Strong Heart Ep. 92 – SJ Special [ENG SUB] – From 110823

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Youtube Links: Part 1 . Part 2 . Part 3 . Part 4 . Part 5 . Part 6

^^ SBS has only blocked this video in some countries..
If you cannot see them go HERE..

Facebook Links : Part 1 . Part 2 . Part 3 . Part 4 . Part 5 . Part 6

Download Links.001 | .002 | .003 | .004 | .005 | .006

Join files with hjsplit

again SUPER THANK to Jee & reneee it took her 10hours to sub!! So be greatful! – uksujusid

Translated by: Jee (
Subbed & Reupload by: reneee (




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  1. i’ll be patient….thank you …^^

  2. thanx a lot!!! XD

  3. Yess. Thankyu sooo.

  4. wow thank you very much 😀

  5. oooh.. no streaming link for this show??? -____- anyway thanks for subbing.. I’ll be waiting patiently for the rest part ^^,

  6. oh thank u so much ^^ .
    i’ll be waiting for the other one ^^

  7. can i have the subtitle only? cus i downloaded the raw and my internet is sickening to redownload the whole show with eng sub..
    I promise that the sub wont be spread around cause im only taking it for myself to view.
    Please and thanks for the sub !

    • same here… can i also have the srt file?i have the whole vid already =)

      • awww i have the same request too because i’ve downloaded the whole show already.. i swear i’ll keep it just for myself.. but if you can’t, it’s okay too, I understand 🙂

        Really appreciate you guys for subbing this!

        • same here!!!! I’ve found the srt file but they uploaded it not for free, we have to pay before download it T-T

      • ‘same here… can i also have the srt file?i have the whole vid already ‘
        and my internet is soo bad right now 😦

        • same here.. 🙂
          if you could, like email it to me. or something. TQ

          • If you don’t mind, please email or post soft sub coz I have the full show already. Thanks so much before.

    • same here for me too…actually i’d downloaded the raw and also chi subbed..but chi subbed the last part was blocked…and i couldnt download to watch…i promise it is only for my personal watching…^^ thanks…

      • IYA AKU MINTA SUBTITLENYA JUGA :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  8. Wow… that was fast. Thanks a lotttttt…:)

  9. OMO!!! Thank you!!!

  10. thanks u very much 😡
    luve u ❤

  11. you’re sooooo DAEBAK!! thank youu.. i’ll wait for the rest patiently.. 🙂

  12. thank you! salamat!

  13. i’ll give u a time to take a breath before u subb the french from me(I’m a bout to finish it)..RENEE n JEE you guys are JJANG!!

  14. Thanks so much! We really appreciate your effort!

  15. Thanks! Can u stream it at Vimeo? or facebook? Thanks!!

  16. Thank you so very much!!! I can’t wait to see uri oppas on strong heart. ❤

  17. Wow, thank you very much! ♥
    You are the best, you made my day! 😀
    Thank you very much! ♥♥♥

  18. OMG! Sup3rjunior subbing team jjang! thank you so much! 😀 I’ll wait patiently.. 😀

  19. thankssss!!!! ♥♥

  20. can you upload the sub file ?????
    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee ….
    chebal …
    we cant download too much in our country … its forbidden …
    i download the show without sub and now i cant download it again …
    please unni … please …

    • which country are you from? I think you can’t ask for sub file, because this is about appreciating their hardwork things ^^. But maybe you can ask for transkript only (not sub file)

      • Iran …
        it always make me cry …
        poor persian ELFs …

  21. too fast!!!!tq honey..

  22. Yay! Thanks… really appreciate the effort… ❤ *waits patiently for the rest*

  23. thank you so much! :3

  24. thank you, terima kasih… millions billions thanks

  25. OMG! Thank you so much for subbing this! And so fast! You are really awesome 🙂 Thank you!!!

  26. thank you for subbing it,,, i really love you guys!! daebakkk

  27. Thanks thanks !!!

  28. Loveeeeeee you guys ❤ Thank you so much!!

  29. Thanx a lot.. I’ll wait for the complete Engsub.. ^^

  30. in which programe do i have to watch it?? i’ve downloaded it but it doesn’t work….

