Without Heechul, is like living without a heart.

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Compilation post of everything in relation to Heechul (mandatory military service)


111009 Compilation of Heechul Quotes

 110821 Super Junior’s Kim Heechul to enlist in the army on September 1st

110822 Super Junior’s Kim Heechul will enter the army Sept. 1st. “I want to enlist quietly.”

110822 ‘Radio Star’ PD confirms Kim Heechul will be leaving the show for army duties

110822 Kim Heechul to enlist in the army in September

110822 Super Junior’s Heechul talks his decision to enlist in September

110822 [INFO] Regarding what is “Public Service Personnel”, which Heenim will be serving as

110822 Heechul’s Noona’s Cyworld Update

110822 Super Junior’s Heechul to Enlist in the Army on September 1st! (OFFICIAL NEWS)

110822 Heechul’s Noona (Heejin) Cyworld Update

110822 Kim Heechul “Because of the 8 metal rods from the accident…”

110822 Super Junior’s Heechul Opens Up about Decision to Enlist in September

[INFO] 110822 Heechul last performance, for the next 2 years 😦

110822 Heechul Twitter Update: It’s my last radio

110822 Heechul calls in at ShimShimtapa

110822 Heechul calls in at ShimShimtapa (Transcript)

110823 Super Junior’s Heechul expresses his thoughts on his upcoming enlistment

110823 Super Junior’s Kim Hee-chul makes plans to be a military man

110827 Kim Hee Chul is entering the army

Kim Heechul will be enlisting, SJ is reluctant to part and sheds tears on stage

[FULL TRANS] Shimshimtapa Heechul Phone Call From 110822

110829 Heechul Military Chibi [1P]

[ENG SUB] Super Junior at Backstage – Heechul’s Message – From 110827

110831 [ENG SUB] Super Junior – Memories FMV – Tribute to Heechul

110902 FMV – “I hate to say Goodbye.. Kim Heechul”


Without Heechul, it’s like living without a heart… But I will continue to wait.. & I will support the remaining Super Junior members.. not until the world is sapphire blue.. but until & forever when the Super Junior members all reunite
You cannot say that you can go without waiting, it’s impossible for me, for ELF not to wait for you.. You are our strength, we ELF are your strength, together we are unstoppable,  invincible..
Whenever your confused, or when you have hard times with your memories, when your life is filled with military services, we’ll be around to make them special.. We”ll be the ones who support you, next to you, don’t feel nervous.. We will always be watching over you.. – Sid.. or shall I say ELF…

Sometimes I can’t express my feelings in words.. so here are 2 songs..
Don’t even ask about my songs choices..



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  1. T___________________T i’m going to cry

  2. I’m agree T_____T
    I will wait for him, even he didn’t ask us to do so.

  3. T-T I really waanted to see him and teukie in SS4 before they left. Man this really sucks!! I will wait for him no matter what!!

  4. I really wished I could see him again on SS4…ah, this is just too shocking and painful. You know that we will still love you when you come back from your military service. Hee oppa fighting~!

  5. Kpop without Heenim is like kimchi fried rice without the fried egg. There will definitely be something lacking.
    But Suju without Heenim is something I can’t even comprehend. Suju+elf=everlasting family.
    Just have to keep telling myself, it’s only 2 years. It’s only 2 years. Time flies so fast. Kangin has been gone a year already…….

  6. Heechul’s announcement of leaving for the army; Donghae and Yesung injured…
    It’s just not a good day for ELFs today….

  7. We’ll definitely wait..WE don’t know before we know it they’re already back right??HWAITING!Let’s be strong!

  8. I just heard the news… I thought I would be ready for this day because it’s going to come eventually… But I wasn’t ready for it at al… September 1st is too soon 😦 just thinking about it hurts. Oppa, I’m going to miss your jokes, I’m going to miss your imitations, miss your dorkiness and also your pretty face and your beautiful voice and and… well the list goes on because I will miss you so much possibly more as each day passes. But oppa will be strong and so will ELF. We’ll look forward to that day in two years’ time, that day where you’ll meet with us again ❤ even though it hurts saying goodbye, we'll say farewell for now and wait for you forever ❤ Heechul oppa fighting! Saranghaeyo Kim Heechul, WooUBiccal Kim Heechul ❤

    Those songs are very touching, Sid 😦 they brought me to tears.. I will miss him too ❤ and yes you are absolutely right , we will always watch over him!! 🙂



  10. girl,you make me cried again…
    truth hurt..he will be gone soon…
    but what you say make me stronger..
    i know i will do it..
    and that’s what all ELF will do!waiting for you and at the same time supporting you..
    there are reasons why we are Ever Lasting Friend..
    Coz once an ELF always ELF forever ELF..

