Idol Athletics Championships – Super Junior [Fancam] | Part 8 – From 110827

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110827 Idol Athletics Championships, SUJU | Compilation

Credit: gozzipgirlsxoxo @ YT
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  1. 0:17 : OMO someone is touching my minnie, gotta do something!
    0:20 : *thinking of a way to stop them*
    0:23 : minnie! Someone is calling, let’s go!
    0:24: : hey did u hear me?! someone is calling, let’s go, araso?!
    0:26: yeah! mission complete *wink*
    0:42 : *hmph! i’m going to ignore u minnie!*
    0:46 * having world war 3*
    0:50: *evil smile* *muahaha why am i so genius? now i know what to do to take revenge on u minnie!*
    1:00 : *arranging the strategy in his mind*
    1:12 : *okay im ready, looking at minnie, ahhhh why did u look away?! mission failed! * minnie: muahaha i know you would do that!
    1:18 : okay fine, i will think of another way!
    1:21 : BLINK! I got a new idea! hopefully it works!
    1:47 : talking to another person to make minnie jealous!
    1:50 : ahh minnie is looking at me with jealousy! mission passed!
    1:52 : minnie: who the hell is talking to my sweetheart?
    2:02 : smiling evilly, im going to deal with u later! just watch out!
    2:31 : OMO im so happy!
    2:35 : muahahaha call me a genius *wink*
    2:42 : someone asking : why is minnie sitting alone there?
    2:45 : I don’t know….*muahahahaha*
    2:54 : let’s see who can stay with this atmosphere longer
    3:08 : ahh im getting bored here, let’s find something to do
    3:22 : sungmin: ahhh….kyuhyunnie is talking to someone again!
    3:42: looks like minnie is not going to take any action huh?! fine, i will just go ><

    haha random…sorry…im really enjoying myself watching the last video of kyumin!

    • LOL thanks for the subs XDDD

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