110824 Matal maghribi PLAGIARIZES Super Juniors BONAMANA??

August 24, 2011 at 9:33 pm | Posted in Albums, News/Rumors, Wonderboys | 46 Comments

Okay so I was on twitter, & @chokolat89 mentioned me with some info.. ! I clicked onto a link.. & their was this group called Matal maghribi… although nothing is confirmed, but based on the released date of this song.. I am assuming it is plagiarism..but then again, they could’ve bought from SME(?)

Link HERE: Matal Magribhi

thanks to @chokolat89 for the heads up – uksujusid

.. also apparently they are Moroccan



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  1. Bonamana was most definitely composed exclusively for Suju – as were Sorry sorry and Mr. Simple.

  2. But it’s a known fact that their title songs are written by Yoo Young Jin. I’m also not sure if its plagiarism cuz its only a 30 sec sample, but does sounds close.
    side note: HAHAHAH ANGRY SIWON!

  3. I actually heard about this a month ago. I checked out the audio at Youtube, and my goodness, I got a shock! The beat and the tune was distinctly Bonamana, but with a Morroccan feel (the group is Morroccan, I believe). A lot of kpop fans were making a fuss over it and the audio clip was taken down soon after. But to this day, I’m not sure if they plagerized it or had permission from SM to make a cover of it. So, until I know for sure, I’m not going to make huge deal over it.

    • Sorry Sorry, Bonamana, and Mr. Simple are all SJ exclusives made by Yoo Young-jin. Plus, it was taken down after people started noticing? That sounds really suspicious.

      • I don’t think they took it down because they were “guilty,” but because kpop fans and especially elfs were leaving nasty comments. Some were really vicious.
        Plus, every elf knows that Yoo Youngjin composed those songs for SJ. No need to state the obvious.

  4. It’s totally the same as Bonamana, I hope SMent sell the song and that it’s not plagirism because if it was, those guys would be really really stupid…
    It’s weird to hear Bonamana like this…

  5. BONAMANA is orginal SuJu song, Lyrics: Yoo Young-jin, Music: Yoo Young-jin


    • I searched on the internet and from 2011

  7. haha exactly Siwon! thats what i thought when i listen to that song. love those pics!
    i think since we all know about it, SM probably know about it as well? maybe they got the permission?

  8. the resemblance is uncanny…


  10. Yup…. It sounds wayyyy too much like bonamana

  11. I’m FURIOUS!! Plagiarism or not I couldn’t+can’t stand it!!! Even if SME sold the rights of Miinah, then I think it was the STUPIDEST thing to do!!

  12. How can SM buy it to them they will even gain popularity thanks to SUPER JUNIOR’s SONG!! it’s NOT FAIR!! i will hate sm even more if it’s true! 😦

  13. I really hope for their sake that they didn’t plagiarize the song and just bought it from SM or something.

  14. It sounds EXTREMELY similair, but the beat/bass is SLIGHTLY different. They pretty much copied it but varied it slightly, so they wouldn’t be sued?

  15. This version of Bonamana made me laugh i dont know why hahahaha xD pfft I’m so sorry I know i should take it seriously but hey! Our boys did a better job, right?

  16. Idk about the point… I just kept imagining sj dancing to it, and it’s hilarious!! x3

  17. tons of pop songs sound alike…=/


  18. In fact, the song is really plagiarized!
    there was a video on youtube, but after some naghty comments left by ELFs, the group deleted the video.
    I have tried to contact SMent/ and tweeted the links to some SuJu members… But nothing x(
    and seriously, Moroccan bands aren’t that “rich” to buy copyrights from “SM entertainments”.
    I don’t think that SMent know about that.
    By the way, the name of the band is “Tiraline” and “Matal Maghribi” is the name of the so-called song.
    I hope SuJu and SMent will know about that really soon!!!
    Let’s “spam” the link of this fan site to SuJu members on Twitter. 😛

  19. o.o can’t say anything cause we don’t know the facts. ._.

    • i strongly agree.

  20. Seirously guise, if it wasn’t aplagiarism, do you think they would have deleted the video from Youtube for a while ? o.O

  21. As I know they didn’t plagerized ! AND BY THE WAY I REALLY LIKE THE SONG !

  22. People need to calm down, as it was already mentioned SM buys songs and remakes them for their artists all the time so who’s to say these artists didn’t do the same? There really is no need for assumption. And if they did plagiarize it, then I just feel sorry for them since SM is a very powerful company and can sue them for everything they’re worth.

