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Contrary to popular belief, Super Junior happens to be one of my favorite boy bands, probably ever. Sure, I may have shaken many angry fists at “Mr. Simple“, but tough love is still a form of appreciation. That being said, nothing feels better than when your favorite artists take you from the depths of disappointment to the peaks of satisfaction in a matter of seconds. This is the exact case with Super Junior’s “Superman“.

This song in itself defines ‘epic’ in every sense of the word, which is interesting, considering its simple composition and structure. On paper, this song should be no big whoop: you’ve got a tooting instrumental, chants from beginning to end, and a handful of raps scattered here and there. Really, nothing out of the ordinary in K-Pop.

But here’s the detail that takes “Superman” from ho-hum song to utterly mind-blowing — it carries the perfect distribution and utilization of Super Junior’s talents.

Every member’s interjection, nuances, and even the chorus’ uniformity – it all falls right into place. The fact that they sound absolutely superb is all the more reason to gush over this song.

Normally, Super Junior is broken into groups of singers and rappers, but in “Superman”, those lines get blurred. Everyone from Donghae to Ryeowook are spitting lyrics with more conviction than all of their lead singles combined. The quality of their delivery makes it seem like SM suddenly remembered how talented these guys are, and gave them a great song that was free of frills and gimmicks.

Of course, Super Junior sounds their most compelling when they’re singing as a unit, and as such, they brought that to the forefront in “Superman.” They push through the melodies with a vengeance and even harmonize with some resonating low-end sounds, which I haven’t heard from them in a long time.

These guys are full-fledged superstars, and they deserve a song to match that status. “Superman” shed the light back on Super Junior’s talents by providing a display of strong vocals and a style that makes sense, as well as one that feels like their classics.

Overall Rating: 4.7/5

What are your thoughts on “Superman” by Super Junior?

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Rating Overview:

0 – 1.9 ; poor, without any redeeming qualities
2.0 – 2.9 ; mediocre, but with some saving graces
3.0 – 3.9 ; good, with noteworthy highs and lows
4.0 – 4.9 ; excellent, with minimal flaws
5 ; superior, and as near to perfection as the song/album can be

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  1. oho…how this person changed their opinions. now it’s their favorite band? i kinda doubt it, but anyways they couldn’t deny the epicness of superman ^^

  2. So, is this a form of opologyze about “Unfairly “Mr. Simple”‘s review incident”??? Hmmmm……

  3. He’s just downright getting on my nerves lol, I wish to see no more from him. Thanks but I think ELFs rate the album a lot more honestly than ONE person’s ‘opinion’. I mean I just read what he said about Mr. Simple and I honestly gotta say that we all know it’s not going to be to everyone’s liking and I could rant about him being unfair or whatsnot but I’m not going to waste my time. Lady Gaga and Rihanna spend their albums singing about sex and other cracktastic shite, but its the fans that keep them going. So ELFs gear up cuz it’s a tough road ahead for sure…

    SUPERMAN IS EFFING EPIC! lol (That about sums it up)

  4. Who cares man frick it’s just a review from some random that doesn’t even matter……positive or not.

  5. It is hard for me to believe about him/her being a suju fan but I definitely agree with the review. Superman is just so awesome and it is full of EPICness from the song itself to the lyrics. Listening to it gives me the goosebumps specially when they are singing it live and ELF are chanting the BAM part. It is just so…. WOW!

    And 4.7/5 from allkpop is definitely something,

  6. I think the author was traumatised by scoldings from elfs such tt his fav boy band is now Sj…I agree, It’s EPIC! Actually I’ve downloaded this song ever since they perform a small portion last year, I rmb it was so breathtaking!

  7. Hooo… this man change his mind!!! Bleh!!
    After bashing Mr. Simple album unfairly and bad mouthing Wookie and Donghae, it feels just like his sorry?
    Which I couldnt decide to believe it sincerity or not.. Is it just ass licking to SJ, since Siwon now are friend to 6thTheory CEO and bring more hits??
    But in bright not its great he know how awesome Superman is!! ^^
    The world should know it XD

    • Siwon friend with 6theory friend? Really?.. O.o

    So i came to the original article in AKP, how sad the the top rated comment are insult and hate comment to SJ and ELF..
    Lets not make it happen too long, burry those negative comment!
    HOW :
    Click like (love button) in every other positive comments, so they have more likes/loves than those hateful comment..
    Lets defense our boys in graceful manner. Show them ELF power!

    • I read that too. Some anti or bias reader complain and hate about 4.7 rating score. What make me a little sad that one of them said that SuperMan is primitive song. Hmm there is no medicine for a jealousy except a lie. But Supermen did great, and that is a fact

  9. I seriously can’t stand the hates in the article on akp.

  10. wow.. never expect this from allkpop

  11. I’m not surprised by the review. I liked Superman better than most of the songs on the Mr Simple album too. Was glad SM had the good sense to release it for ver B.

  12. A good and nice review of SJ by allkpop ? That was… unexpected.

  13. the score is so high. something smells fishy xD
    anyway, love the song so much and the review 8D

  14. wow this is kinda unexpected? good thing though

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