  11. Noooooo Heenim nooooooo! I knew this day will come eventually but Sept 1st?? Excuse me while I go cry at a corner.

  12. /crying

    we will wait for you Heenim

  13. We’re waiting for the day all 13 re-unite, so of course we’ll wait for Heechul! I wish days like these would never have to come in the first place (/hates on the tension between the Koreas), but at least we’ll be able to rejoice when he returns. Heechul, be safe, be happy!

  14. I agree with what S.S said, it’s better to let them ☞ to army together. So we just have to waiting for them 2 years. Whatever, SM wouldn’t do it . They need Super Junior , they need money.

    Heechul already know it , and want Teuk tell it in Sukira. But He love us, so he told SM to spread this news today. Many ELFs cried . SARANGHAEYO KIM HEECHUL . At least I’ve met you .

  15. I’m already cry and still sad about this breaking(myheart)news (-̩̩̩-͡ ̗–̩̩̩͡)
    I’m even thinking, I’ll be ‘off’ from kpop until he’s comeback.
    I’ll pray for him and waiting for him too~ ♥

  16. I’m crying again when I read this..hwaiting oppa!please don’t say not to wait u..we’ll wait for you..we’re going to be strong and happy just like u always do when people bashing you..we’re going to support u!always.!ELFS hwaiting!!!!!!

  17. I have lots of regrets. I regret not knowing him earlier. I regret not having the chance to catch SS3 concert and now when I am looking forward to SS4 concert, he won’t be joining. This is like a big blow to me. I remember when I was at my darkest period in life, it Heechul entertainment, jokes, laugther that lift me up.

    Watching Heechul videos, performances, reading his tweets has become a daily routine. Now wihout him around for 23 months, I really don’t know how to cope with it. But I will definitely wait for him to comeback just because he is Kim Hee Chul- the one and only one. There is no one that can replace Heechul. He just too unique…

    I just hope that he will not delete his twitter account and will still constantly provide us updates about himself..

    • You and I are sisters. Truly, we are.

    • i regret to know him later…

      regreting why I loving him personally just by this 6 months…

      really dunno what to do, what will cheering my life up for the next 23 months without his selcas, updates, funny videos, and news…

      saranghaeyo kim heechul.. woo u biccal kim heechul

  18. http://flopymcr.livejournal.com/9760.html

    Hi! please read this! is a project we want to make to heechul before he enlists in the army! we don’t have much time but we must make it if we love heechul! ELF, Petals, Fighting! WE MUST DO SOMETHING FOR HEECHUL! WE MUST SHOW HIP OUR SUPPORT & LOVE!

  19. You make me cried oppa… I’ll be right here waiting for you… hwaiting oppa!!! I’ll miss you so much..

  20. Once I read in allkpop that Leeteuk wants all 13 of them performing together at least once before he’s enlisted in the army and Hangeng already agreed to that… but I guess Teukie’s dream will never be coming true since Heechul even leaves earlier before Kangin comes back :””'(
    All ELFS hwaiting!

  21. will he be able to tweet in the army??

  22. I will miss him too much! I’m crying… It will be so hard for all the ELF see them going to army… What we are going to do without Heechul oppa? But we have to show our support to Leeteuk, Yesung, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kibum (on his actor career) & Kyuhyun…they problably are more sad than us! Just think about the Inkigayo scene when they were celebrating their win but all of them were so sad…they were sad about this news!!! That’s why I love Super Junior because they always show us their love for each member & when they are sad they can’t hide it… Sorry for my bad English… & your words really touch my heart, I’m not lying…I’m crying right now like others ELF around the world! Thank you for post this…

  23. T,T i cried since last night, can`t really sleep, worried about hyukjae first, then yesung, sungmin, donghae and now heechul… i just… i just don`t know how to describe this feeling. It is hard for me cause heechul is my first bias ever and the one that introduce me (i`m attracted to him from U mv) to the rest of the members. I`m glad Kangin doing well in the army…it is just that…

    i will wait for your return kim heechul ❤

    • we will wait..for the REAL return of the SUPERIOR 🙂

  24. just when i thought i was this close to seeing him in person,,,,, he goes away -_-

  25. I have finished my quota of crying and wailing earlier this morning when I heard the news.. Now I’m seeing Heechul is not the only member of Super Junior, and we should continue to support the other 11 members along with Hangeng, Kangin and Kibum! \o/

  26. oh im going to cry..silently..kat my fellow friend where r u? we r going to miss heenim real much 😦

    i just hope he will do the best in the army and won’t feel lonely there..i love him so much it hurts to think we won’t be able to ‘see’ him anymore in shows and on stage

    • oh kat sorry i just saw ur comments at the other post..im attached to him too for almost two years..now must be prepared mentally to lose him for two years..but im glad he will only do Public Service Personnel or whatever it is..im sure based on his health condition he won’t had a real army training in the service..(i silently pray that).

