110827 Idol Athletics Championships, SUJU | Part 4 [19P]

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I like how we missed.. Part 4 haha

110827 Idol Athletics Championships, SUJU | Compilation

All images Reupload & Posted by: uksujusid (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

Credit: 朴海希_海朵 | Shared by. Blue★Princez @ SJ-WORLD.NET

Credit: parkhaehee | Shared by limfei @ sj-world.net

Credit: 阿呆呆_MrSimple | Shared by. limfei @ sj-world.net

Credit: loveinvain-默默 

Credit: 蛇蝎Line 


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  1. who is that guy with the weird hair? lmao XDD

    • that one is Boom.the president of boom academy in Strong heart

    • its boom… very funny,,, O_o

    • I think he is Boom

  2. haha hyukkie in the 2nd pic!!! ahhh yesung is talking in the phone like a CEO!!!!

    • i know right.. being a CEO fits Yesung

  3. kyu’s calf muscle!!!

  4. yesung seems like Jino, rite?

  5. cool pcis!! yesung hair! hehe 🙂 thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Woow they are working really hard …

  7. i love Yesungie’s outfit that day! He looks so mature and looks like a CEO. With the hair and the suit, perfect!! 😀 kekeke.

  8. Heechul’s last photo looks like a freaking photoshoot ❤
    Anyways, why is Heechul & Yesung not joining the race? 😦

  9. Lol @ hyukkie’s hair inthe 2nd pic

    • Yeah!!

      • Awwwriiight!!!

  10. wow..yesung looks like BOSS !
    the boss came to support the boys


  11. Yesung looks very hot and mature in suit 😀

  12. these pictures are priceless esp Heenim… I’ll treasure these while missing him

  13. y is yesungie there!
    i like it tt almost everyone is there!!

  14. nice pic. thanks for sharing.. I like chul clothes.. 😀

  15. Lol at Yesung & Heenim’s photo shoot at a sports day! never imagine Heechul would go to a sports day. Unimaginable..and Unbelievable

  16. lol…hyukkie n boom!!
    jungsoo oppa..i feel like jumping on u!! xP
    omo! do i see eunsung couple holding hands!!? hyukkie has been flirting all over the place! Donghaee!! get better soon so u can control ur hubby! XP

    • haha! Hyukie flirtin’ away just with anybody he could get his hands with.. aisssh!!! Donghae better hurry in gettng better, you have to control your woman!!!!

  17. WHAf@ck?! Yesung gets hotter like every minute…I remember when he was just a dorky, shy turtle-loving baby! He looks so suave now…not sure if I’m happy. Boom-oppa needs a sandwich NOW…samgyupsal…sandwich…anything.

  18. Yesung looked like someone’s father here xD So nice dressed hahaha

  19. The pics of Teukie laying down are so cute!! 😀 they’re bruises on his legs though ): i hope he can rest a bit…

  20. lol yesung at the phone like a ceo so true xD and the one before is funny too
    Heechul with his flowers lol I want their ice cream lol

  21. Heechul’s petal:)

  22. i think yesung has wrist problem after dream team, so he has to take a rest because that. and you know heechul is “so hate sport because sweat” xD. they came just because for support their members *so sweet.
    yesung is freakin’ handsome,,love it!

    • it’s spinal injury that Yeye got… the wrist problem is Ming’s.

  23. BOOM IS THERE!!!!!!! YEAH~~~~~~~~ ♥

  24. hyukjae’s headband matches his shirt colour, so cute ^^
    i love how yesung and heechul went to support the other members and other idols even if they didn’t participate 🙂

  25. i love the pics.. Heenim so gorgeous.. Teukie so cute with fan and umbrella. Hyukie so dashing.. ah.. made my day!!!!❤

  26. kyu looks so relaxed going over the hurdles…
    but omo! his muscle ❤

  27. Look at the last pictures. Yesung is like business man with his phone.
    He is so handsome 🙂

  28. my yesung, why are u in the field so dressed up? LOL

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