110823 Kyuhyun’s full story about his love experience at Strong Heart [TRANS]

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“I’m one who does believe in destiny, falling in love at sight … like, when i’m at a traffic light or on the subway, i would get nervous … just in case … there was a time after my accident when i regularly visited the hospital for treatment. and one of the nurses caught me eye. it was the first time in my life i’d been attracted to someone, so i thought, oh i should do something about this … it wasn’t a long time after debut, but i was still an idol, so it took a lot of courage for me to do such a thing. but i went up to her and took my phone out, asking whether she could give me her number. and for three seconds, she just looked at me. three seconds is really long, you know? she replied after that hesitation ‘no sorry i can’t tell you’. and then one person next to her whispered to her, and other people were getting interested, so i thought ‘oh this isn’t right’ and i walked away after that. but i thought, this isn’t like a man to walk away my first time. so i made a plan through the drama ‘lovers in paris’. there’s this scene where the male lead keeps asking the female to go with him by taking all of the numbers where she works in line … so i thought i just do it too. i took about ten numbers, and asked her ‘do you remember me’ and she said ‘yes, i do’ … and her eyes wavered; they did. so i thought ‘oh it’s going to work’ … but then she looked at me and apologised ‘sorry, i have a boyfriend.’ and then one day at a fansigning, i saw her. and i wondered, ‘had she broken up with her boyfriend and asked if we could date … because this is the only way she could have seen me’ so my heart was pumping so hard … but she was in the line next to mine … eunhyuk was sitting next to me. i couldn’t believe it. (eunhyuk: *lounges back* a man needs charisma). and she introduces herself, saying ‘hi i’m so and so’ and i was so shocked. if it was siwon i couldn’t have said anything … but it was eunhyuk. from that day, i decided not to believe in destiny.”

Translated by: stanningotps.tumblr.com
Shared at sup3rjunior.wordpress.com by : Melody



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  1. why did she turned him down?!
    gosh, the almight Cho Kyuhyun was turned down… EPIC!!!
    if I was that girl I could’ve sworn I will quickly give him my number and be his girlfriend then and there. haha.

  2. hahahaha kyuhyun so bad saying eunhyuk haahhahaa xD
    come on babykyu try one more time i believe you will succeed now!

  3. LOL…what?eunhyuk is handsome what?kyu oppa?…
    but this is soo funny…keke
    they just love teasing eunhyuk..
    and kyu who refuse to believe in destiny..lolo

    but,that girl..you don’t know what you’re missing girl!
    there’re million girls who are dying to be in your place..
    and you turn him down…just wow!!
    i can’t wait for someone to sub it soon…

  4. Omgg I laughed so hard! That girl is so damn lucky!!!

  5. hahaha soo funny… but plz dear, don’t refuse it, believe in destiny and fate.. there’s isome1 is made for you… hihihi…

  6. hahaha… poor Kyuhyun!!
    well done Hyuk!!

  7. Interesting story ,,I’ve not been in love so I don’t believe or believe in destiny !!!

  8. At first i was like ‘aw~~ you are so cute, Kyu’ but in the few last lines I was ‘LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL, Sorry, but my little baby Hyuk defeated you’

  9. people have to remember that he was just nineteen at that time and was so slim and lanky and really still looks like a boy and not as manly as he is now but well i think it was a good experience for him, to know that just because you are an idol doesn’t mean that u can have anything and everything that u want.

    • Yeah and Hyukjae at that time was like as thin as stick. But everyone has their own personal taste when it comes about face.

    • even hyuk doesnt as good looking as him, but hyuk has the charm. he’s funny and easygoing. kyu is more reserved and quiet…the girl prefer someone who is easygoing and funny rather the quiet good looking one. if i were her, i prefer hyuk too

  10. cute story but too bad….. if kyuhyun oppa will ask my number i will immediately give him my number no second thoughts keekekekee……. how i wish i was that girl :/

  11. @nn : i couldn’t agree more.
    even tho my heart is broke into a lil piece after heard he have a crush for someone but i clearly understand that girl feeling.
    being in love with someone and being in love with idols is a complete differ state.
    i, myself, even can’t imagine being their girlfriend..
    too many complicated thingy not to mention country and language.
    poor, eunhyuk oppa.
    they must be loved you a lot so they can make fun of you like this

  12. poor kyuppa… hope u will get someone u love oppa

  13. Gaaaaaw too bad he doesn’t believe in destiny/love at first sight anymore… Really touching story poor babykyu getting turned down…

    And LOL for Eunhyuk… He gets bullied by the members all the time since they started 5jib promotion because of his face, I wonder if it’s always been like this and I never paid attention

  14. Kyu forever alone 😦 just kidding..
    we are destined you know,? wait for me xD

  15. Actually, this story makes me a little bit sad because he must have really been disappointed since he was really in love with her… Poor Baby Kyu 😦
    But he’s so mean with Eunhyuk : poor him too, always getting bullied XD

  16. “if it was siwon i couldn’t have said anything … but it was eunhyuk” Lol very funny Kyu

  17. HE FELL FOR THE NURSE! so many fanfics could be written from this.

    poor kid though. i’m proud that he was brave enough to ask for her number 😀

    he doesn’t believe in it now, until the next time he gets swept away by a girl 😉

  18. lol poor Hyukie !! Evil Kyu ^^ i’m wondering what did Wookie say about Eunhyuk ? something very “bad” since he nearly apologized to him on his tweet ^^
    hope somebody sub this show !!

