110830 Strong Heart Compilation Post

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[ENG SUB] Strong Heart Part 2 – Ryeowook Talking About Kyuhyun – From 110830

Strong Heart Ep. 93 – Super Junior [ENG SUB] – From 110830


KyuMin Moments in Strong Heart – From 110830

110830 Strong Heart – Leeteuk Show The 24K Gold “Disk” Award from China ELF.

110830 Strong Heart – Yesung crying

110830 Strong Heart – Mr. Simple & Embarrassing Photo

110830 Strong Heart – Heechul Cuts

110830 Strong Heart – Super Junior – DL Link


Donghae & Leeteuk at Strong Heart [GIF] – From 110830

Sungmin at Strong Heart [GIF] – From 110830

110830 Strong Heart – Hyuk crying and Kyu hugging Leeteuk Cap [1P]

110830 Strong Heart – Eunhyuk crying at the end, Ryeowook hugs him Cap [1P]

110830 Strong Heart – The 24K Gold “Disk” Award – China ELF gave SJ after GDA [1P]

110830 Strong Heart – Super Junior [1Cap]

110830 Strong Heart – Yesung Baby Photo [1Cap]

110830 Strong Heart Episode 93 with Super Junior [25Caps]


110831 Donghae Twitter Update: I love you Super Junior


110831 ‘Strong Heart’ Donghae, “Leeteuk said that he was going to fight, but went to the sauna instead.”

110831 ‘Strong Heart’ Sungmin, “It’s harder for me to get close with men than women.”

110831 Yesung “There were times when I stayed away from my strict father..”

110831 Eunhyuk, The last show before Kim Heechul enlists, ends up showing tears

110831 Super Junior talks about its future as Kim Heechul leaves for the army

110831 On Strong Heart, Super Junior’s members shed tears over Heechul who is about to enter the army

110831 Super Junior’s Eunhyuk sheds tears for Heechul on “Strong Heart”


110831 Suju Kyuhyun, “It was hard because of Leeteuk.”

110830 Strong Heart – Donghae Being Bully

110830 Super Junior’s Yesung makes a tearful confession about his father on ‘Strong Heart’

110831 Super Junior members expose Leeteuk’s ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ personality

110831 Strong Heart Trans: Super Junior Donghae revealed ‘I was attacked before debut, but no help from Leeteuk’

110831 Super Junior’s Kyuhyun reveals stories of his hardships during his early debut days

110831 Super Junior’s Heechul sheds tears two days before enlistment

110831 Leeteuk reveals that Super Junior was supposed to disband after3 months

110831 Super Junior revealed their ‘awkward member relationship’, “still awkward?!

110831 Super Junior’s Kyuhyun says, “He was being mean to me”


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