Sup3rjunior 5th Jibs ~!!! Order Received [13P]

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☆ sup3rjunior 5th jib giveaways \(^__^)/

all for the giveaway ~~! I shall take more pictures, waakaka I was rushed by my authors! *Cough starkarz Cough Renee*
I haven’t even taken pictures of the posters yet! Also the last image, is a picture of the photos you get with the album.. hmm I haven’t even uploaded any.. One thing I am really disappointed about is that out of the 35 5th jibs I didn’t even get one Shindong one!! 😦

Credit: uksujusid at


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  1. whoaaaaa daebak yaaaa

  2. woooow congrat

  3. eunhyuk!!!!
    omg…so handsome = 3=

  4. Wats the second to last pic about? are those paper??

    • photos you get with the album.. ;D

      • thats cool!!! im sorry about shindong’s cover, i actly really like his…

  5. wooooooow it’s great to have all of these around u :p

  6. Nice!!!

  7. awesum! ♥ Donghae coverrr!!! but i’m still more than happy with my teukkie cover^^

  8. I want it!!
    Please give me one sid 😀

  9. :O pretty! they look so big! you probably have all ten covers right now ><

    • Yes right ah unnie said she doesn’t have shindong one 😦

      • ): i just refreshed the page and saw the comment. DANG! what were the chances of not getting shindong… it makes me sad. poor shindonggie

  10. wow.. there is all covers 😀
    haha, my dream to have it all lol..

  11. Must be heavy how did you take up haha x3
    Hyuk only 1? ;__; AHHH

  12. Wow, so many…It’s good that you can choose the one you want ^^
    Now you’ll have to choose the winner of the different giveaway, good luck ~♥

  13. Sid, was this sent to your home? i wonder what your family say when they saw siwon picture. kekekeke. I want donghae~~~~~

    • haha it’s hidden from my parents O_O

      • You should confess to them on Eid morning that you have 10 boys living with you all this while inside your room.

  14. What giveaway? Sorry, I’m new here..

    • those 35 jibs will be give away with competitionss.. ^^ .

  15. owh god,,
    i want donghae, hyuk and yesungie >.<
    how the price it's ??

  16. Wowwwww…looks like heaven on earth 🙂 I wished mine were either Hyukjae or Donghae, but I got Teukie.. but it is okay, I am still happy 🙂

  17. OMG! OMG! waaaaa!!!
    I want the Kyuhyun or Heechul cover!!! >_<

  18. looks so awesome~ i really wish i could find a pot of gold now so i could get a copy and help the boys >,<

  19. I want one!! q.q give me one, please?

  20. I really want one!!!


  22. I wish I could have one.. 😦 When will you announce the winner for 3rd Competition? I love the mini cards ~!!

  23. hah? is there any photo cards inside the album?
    i brought it, but i didn’t get any . i just got a poster and 10 pics as big as its cover~

  24. how can i get that???
    what should i do???
    where can i buy it???
    i’m in malaysia….
    i want donghae cover badly…

  25. haha obviously you were tearing the paper box excitedly…kyu’s cover!!!!! How i wish my dad would allow me to buy it online! >.<

  26. And I got Shindong twice! (DvdHeaven….) I really want Donghae or Siwon! ;(

  27. i want one 😥

  28. So cool~~

  29. wow!! large shipment! they look so nice! i didn’t realize they came with so many different things too. must be hard to keep organized~~

    i wish they were sold in stores here 😦 and i didn’t live so dang far from asia.

  30. they are so beautiful! XD

  31. Wow. You must’ve been so happy when you got the package and opened it up.

  32. Really congratulation .. I’m really happy for you .. 🙂 ..

  33. woahhhh…u made it…XD

  34. WOW! I hope I will win one of it :’)

  35. WA!! i want one too.. esp donghae’s or sungmin’s or eunhyuk…

  36. Woooooow! That is awesome!!!!! xD

  37. Wow this is really cool ,,,,,,,congratulation

  38. omg.. i also wan to have my hand on d album asap!!!

  39. They look even great on this photos! It sure are crazy to have in your own hands kk To bad that you didn’t got any Shindong… I wish I could have all! You are going to keep Donghae’s right? hahaha 🙂 Thanks for making this happen, I know all ELF that get theirs with this giveaway will be really happy and thenkfull to you

  40. how can i get all this in malaysia ??
    really want some ..

  41. OMG OMG OMG OMG i want all! kkk

    • U r right lolzzz

  42. I want one toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


    aja mr simple

  43. Whoaaaaa :O Awesome!!

  44. I want one Teukie!!

  45. they are freaking awesome!!! O_O
    but I think they didn’t do much versions of shindong on purpose….thats just sad. T_T

  46. YAY finally!! omg this is awesome!!!!!!! xD

  47. Oh my holy.

  48. ohhhh can’t wait to have mine too 😛

  49. so there is a cover with all of them?? i didn’t know that..

  50. I would like to have all the covers~! XD

  51. i spot at least 3 kyuhyun albums xDDD

  52. LOOKS COOL ALL IN ONE! lucky people! ^^

  53. How did you order? I want to order albums to. at least one per member.
    Does it have free posters and photos in every album?

  54. How did you order? I want to order albums to. at least one per member.
    Does it have free posters and photos in every album?

    Is it expensive?? Im still a student and if i buy all 10 covers, I don’t know what i will eat for the next years. hahahahahah

  55. ooh i can’t understand anything can u tell me plzz i’m new here !!!^^
    and how did you order i want to order album

  56. Uwaaaaaaaaaahhh! Daebak >.< i really want one. I haven't received the one I ordered and it was like sooooo long ago! Can't wait to hold them arrrrrrrrrrrr! I wouldn't mind who the cover will be. As long as its still my Super Junior 😀 cheeeeebaaaaaaaaal.

  57. I WANT ONE OF EACH!!! i really wish that i live in korea!!!

  58. SM are you willing to take in someone who has the talent of loving super junior?

  59. Wow, daebak.. I already enter for eunhyuk but i don’t think i can win.. But seeubg this really amazing..

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