      • Oh, haifa_suju!! Here I am!!! I am so glad to see you here~ I am still trying to picture 2 years without Heenim!! I cannot do it. I know the time will pass, but quickly? I don’t believe it. I also try to imagine what it will be like for Hee….This beloved world star with the huge personality, in demand all over the world….will be delivering messages??? On a bicycle??? Or doing some other menial task day after day?? That would be like the president of the USA delivering pizza for a living. Wah!! This will be the longest two years for us all!!
        Thank you for your words, you know that I ❤ you.

        • Thanks for replying kat, i love u too 🙂 it feels better when there are people who share this kind of feeling right now..It is good to see there are a lot of heenim fans here.

          yes i am still coping with this news today,, this is life..sometimes we need to be separated with people we love..we r going to miss everything bout him.heechul always bright up up my day and now he’s gone for 2 years..

          does anyone know will he move out from the SJ dorm for the next two years?I hope he’ll be able to cope with this new life, we know he is a sensitive person at heart..only can pray the best for him.Let us all pray for his strength..

    • hi nn..a true heechul fan..nice to see u too! i do come from time to time just to get heechul updates..oh i will miss him so much 😦 ottoke 😦

  27. my forever bias! *sobs* I’ll definitely miss your craziness, your tweets! aishhh! otoke? *sobs* But still we’ll wait for you oppa! saranghaeyo Kim Heechul! *sobs* T_____________T

  28. i dunno if i still can join in our team..THIS IS SHOCKING ME A LOT!!

  29. oh cmon, heechul needs us to support him.We’ll miss him freakin bad yeah i know, but we still need to respect his decision. Don’t let him down by knowing we cry for him.And the most important,we SHOULD wait for him,kiil me if i broke my promise

    • Heechul Needs to know we cry for him!! If we put on a brave face now, he may never know how much we love him! I want ELF to cry long and loudly..he will hear us and it will give him courage…he will not be afraid that we will abandon him……when our tears end, we will have stronger resolve to wait patiently for him and to keep the candle of our love lit for him…. Heenim hwaiting!!

  30. nicely said….this makes me cry! Ya we will wait for u oppa! Don’t worry! Take care of yourself oppa!!!!

  31. oppa….. even though elf all have our own biases, we’re all going to miss you. no one can be you, the most unique space big star heenim, just like no other group can be super junior.
    i honestly don’t know how i can put what i’m feeling into words…… i’ll miss you oppa but we’ll always wait for you, no matter what
    and elf!!! two years isn’t that long, really….. not when you consider how long we’re willing to wait for them…. kangin will be back soon :’)

  32. I’m gonna miss u heechul 😥 ..ELF we need to unite..please keep searching and make they win in this inkigayo which is the show kim heechul participate..PLEASE keep searching my fellow ELF !!^^

  33. heechul… we will wait for you
    super junior + ELFs we are super super man

  34. I really hope this post. Thank you Sid. I am crying on the bus now.

  35. it’s really shocking, why are so sudden? i’m going to cry T.T i really wish to see him in ss4

  36. OMG.. /crying/ 😦
    We will MISS U, Heenim.. Really MISS U.. 😥

  37. heenim will always in my hear..
    he is the one that brought me into kpop.
    good bye for now and meet again in two years(although i know that i can hear from him once a while)

    p/s: This is my first comment but i’m sorry if this will offending you, but i think the word at the beginning “the STUPID mandatory military service..”, the word STUPID shouldn’t be there..i’m not Korean, but when i got involved with kpop, i also know a little bit about their military service and that is a must for Korean men..come on elfs, i think you already know about this right? you should proud of our heenim to serve his country and obligate with the rules..
    I’m proud of heenim 8)

  38. Chullie! We’ll support you until the day you enlist. We’ll watch over you and wait for you until you come back. My heart really hurts right now… Sid, I’m listening to The Corrs, and it’s really killing me. I’m so close to tears right now

  39. I feel so depress 😦

    I will cry even harder when we have to say goodbye this weekend in inkigayo T_T

    my heart is bleeding ..I miss his twits already.. where is he? 😦

  40. you can’t say STUPID mandatory miliary service b’caz in every country they hav they’re law to live by.
    eventhough he’ll b gone for 2yrs but time will pass by really fast. all of us will see him very soon.