    • you need all parts to watch it. after you have all parts you need to join it with hjsplit and you can watch it with any media player

      • Aha! thanks a lot!! 🙂

        • Hi..why cant i see any link to download??

          • same here..nope,what i mean is i always use internet download manager..but,the link isn`t shown for this video..i had refresh it many times..or is it just me?all of you can download it?i mean facebook version..

            • copy the link to then u can download it already ^^ good luck!

              • I used keepvid but not working in my country. Just waiting for fb link part 5 and 6 TT___TT

              • oh thankyu

  31. uwaaahhh..
    daebak 🙂
    thankyu so much, so fast ..

    wait for complete engsub..
    fighting ^^

  32. [sarcastic] can’t u be faster??

    thankyu~ XD

  33. wooooww.. i didnt now that youre subbing team so fast like this……. thx u 😀
    big hug for u all XDD

  34. xie xie! Kamsahamida! Thank you!

  35. OMIGOSHH!!!
    really dunno how to properly appreciate this EPIC work except sayin thanks a lotta mucho bunches!! jinjja manhi gomawoo~~~

  36. thankssssssss 😀 really! love you!

  37. thaaaaaaaankkksssssss 🙂

  38. Wow haha thanks alot! I can’t wait. 🙂

  39. that a lot for your hard work .. you are the best team …

  40. wow thank you very much 😀

  41. my.. one ‘thank you’ would not be enough for all your hard work. i know it mustn’t have been easy to sub & time so quickly.. you guys (girls?) are making our days 🙂
    thank you very very very much! we appreciate it XD

    thank you thank you thank you!

  42. Wowwww! Daebak!!!!! Thank you sooooooooooooo much for your hardwirk ^____________________^

  43. yeay…thank you so much……

  44. best blog ever,, ur authors are amazing,, thank you sid and the team,, will give another comment after i watch it,,

  45. thank you very much >Terimakasih<

  46. thank you so mu~uch..
    i’ll be waiting until last part..

  47. omg you guys are so fasttt!! thank u so much! you guys are the best. owh how i wish i could buy you guys a house or something to show how grateful i am. thank you!! god bless y’all 😀

  48. good job! thanks a lot…u guys are the best!!!

  49. thank you so much! ^^. you put a lot of effort just to share this. Thank you very much! ^^.

  50. kyaaa, thank u very much! Sup3rjunior team jjang!

  51. I could only download till part 2 only..can anyone who has download, upload again and email me?..please I really wanna watch email

    • in the note it is said that they’re still busy uploading and that we had to wait till later today for all parts

      • owh ic..sorry didn’t read it clearly.. I was really nervous..and afraid..owh really thank you!..does it means that they’ll gonna update it around 10 like the note said?

  52. thank you so much!! i love you guys!

  53. Thank you so so much! 😀
    Don’t worry, take your time to upload it, we’re patient (:

  54. I knew you’d come back, subbing team ! Thanks ! But, could you please upload it to a streaming site, too ? Please ?

  55. thanks so much

  56. waaa ^^ really love it..
    Thanks to the subbing team..
    Cant wait for all the parts to be uploaded..
    Thanks again

  57. can’t say it with words how thankful I am and of course others do.. thank you thank you thank youuuuuuu

  58. please upload it to streaming site..the video size is too big to download

  59. thanks for subbing

  60. This is really fast!!! Thankyou so much for subbing this!! It must be very hard~ I really appreciate all your hardwork!
    I’ve been waiting for this!! :))
    Thankyou again~ WE LOVE YOU!! ♥♥♥

  61. Gomawo !! 😀

  62. aaahhh thank u so much ..
    you’re so great ..
    i will wait until finish ..
    thank u thank u 🙂
    fightinnggg 😀

  63. Daebak !! thank you so much ^^ as always you rock !
    I LOVE YOU ^^O^^

    we’ll wait for the other parts.
    I love you!

  65. thank you. really appreciate it! =)

  66. OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH <33 IT'S SO FUNNY (the parts that were uploaded so far), CHOI MIN SOO IS HILARIOUS!!! I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO THE REST. Take your time. We all appreciate your hard team work!!!

