KBS Dream Team Recording – Leeteuk BIAS [6P] : From 110821

August 23, 2011 at 12:19 pm | Posted in Drama/Film/TV/CFs, KBS, Leeteuk, Wonderboys | 9 Comments

  110821 DREAM TEAM Compilation

Posted by: Destiny (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)


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  1. that smile makes my heart melt and forget to breathe for some time

  2. annyong…anybody here know why lee teuk didnt appear as a dj in sukira tonight? if there is another schedule why there isn’t news yet until now..anybody know where teuk oppa now? please i need quick response here…before that big thanks to u all..

    • I think it’s that Best Couple show he now hosts with ShinDongYup :))

  3. every time i look at him while he’s smiling i feel like all my problems solved and all the pain i feel just went away (ah it’s a healing smile)
    his smile gives me energy and strength
    aigooo eeteuk-ssi you are the best

  4. Mr.Dimple XD u r looked so amazing ~ seem like u stole MC-job again right ??? goodjob my baobei XD

  5. my angel u made me smile with your awesome pretty smile
    i love you
    no it s not enough for you if i can i ill cut my heart with a knife and give it to u as a gift but i am so far
    even my projects you do not see it
    my angel is the best
    no 1 in the world
    thx for the photos <3<3 ^^

  6. He has such a beautiful smile! I love him so much~

  7. sweet smile!!!!

  8. angel smile that make everyone fluttered ❤ pure sincere smile only from Park Jung Su . ILOVEYOU BOY !

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