  19. fhaoifhasifjsiadofjasiodfhasdilfjadsifa lol/aww/waaah/idkhowtoreact!!! lol kyu actually got turned down… wow that girl is insanely lucky. and lololol man… that must’ve been flattering. being chased by an idol like that. he tried, too. T-T but i do honor her integrity–i mean, she could’ve tried to use him to get closer to eunhyuk, but she didn’t. kudos to her. but lol to think he’d actually see her again at the fansign. he must’ve really been attracted to her looks, to actually remember what she looked like….xD i mean i see good-looking guys everyday, but i don’t remember any of their faces. >_> aww kyu i’m here!!! please meet me soon T______T

  20. Nice but sad story.. Of course all fangirls would give him number immediatly (me too!) but that girl was so right since she had a boyfriend and didnt fall for an idol..
    Its sad that Kyu had gone through all this..

  21. “if it was siwon i couldn’t have said anything … but it was eunhyuk.” lololol *dies*
    his story is sad but i just couldn’t stop laughing muhaha
    aww poor kyuhyunnie don’t worry it was your destiny to meet Sungmin 😉

  22. “if it was siwon i couldn’t said anything , but it was eunhyuk” Lolololol
    sad story but make me laughs :DDDD

  23. right now..i just want to hug Kyu! It was kind of sad story… Kyu cheer up!! But at least… even that hot guys get rejected.. not only me….

  24. now. I want to be a nurse 😀

  25. In fact, for me …

    I see Hyukiie more handsome than Kyu >>> that does not mean that Kyu is not handsome because he is my 2 bais …. but Hyukiiie is my 1st ,,,, Even if Hyukiie is not good looking in others’ opinions… I see him as the most handsome amoug SJ…

    I know Kyu loves him, this is why he teases him ….

  26. OMG! LMFAO! He is sooo mean! Hahaha. Poor Eunhyuk, they keep making fun of his handsomeness. Hahaha.

  27. “if it was siwon i couldn’t have said anything … but it was eunhyuk.” Its the most epic part..
    Wonder what would the nurse think about kyu now… Regret??? Or else???
    Its right being in love with idol and just person is really different case…
    So I can’t blame the girl to turn down kyu… But I’m pity him though

  28. yeah i agree 🙂 eventhough i’m kyuhyun biased i don’t think i can handle dating a super star.
    you’re definitely right, being fangirls and girlfriends are two different worlds..

  29. aww, our BabyKyu got turn down. But it’s ok, you’ll for sure meet a nice girl one day since you are such a precious and awesome person 🙂

  30. oh my poor kyu.. but the story become LOL at eunhyuk part.. hahahahahaha even I can imagine the situation at that time n seeing kyu’s face.. but KYUHYUN, get another girl! FIGHTING!!!^_^*

    i laugh very hard when i read this! XD
    kyuhyun oppa, looks like Eunhyuk oppa are more attractive that u! ^^
    at least, u have experience what love at first sigh is 🙂

  32. the girl will regret someday!

  33. kyu said that happen a little longer after he debuted and the time of his accident so he was that time not so handsome unlike today very very handsome and gorgeous and the girl must have chosen hyuk because he is very funny indeed and charming..hyuk must have the charms than kyu that time..lol i will choose Kyu though if i am that girl

  34. Poor girl, you was so lucky but you didn’t know how to grab that luck. 🙂

  35. kyuhyun destiny is true so u wait for me …. pleasssse ……..
    i wish all super junior will visit here again in the philippines …….. ❤



  36. if i am that girl i will choose kyuhyun . i like him very much .

  37. Oh;-(. M so jealous. How i wish i was that very nurse;-(. I would never ever say ‘NO’ to him. . . . .i wish wish fate leads us together:). I love him too much?

  38. awwwhhh thats sooo sweet of you kyunnie… but just wait ull going to met your destiny at the right time. just be patient.:-)

  39. Gosh!!!!that’s her biggest mistake!!!!!!tssk.

  40. I think this story is not true!
    kyuhyun said this to tease eunhyuk
    never believe Sth that kyuhyun says about eunhuk!

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