110827 Idol Athletics Championships, SUJU [41P]

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All images Reupload & Posted by: uksujusid (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

Credit: JustGyuhyun

Credit: jessie81111 @ Weibo

Credit: iriskyu

Credit: iSungmin

Credit: @SJMthanks

Credit: @Frappe051106 

Credit: @Daksu20 

^^ awww he’s handing out water to ELF.. such a sweet leader ;D

^^ also according to @MinBunny: Sungmin didn’t even finish running… he ran back to help someone who fell.

Credit: @huy_m 

^^ isn’t he supposed to be dressed up in athletics gear?! xD

Credit: @showsu

Credit: @Draculza 



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  1. ahhh teukie is just so sweet!!!!!

  2. sungmin ran back to help someone who fell? what a sweetie!

  3. Sungmin is soo nice ..

  4. Teukie looks so adorable under that umbrella <333 awww leaderrrrr, i love you!

  5. I miss the umbrella thing!! (^_^)
    Teukie your the sweetest leader ever!!

  6. LOL at the photo with Shindong and the umbrella xD

  7. minnie 😀

  8. Why Sungmin wear glasses? Yesterday He wore it.

    • i think i read some fan acct that Sungmin has a sty~that’s why ^^

  9. someone is lost among the SHINee boys again.

  10. they look soo cute sungmin and teuki ah and they blame me for loving you

    btw taemin look different when i saw him i was like who is this and freaked out when i read shinee taemin on his shirt

  11. teuk is so so so cute! he looks like a baby in the pic that he’s lying down on his stomach!! i’m smiling like a crazy person!

  12. Does anyone know when this will air?

    • after the Chuseok holiday, i guess..around the 3rd-4th wk of september, i think 😀

  13. i more love them,they really a perfect of king of hallyu……i hope they group win agin this time like last year……

  14. Sungmin is so nice :3 and he looks so cool running wearing shades keke

  15. who the girls in ther group..it is dana n sunday????

  16. SuperMing to the rescue!!!!

  17. ^^ Minnie is so nice 😀

  18. Omg! Hyukkie!!
    Can’t wait to watch this!

  19. sungmin on the 5th picture looking at the umbrella

  20. I spot Boomie between Hyuk and Sindong.. isn’t he? (0.0)

  21. random.. lol at boom’s hair XD

  22. OMG! Leeteuk looks soo cute >,<
    How can he be 28 years old???!!!

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