  67. tQ!! 😀

  68. wow so fast!thank you ^^

  69. Thank you. Finally sup3rjunior subbing team come back. I should go to internet cafe tomorrow for faster download. Aaaahhhhh i will have a sweet dream tonight. Gidarilkeeeee

  70. I ❤ U

  71. thank you very much for this.will be waiting for all download links patiently♥

  72. you are the best….thank u so muchhh (>.<)


  74. thank you so much love you so much ♥

  75. Thank a lot for download link 🙂

  76. thank you for the sub

  77. wow ! thank you very very much! im really waiting for the eng subs.. gonna wait for parts 3-6 too 🙂 thank u!

  78. OMG i really really love you subteam….. chinca chinca kumawoyoo…. 🙂

  79. thank you for your hard work….you’re really fast…^^

  80. I can’t open them 😥

  81. thank you you very much for the sub……… GOD BLESS U ALL! (superjunior subbing team).

  82. Thank you very much!
    But I can’t open the files. I can’t watch avi. documents 😦

    • you need to download all part and join with HJsplit. ( they gave HJsplit’s link too. ) after you joined that you will get video file. ^^

  83. thank you so so so so much
    it’s ok not to upload it on streaming site, i’m afraid it would be blocked

  84. for those who said that they can’t open it, you have to download hjsplit first.and then join the files. 🙂 it’s already been mentioned above.

  85. thank you very much. this is faster .

  86. Thank you much !

  87. Thank you sooo much! ^^

  88. Thank you ❤

  89. hey thanks!
    if you wanna upload to youtube, try not to list it.
    maybe then it wont be discovered by the broadcasting companies.
    some dramas are unlisted and are never discovered.
    but not for long till someone spreads it.
    so yeah.


  91. Thank you tri tri trillion times for uploading the eng subbed one.
    It means alot to me since SBS blocked the videos on youtube, Hasn’t been watching since it aired 2 days ago. Thank you again. Your hard work are much appreciated

  92. That’s really fast, thanks for subteam’s hard work ^^ I will watch well

  93. Thank you so much 😀

  94. I hope you guys could upload them on streaming web like YT. I’ll wait patiently 😀
    before, I would like to thank your hard work on this. THANK YOU o^^o

  95. thank you very much for sharing~!..u guys really awesome~!!!!! =)

  96. i can download it but can’t open the file…can someone help me????????????????or maybe can please link it to other format…youtube maybe

  97. I’ve download it all but why do I cant play it???? TTTTTTT

    • You’ll need to join the 6 files with HJsplit. The link is posted above! Just download HJsplit and then use it to join all six files and you’ll be able to watch it as a whole 🙂

    • download HJSplit …. u can use it to join all the part

  98. thank you so so much, finally found this web.. bookmark!
    thanks again !

  99. i cant play it!!!!! any idea how i cant play it?

    • join with hjsplit

  100. woah, thanks a lot chingu!!! Good Job all!! You all are the best.

  101. Thanks for the dl. streaming site have been really cracking down lately…so many links for previous shows broken due to accounts closed.

  102. thank you ^^

  103. thanks so much for sharing this 🙂
    love ya ❤

  104. Oh, you’re an angel to sub it and consider streaming it. Youtube blocks SBS materials, so I don’t know if that’s the best choice. Unless you know a way to avoid their sharp “eyes”. Take your time to upload it, I’m so happy as it is. 😀 Thanks !

  105. cant you stream it at vimeo/fb/YT..coz i cant download it..anyway..jinjja gomawo for the really fast subs..^^


  107. thank you!

  108. I can only watch part one? D:


    • they upload the rest !! so u can watch it now =)

    • you need to JOIN the files with hjsplit. please read the instructions

  110. Hot show
    Thanks so much.

  111. Thank you so much!!!!!! ❤

  112. Thank you girls!!!

  113. I LOVE U GUYS SO MUCH ^_^
    thank u for subbing & your hard work ~ really appreciate it 😀
    will wait for part 6 ~

  114. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

  115. Thank u for subbing the videos ❤
    komawooo !! =D

  116. And this is why we can’t have nice things….. ” Unfortunately their are always some rule breakers, who tend to reupload the videos, even when we clearly state they should not be reuploaded.”

  117. Ah, the nerve of some people.. claiming another’s hard work as theirs.. but thank you, I shall wait for part 6 ^^

  118. woooww……
    thank you very much…..^.^

  119. thanks a lot… nomu2 johahaeyo!! u r so daebak!!

