Super Junior 5th album’s explosive popularity, may continue the 63-week unbeaten run of “Miinah” – From 110823

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Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usSuper Junior’s 5th full-lengthed official album 《Mr.Simple》 has sailed to the top of the Taiwanese music charts, confirming their status as Asia’s super group.

Super Junior’s 5th album title song 《Mr.Simple》 has successfully occupied the top position on Taiwan’s largest online music site KKBOX’s Korean/Japanese Music TOP100 charts. Following their first place win on the daily charts, they have ascended to the champion’s throne on the weekly charts [14th August – 20th August] as well, once again allowing everyone to witness the fervent enthusiasm of the Taiwanese fans for Super Junior.

Previously, the title song of Super Junior’s 4th album 《Miinah》 had occupied the top position on the charts for 63 consecutive weeks, beginning from the first week of June last year until August this year. They have also become the longest-running champions on the KKBOX charts. 《Mr.Simple》 will also extend Super Junior’s mythical unbeaten run following the 《Miinah》 and 《SORRY SORRY》 fever.

According to reports, even before Super Junior’s new album was officially sold in music stores in Taiwan, they have already occupied the champion position on the album sales charts for the Japanese/Korean music of the renowned Taiwanese music retail shop FIVE MUSIC for two consecutive weeks (5th August to 18th August) based on their export volume alone. Super Junior’s 5th full-lengthed album will be officially released in the Taiwanese market beginning 2nd September.

On another hand, Super Junior has also conquered various major music charts in Korea with 《Mr.Simple》, and has occupied the top position for 3 consecutive weeks. Aside from that, they have also sailed to the top of music programmes such as Music Bank and M!Countdown, creating a huge wave in the music scene.

Source: Korea Star Daily
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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  1. yessssssssss, only super junior can make a new record!

  2. Yes !!! Tehy can do it again !!!
    Let’s break their own record !!

  3. i love Taiwan you are great am Saudian though
    its ok if mr. simple didn’t be the first

  4. all their hard work have been paid off 🙂

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