Next

The boys have confessed that they are willing to do more concerts abroad. The leader of the group said, “We meet with more than 500,000 fans through our concerts in Asia. Now, we want to visit South America, Europe and the Middle East to carry out Super Junior concerts”. So, K-Pop lovers, we must pay attention because these guys want to visit new lands and conquer them with their music.

Did you know that…

-Kyuhyun and Changmin are participating in “Jack the Ripper” the Musical.
-It has been confirmed that Siwon will be the main character in KBS’ “Poseidon”.
-Leeteuk wants to play at Pyongyang for a Peace Exchange between South and North Korea.

Credits to: Zona Joven
Translated by: Melody (

Please credit ‘SUP3JUNIOR.WORDPRESS.COM’ as well. Thank you.


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  1. the Middle East ah i wish but you cant go to there no one will come becuz most of us thre parent not gonna let them go to concert so its just a dream

  2. SJ is like can be seen in every magazine! SJ daebak!

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