  120. thank you,^^

  121. can you upload tonight??????please….

  122. Can u guys post a tutorial on how to use hjsplit ? so sorry i know its too much to ask . thanks for subbing !! daebak . gomawo

    • 1. if u already have hjsplit just open it
      2. u will see “split”, “compare”, and others include “join”
      3. klik “join”
      4. klik “input file”
      5. search file download {} 110823 SH SJ Special [ENG].avi.001……
      6. klik “start”
      7. just wait till complete

    • Eunice,

      After downloading the file from link above, open the program. You will see a table with like 6 buttons under the HJSplit logo. Press the JOIN button. Then, a new window will come up that says “File Join”. Click on the “Input File” and then select the first part (with ending as 001). Note that if the rest of the 001-006 part files are in the same directory, the program will automatically find them all.

      Then just click “Start”. Hope this helps!

      • sorry could u guys help me? i already join those six part, but all i could wacth just the part 1? thanks…

  123. Thanks u so much ^^

  124. thank you so much…

  125. thank kyu very kamsa…cant wait!!

    very appreciate your hardwork..(T_T)

  126. Thank you!!!!!! We appreciate you guys!!!!!!!

  127. we wait for that. thank so much.. ^^

  128. Thanks for the subbing. You guys are awesome !

  129. thank you so much! this is hugely appreciated!! not just by ELFs but i’m ure the members themselves! ^^ thank u!!!

  130. Yes, I’ll patiently wait too. Thank you so Jee & Reneee for helping international fans to understand the contents more. Really appreciate your effort…Thank you.

  131. Thank you for giving us these links. 10 hours is no joke whatsoever, a lovely gift by you 🙂 Question though, do we need all six parts in order to join them AND have the video work? I tried it with the first five parts, but it didn’t play the video after it joined.

    • yes, you need all 6 parts to make the video work…
      some media player can play the part 1 though if you erase the extension .001 🙂

  132. THANK YOU SO MUCH Jee & reneee I know how much 10 hours is!!! THANKS!!!

  133. eewww.. some spoilers!!~
    i would like to download them and keep them..

  134. Well, thanks a lot! I’ll be waiting ^^

  135. Sub for 10 hrs ~

    I will wait …….

    thx for the efforts

  136. are the links being removed? because i can’t find anything to download..
    btw thanks for all the hardworks!!~

    • me too =(

  137. am i the only one who can’t see even one link? TT______________TT

    • btw thanks a lot to you guys! it’s SUPER FAST!!! XD

  138. nawwwww~! I was downloading up to part 4 and now the links are gone 😦 guess i’ll have to wait patiently. beggars can’t be choosers. thanks so much renee and jes!! 😀

  139. thank you. but if you upload it in youtube, maybe sbs will blocked it

  140. thank you for streaming it ! the download is so slow for me TT i will wait patiently !
    and again thank you for your fast and hard work ^^

  141. great work!!!

  142. thank for subbing this…all of elf must be super grateful toward u guys…=] sup3rjunior subbing team jjang…<3<3 hope u guys will subbing other show too…

  143. thank you~~
    i’m crying of happiness here..
    finally i can watch them..
    so,it’s okay take you time..

  144. is the link remove? b’caz I can any link here?

    • sorry, typo error. is the link remove? b’caz I can’t see any link here.

      • Hi! thank you for the sub but i have the same problem i can’t see the links TT

        • same here.. I cant see the link also..
          please gave us the solution to solve this problem

  145. i’ll waiting for uu,Hwaiting!!

  146. thanks…..don’t worry,someday,i will learn korea n will help u to make eng subs….hehehehehehehe luv u verrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy much………………

  147. thank you gazillion, but right now i can’t find any link at all.. why is it so?
    30 minutes ago i still clearly see there are 6 part, 5 of them can be clicked and part 6 still inactive.
    is it just me, or.. ?

  148. QUESTION!
    Does part 5 end with the question how many members are dating? Because I don’t know if it joined correctly.

    • Wow you can watch with just 1-5 joined? hmm..maybe i should try.

