Sup3rjunior 5th Jibs ~!!! Order Received | Part 2 [11P]

August 27, 2011 at 11:11 pm | Posted in 5th Album, Albums, ELF, Mod Post/Compilation Posts, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 44 Comments

☆ sup3rjunior 5th jib giveaways \(^__^)/

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Credit: uksujusid at

I got like 10 Teukkies ZOMG..

^^ CLEARLY I am keeping myself the Donghae one ;D


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  1. OMO, so much leeteuk one!! 10 covers of him o.o’
    and others like 3 etc ><

  2. inside of donghae’s is pretty!!!

    they’re all so pretty *_*

    seeing them makes me so excited and happy hahaha.

    idk how you’re parents haven’t seen all of these lol!!!! sid is a secret ninja.

    • lmao.. SECRET ninja is actually one of my nicknames!! I’ve hid them all under my bed (I have these compartments you see! xD)

      • omg really?!! hahaha!! it suits you then!!! XD

        oohhh i know what you are talking about! clever! those are nice to have! i have some compartments in my headboard hahaha. they fold down, etc.

  3. Gosh i want one
    i envy u you are surrounded by all this precious albums

  4. have u got any extra?? i want to have it but just dunno where to buy it..since i don’t use credit card, i couldn’t but via online..


      • or KPOPTOWN.COM [w/ paypal!]

  5. omg *-* they look so awesome :DD

  6. Hi! Erm can anyone post pictures of the inside of each album, so some of us that don’t know watz inside will know wat it looks like inside, pretty pleaseeee :3 ~~

  7. I knew there was more of leeteuk’s cover coz from the box I could notice the cover color XD

  8. So pretty all the covers! There are so many Teukies! Inside Donghae is so cool! I would like to see the others too… When the winners get them, they should upload photos of them (: So we can see them all xD

  9. wow! so many teukie teukie leeteuk xD

  10. So much Teukie ( why am I not surprised ? XD )
    I agree with you, if it was me, I would keep ALL the Donghae cover (no, I’m joking… but still) ♥

  11. Wow. You are so lucky to be surrounded by all those beautiful beautiful albums lol xD

  12. i envy u cause u’re surrounded with all these albums !! i wish i could have Hae’s album !! and can u please show us what inside the albums?? (more than the last 2 photos) 😀

  13. How much is each album?? I want to buy one and where can i buy it?

  14. ah. i like donghae’s one. haha. i got yesung’s one and inside is quite plain >.<
    i prefer donghae's cd colour too. haha!

  15. eer.. where’s the ones of shindong? i hope you ordered some of his as well =S just to be fair and all

  16. are the insides different per cover too???

  17. 3 of kyu’s only?!!!!! >< haha SID u deserved donghae's one definitely!

  18. i want the calendar! does it come with the CD??

  19. Ahh I want the YESUNG one sooooo much and I have NO idea how to get it 😦

  20. Gimme one~~ Donghae or Heenim 😀

  21. Kyaaaaaaaahh!! Awesomeness… *fainted*

  22. kyaaaahhhh… Awesome!! *fainted*

  23. ohmy! so pretty! 😀 and colourful! like rainbow! ♥ I wanttttttttttt 😀

  24. A weird question, but do they sell SJ albums (so this album especially) in China? xd

  25. waaa. i really want a Kyuhyun or Heechul cover. >_<
    i hope i can win in one of your contests Sid-unnie.

  26. Wooow that’s really cool!!! love Heechul’s cover 🙂

  27. Yes, I like the idea that there are so many Jungsu´s ^^

  28. wow! looks SO awesome! sadly i can’t buy it T_T
    and really.. why they didn’t include Shindong? in 35th albums!! but oh well.. MORE OF LEADER! XD

  29. Omg, every time I see these, my heart starts beating faster… Stop spazzing, heart, I don’t want to have issues later! Dx

  30. I have Shindong version! ^^
    Here’s what the inside of my album looks like ~

  31. OMG I just got my 5th jib. I purchased the random cover and for some reason i knew it was going to be teukie the inside pic is a CHAIR!!! The one hes sitting one, but i love the poster it is freakin huge. I love the photocards aswell they are bigger then i thought. When i got the post i told my dad not to open it just in case it was siwon naked lolz my parents would have freaked out. XxxxxxX


  33. I really want to be in the giveaway on 29 May. I’m craving one of this! I can’t order because I don’t have any chance to order it. And only you can help me.
    Btw, you only get 3 versions with Donghae?

  34. OMG. You are rich XD

  35. Wow.. I hope I have a change to win the DongHae’s DVD.. Because I’m an ELFish and I still don’t have it yet.. 😦
    You are so lucky sid

    • I mean DongHae’s version

  36. Woow daebak \o/

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