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  1. Kyu is really taking his MC job seriously XD

  2. lol.. hahaha doesn’t he know how gorgeous he is?

  3. Lol, the fan seems to be angry at Kyu for pointing the stage all the time: “But there wasnt even anyone on stage okay?”…so cute:)

  4. this is so cute of Kyuhyun.
    kyaa! i would be doing the same if i was there.

  5. Lol Kyu ~

  6. Hehe. Aww Kyubb, I would also have been staring at you, unless your group was performing. :*

  7. wow he’s really nice
    he wants us to respect the others 🙂

  8. hw0aaa . .
    so u guys s0o0o0o cl0o0ose 2 him!!
    c0mmunicate with him!!
    i would b glad if i can meet them (all of them or even several of them) like u do..

    I’m n0t korean, so, i really2 want to attend ss4 s0o0 badly >.

  9. It’s the first in my life that i felt jealousy n envy towards wealthy people . .
    i don’t even have their album . .
    all i do is download download and download . .

    i wish i have the chance to watch the next SS4 in ind0nesia..

  10. But 1 thing 4 sure that even wealthy people cant beat me . .
    my love 4 them . .
    i don’t even have any bias . .

    I LOVE them EQUALLY . .
    i’m proud to be an E.L.F . .

    NE GA ELF e y0!!


    The last MAN STANDING!

  12. OMO this makes me want to meet him in real person even more~!

  13. Even though I would probably have done the same and stare at him, specially I have had tall people in front of me, I think he was telling them to pay attention to the stages not only because he could feel embarassed, but because it is a little rude not to. I can imagine that he wouldn’t like that people on the public is not paying attention to Super Junior performance because of the MC’s that could be on the show at that times… I know that feeling very well
    Oh Kyu, I like him more every day ^^

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