  149. a million thank u!!:)

  150. Thank you so much l’ll waiting

  151. Thanks for translating ❤
    Waiting for this episode !!! SJ daebak ❤

  152. Thank you soo much!!
    I really appreciate this, so hard working you aree 🙂
    thank you very much 🙂

  153. What do you mean “So be grateful”?!!

    I’m SUPER-grateful to you guys right now<33
    Finally, I can watch the whole show with subs~


  154. thankyou so much for your hard work…fighting…we’ll waiting for it….neomu gumawo…

  155. does anyone hav the link?


  157. can you stream it .. please please please

  158. i can wait for that,,,hhhehhehe wait wait wait!!

  159. wowwww.. thank you very very much..

  160. awww thnk u so much 😀

  161. funny & cute really my sj ❤

  162. Okay I see…now. thank you very much indeed and btw how about some of retweet video which link to facebook…???

  163. where are the videos? i dont see them here or on yt…and sup3rjunior team, thank you x10 for your hard and fast work!

  164. i downloaded it, but it is not working, why

  165. thank you…., ^^ jeongmal gamsahamnida…. #bow 90degress…^^
    the show just aired 2 days ago, and you guys have done make subbing???
    aigo…. DAEBAKKK!!!!! d[^^]b
    also gomawo for upload that in YT and FB….^^
    because if in mediafire, the size just to large….T T,
    really… Gomawo Gomawo Gomawo Gomawo Gomawo Gomawo ^^

  166. I can`t see it but thanx soo much ^^

  167. hope will update the download link soon~~
    i’m half way downloading it..
    thanks for all the hard work & sharing 🙂

  168. if I want to download those videos, does require new application to download??

  169. Hi everyone! Just want to share how to watch those blocked videos, if its forbidden because of the ‘country problem’ thingy.

    Video tutorial → or

    Things you need:
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • FoxyProxy →
    • List of IP addresses →

    And this is the HD full version (not english subbed yet) →

    Hope it helps 🙂 ♥

    • if Jee and Renee are angels and Sup3rjunior is heaven for ELF, you are my saviour! i changed my IP to Hongkong and… welcome suju!^^
      very-very much thankyou!

      it works! XD i change my IP address to canada and the video is open!!
      start to download now ^^
      and THANK YOU BILLION TIMES TO sup3rjunior subbing squad too!! you guys are AWESOME!

    • oh my god, you really help!!!
      thank you so much!!! XD

      • You also can watch all blocked videos in youtube.
        Happy to help ♥ :))

  170. thanks so much you are so cute

  171. thanks for your hard work..
    waiting patiently^^

  172. Thank you for the hard work!! You guys were so fast to translate and sub too!

    I love the part when Kyu is telling his sad love story, Yesung chimes in to break the sentimental atmosphere saying “Did she get something in her eye” lol hilarious

  173. since u had removed the link of mediafire,i hope u can give the new link for the streaming site….i only had download 2 part of them earlier….really wanna watch it…..n thanks for ur hard work….u will give us the new lik in this site rite????

  174. thank you so much 😀

  175. thanks a lot.^^

  176. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Love you guys! <3333333333

  177. Kudos to the team for the subbing & uploading!

    And shame to the rule breakers.

    I’ll just be good and wait for the links to download. YT works too fast for me to ever get the full show downloaded, because of the restrictions.
    Only have the 1st part coz that took 2 hours already!

  178. WOW!! TTS FAST!!! but cn i know where did the download links go to?? it was there a few hrs ago.. =(

  179. sob sob sob, a huge thank you to Jee and reneee and the whole sup3erjunior team it’s bollocks that people disregarded your rules (so quickly!) so i do understand your change of plans. looking forward to the re-opening of downloads, though i may need to find a library or shop with faster wi-fi…

  180. huhu… where the download links go? it was there just now… i just start downloading part 1 & 2… don’t delete it or disappear it yet… i’m waiting for it for a long time… T_T

  181. where the download links go?

  182. omg! thankx Jee and reneee =DD that was really quick!!
    wow! 10 hours!! thnx for your hardwork! cant wait =D

  183. why???? i just downloaded part 1,2, and 3.. then the links disappear!!! T.T

  184. omona!! thank you so much!!
    i love you guys!!!

