110827 Idol Athletics Championships – Yesung [4P]

August 27, 2011 at 10:04 am | Posted in Events/Concerts/Perfs., Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys, Yesung | 23 Comments

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Reupload & Posted by: supergirlRain (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

Credit: @nkh0625

Credit: @salaang


Credit: @Frappe051106


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  1. WOAH! Yesung looks like a CEO coming to his son’s athletic’s meet or something :O

    • i’m agree….yespa looks like director….his new hairstyle make him looks sexy n macho namja…….

    • i thought the same! lol

  2. I have to get used of yesungie’s new hair ㅋㅋㅋ 😀

  3. OMG Yesung like boss XD

  4. cute Yesung 😀

  5. oh he went there too?!!! ahhh how sweet of the boys!

  6. he looks like MBLAQ G.O
    great new hairstyle..
    but why he didn’t join with the other?

    • i think his spinal injury made him couldn’t participate. it might got better already but he won’t take a risk, even in Suju performs lately i saw him restrained himself a bit on hip movements.

    • OMONA…You noticed that too??

  7. my favourite pink hem and my favourite (new) hair.
    he looked so confident like a boss.

  8. New hairstyle and pink shirt, Yesung looks so different ^^
    He remind me of G.O and a little bit of Jang Geun Suk XD

    • Yeah..Same here..!

  9. hahahaha so pimp xD

  10. lol CEO Yesung ^^

  11. Omo omo omo His Hair hahahahaha Kim sangjanim is come XDDDD ,

  12. I just discovered JGS and GO’s long lost brother

    • G.O. & Yesunggie are a bit resembling each other..Not only the face but also the voice

  13. Lol, he looks like a boss. I’m really liking his new hairstyle

  14. I didnt like the new hair style when I first saw it… but seeing him all dressed up at this athletics thing… wooo, love it! ^^

  15. lol even shinee jonghyun didn’t recognize him at first
    yesung is one of the few people that look hot in pink
    wonder y he is in a suit

    He’s gorgeous but I’m a bit shocked, lol xD
    So handsome ❤

  17. ..ya right!!!..yesung oppa looks like jang geun suk…i don’t like his new hairsytle..it is better if his hairstyle remain just like what in mr. simple because he look so cute in that kind of hairstyle…


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