  23. The beat and everything is exactly like Bonamona! But I’m not going to make a big fuss until we figure out if they did buy this song from SM or not…

  24. guys it’s a plagiarism…i know that cause i’m a moroccan and i know the group and we already have done a lot so they could take the video from youtube and we worked so hard so they would take it off + the lyrics of the song are really silly it’s about moroccan saying !!

    • Finally someone who has some more info! 🙂
      So, it is plagiarism….do you know what’s going to be done about it? Are there any reports about SM taking legal action? I’m getting pretty curious about this case.

      • no i’m sorry i don’t have any more details and the thing is the video is blocked in youtube they deleted the video and everytime someone says something about it they block him !! + i don’t think they know how serious it is because if they knew it’s SM they will be totally screweeeeed!! but don’t worry Moroccan elf and all the moroccan fans of korea are taking part of this matter 🙂

  25. I don’t think SM will sell this song to anyone because like some said, this is for SJ. hello SJ Funky. it’s for SJ… but I’m still waiting for confirmation.

  26. yeah they’re morrocan, we speak almost the same except we use much less frensh!! hum, I heard it and it only has SOME similarities. but yet … I don’t really know!! let’s wait and see what SM has to say

  27. no one can say this doesn’t sound like SJ… =_=
    its plagiarism, no doubt.. (seriously i find this is a disgrace ><

  28. it’s definitively plagiarism but it’s not a big deal cuz this band ( for informations “matal maghribi” is the title of the song and the name of the band is “Tiraline” they’r a band hwo mixte traditional lyrics from moroccan culture with modern beats (this type of music gained a popularity before in morocco but due to the increasing number of bands doing the same thing and the low quality no one paying attention to this kind of bands) and they had since they’r debut just one song witch was known and had success it was titled “HLIMA” besides this nope) this band is not a profisional and had no reputation neither in morocco either nowhere.
    for some more informations the lyrics are really rediculous they just recitate some moroccan traditional sayings and have no relation with the beat or the original song!

    i’m moroccan and i’m really ashamed . WTF !!

  29. ههههههههههههه بببططططنيييي ض3ض3ض3
    وشش يحسسسووون ض3
    اهم شي اللغه البطله .. ماجان غريبي اجل هههههههههههههه
    قسم وسعوا صدري على ذا الاغنيه الفتآكه ..
    واضح بقوه انها حقت السوجو ض1

  30. it’s identical and i’m sure plagiarism. i don’t believe sm will sell their songs.

  31. i don’t think sm bought this song from them and I don’t think they bought this song from SM. I do think they’re plagiarising. I hope some representatives of SM entertainment get a hold of this so they can deal with it.

  32. we TUNISIAN ELF want to informe you that the plagia of “BONAMANA” has been discussed with the groupe that made the plagia “tirane” and they promessed us to make a public apologie in them groupe page and to remove the song from the album and the net (the youtube vertion have been already romoved) thx for all ELFs that helped us to win this battle :))

    **HAERA** (chokolat89)

  33. excuse me, miina is originally written and composed by YYJ 0n 2010. and my cousin who is a morrocan told me that this band’s company use miina’s song and composed it into their song by this year due to super junior’s popularity in middle east countries. the morrocan ELF are trying to put the vid down in YT, but kept being blocked. they are now trying to use twitter to spread this so that YYJ or SME will know. for ur info the one who holds the power of a song is the composer. in this case, YYJ himself. not the company. and YYJ is not the type who sells his song, especially sj’s. unless if there’s a company frn america wants to buy his song, then i thinkk he’ll do it. coz the payment will be huge due to diff market.

  34. omg?!!!! who are they?! it sounds like bonamana!!!!! and the siwon’s gif….is that a show???can anyone tell me where is it from?

  35. i’m sure it’s bonamana, here’s the full version;

  36. SJ Funky only belong to SUper Junior.period.

  37. we TUNISIAN ELF want to informe you that the plagia of “BONAMANA” has been discussed with the groupe that made the plagia “tiratine” and they promessed us to make a public apologie in them groupe page and to remove the song from the album and the net (the youtube vertion have been already romoved) thx for all ELFs that helped us to win this battle )
    **HAERA** (chokolat89)

  38. we TUNISIAN ELF want to informe you that the plagia of “BONAMANA” has been discussed with the groupe that made the plagia “tiratine” and they promessed us to make a public apologie in them groupe page and to remove the song from the album and the net (the youtube vertion have been already romoved) thx for all ELFs that helped us to win this battle )
    **HAERA** (chokolat89)

  39. This might be this blog’s best piece around.

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