110907 Sungmin me2day Update

September 6, 2011 at 9:18 pm | Posted in Cyworld/Fancafe/UFO/Twitter, Sungmin, Wonderboys | 14 Comments

To Sungjin: Hoot!! Panic~ I got a Starcraft lesson from Master Kyu and Teacher Dongguri! ㅋㅋㅋ

Source: Sungmins Me2Day
Translation: Chinese: yaqian @ 
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  1. wowowowowowwow!!! KYUMIN rules!!!!!!!!

  2. Kekekeke. KYUMIN! he got a “lesson” from “master kyu”? Omg, been reading too many kyumin fanfics xD

  3. master kyu <– that's his nickname tonight? xD

    -too much fanfics for me u_u-

  4. haha! i want to start playing starcraft just to increase my chance that i’ll play with one of the boys hehehe ^^

  5. Don’t always be with him, oppa T^T
    #always jealous with any kyumin moments

  6. Don’t always be with him T^T
    # em always jealous with any kyumin moment

  7. lets playing starcraff as well ^^

  8. sungminnie is cute EVEN to his dongsaeng hehehe… and to receive starcraft lesson from master kyu n dongie? seriously how much free time do these dorks have 😉

  9. aaawww kyu taught min starcraft?! so sweet!!!!

  10. Lol… Sungmin ahhh…. At last your learning Starcraft….
    You said you are not good in any computer related things….
    KyuMin strikes again!!!!

  11. kyuminjin =’D
    i love you minnie for being sooooo cheerful these days , please stay this way ^^

  12. kyuminjin =’D
    i love the soooo cheerful minnie , stay this way oppa ^^

  13. Master Kyu XD I’m thinking kinky stuff right now

  14. MASTER KYU..i like it!!!

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