  185. thank you so much for subbing this ❤ sup3rjunior team fighting!! ❤

  186. i’ve downloaded part 1-2..please continue upload part 3-6…
    because i can’t watch it if you don’t continue upload it..
    thanks anyway.. 🙂

    • i’ve download it..thanks so much….
      you are super DAEBAK…
      love it…
      love you all… 😀

  187. omo~ where are the links?? those rule breaker creeps, can’t they just wait for to upload it in YT??? Does anyone have the DL link for Part 2-6?? =((

  188. yay! been looking forward to this show so much! thanks you!

  189. terima kasih for your hard work, but which site you upload the video if you’re not gonna upload it to youtube?? ah confuse~~ -,-

    • u cannot upload it on any streaming websites.

  190. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!)) Thank you so much!!)))

  191. patiently Waiting …
    Thank you so much, Love you sup3rjunior team.

  192. where’s the link? i want download it.. please 😦

  193. I’ll waiting the full engsub 😀 thank you guys you’re awesome ^^

  194. Thank you Jee & reneee~~

    OKie.. I’ll wait Patiently

  195. Where to download????
    cant see the links

  196. SBS and YT probably hate me and my country sooo much *sigh.

    I’ll wait patiently for the DL link T^T


  197. thanks for subbing JEE & RENEE…
    really appreciate it~~

  198. wow im so excited.. thanks so much for the effort!! 😀

  199. awwrr….SBS hate my country that much.
    i cant stream the video on youtube.
    wish for the DL ..
    as always..this blog is totally DAEBAK!!!!
    thankSOO for being the fastest. ^^

  200. the video is blocked in my country! MALAYSIA! 😦


  202. i’ve been waiting this for so long BUT hueeeeeeee i cant DL, it has blocked in my country. What shall i do? T___T

  203. i will for download link since i cnnt watch the vids ><

    BTW thank you so much!!!!!!!!million times!!! XDXD

  204. thank you so much for your hardwork..i will wait for the link patiently 😀

  205. Thank you so much for the effort!!
    Really appreciate it, can’t wait to download it.
    SBS block all the video in my country T_T

  206. Wat to do if cannot watch it thru youtube? =(

  207. sdfghyjuk thank youu ~ ;A; ♥

  208. thank you for subbing! I know its a very tedious work but you all did it in order to satisfy our cravings for super junior…
    I’m very grateful for that…
    thank you!

  209. Thanks you so much.
    Really Great Job.
    This episode the members really funny

  210. thanks jee & renee ^ ^
    hope u have more successes Fighting 🙂 🙂 🙂

  211. i wanna ask, how can i open this video? and how can i download it?

  212. it must be hard for u to finish sub in a short time like this. thanks a lot^^

  213. i cant see any download link? :/

  214. did the link for download out already? :O? i cant see it somehow if it does =<

  215. Wow… I just came by to watch and say thank you but there are 230+ comments already. You folks are so fast!!

    Thank you girls!!

  216. ahhh.. first video has been blocked in my country. I wish there will be a direct link for those video.. 😥 I wish you’ll give us a direct link beside facebook video..

  217. can’t watch in my country T_T

  218. thank you for your hard work ♥

  219. SBS and YT hate me and my country T_T *cry*

    can’t wait for the dl link..


    • do u live in german??
      Is the vid banned????

  220. DAEBAK!!!

  221. thank you so much for this
    I’m really greatful 🙂
    wait for the download links~
    again, thank you all for the hard works 😀


  223. i can’t find the download links, can you give me the download links??

  224. lets see the 3 part after sometime.

  225. me too i cant see the download does anybody know why?

  226. where’s the download link? I don’t see it…. Thanks for subbing it and uploading it~!!=]

  227. Agaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin…thank you so much for the hard work *__________________*

  228. I can not watch the video,,, Its block in my country..
    Please help me. Do you have this video on facebook????
    Please give me the link.
    Thanks. You are so great. Thanks for your hardwork

  229. i want it on mediafire please !!!!!
    i can’t see it here
    please please please
    upload it on mediafire i beg you
    but anyway thank you for the hard work

  230. youtube hurry:(((((((((((
    waaaa cries badly******

  231. again, super thanks!! 🙂

  232. doing subs is hard work. thanks for your efforts

  233. Thank you so much!!! You guys are daebak ♥

    • excuse me, can you tell me where is the download links??

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