  41. ~ There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition, and of unspeakable love. ~

    Don’t be discouraged to cry! Cry with all your heart’s might, dear ELF. Let’s cry together and never regret, anything and everything. Hold onto the remembrance, so we’ll never forget.

    I know patience is a virtue, Heechul-shi, but I also know we’ll make it through, so that one day you can return to us and to your members. ❤

    PROM15E to WA1T & 13ELIEVE,10VE & PROT3CT, for this is NOT goodbye. IT’S SEE YOU SOON, dear Heenim! ❤ ELF & SUJU! ❤

    • where is the love button here

      • Yes, where?

  42. i’m crying the whole day..omg! it really hurts..
    what will happen to me in 2 years? i’m gonna miss him..
    i’ve been following him for 3 years.. i thought he’ll leave next year so i wasn’t prepared..
    i’m just a fan but why does it hurt like this? call me crazy but i’m really crying..
    heenim~i’ll wait for you.. my life will be empty without you..
    2 years is like an eternity for me.. please live well and be happy!

  43. First time I heard it I didn’t take it seriously… I couldn’t. But the thought of losing him for 2 whole years. I’m feeling like crying a whole ocean right now, what more on the day he leaves?
    I swear if I could only fly to Korea just to see him leave… I’d want to do the same to everyone… every year, we let go one or a few of them and we get one or few back as well, right? I know everytime, it’s going to be painful, no matter what happens. But I do hope that we could use that pain to stand firm and hold ourselves a little stronger everytime. And let’s let our love lead our patience alright?
    All the tears we shed will be made up with happy smiles and hearty laughter in the end-
    they’ll be together again, we’ll all be together again.
    And we shouldn’t be sad in ever day that passes without Heenim, because one more day enduring the longing is another day down until we see his smiling face again.
    Heechul-sshi, be strong! Good luck on your 2-year journey and to ELF, let’s be strong with Heenim! Like how it’s always been (and how it’ll always be), HWAITING, alright?^^

  44. The mandatory military service is part of the culture and law of the country. It is also a very highly sensitive issue for men in the country , South Korea – because it deals with family responsiblity, gender responsibility and a lot of pride.

    So, with much respect for others’ sensitive issue, I would suggest that we take out the word “STUPID” to describe something so engrained in the boys’ lives now and in the future. It is especially hurtful seeing it on the main compilation page.

    Just like we want respect from others for our own religion/culture, we need to start from ourselves and respect others as well. Accept and respect that this is a decision they have to make.

    Also, if Heenim wants to make this a quiet affair, I can understand him. After all, he is going at a later age compared to others and he may not be in the actual army duty…it is very sensitive for Korean and not something to be blown out of porportion. Respect his decision.

    He will come back soon! Before we know it.

    • Oh, but the poster didn’t really mean the word with her heart, she is just overcome with grief and upset by the way life sometimes seems cruel. Lets love each other and understand each other at this time. ❤

    • 100 % agree the word STUPID is such an offensive word to describe korea’s mandatory military service.. we ELFs should be proud of him.

    • i am SUPER AGREE with you ginnie…. i really want to comment about the first statement in this post…
      i know we are upset for this sudden news. and of course we love Heechul and will miss him so much. and i know whoever post this is human too.
      BUT, i think it will be more proper if you delete the word ‘stupid’ (more over it’s caps too). Remember, this is public space. this blog has many visitors. so better be safe. this is for SJ and ELF ❤
      and sooner or later we will see another member go to army too. hope you get the point here ^^

  45. anyone watching kiss the radio bora now? teuk and hyuk look so down.. so unusual..

  46. I came back from school and than BÄÄÄÄMM Heechul is leaving! Srsly are you kidding me?!??!? I’m not prepared yet and it’s next week!

  47. I just pray for miracle.. I know it doesnt make sense but i just hope miracle can happened.. That’s it..

  48. 2 years will seem like an eternity if we spend the time whining, thinking that this is a loss and living in misery. However, it will pass by quickly if we spend the time praying for them, supporting them and showing them our love. What’s more Heechul entering the army is just the start of the series where our boys will be entering the army one by one. Probably so for the next few years. 8 yrs? T______T Quoting Heechul, he won’t tell us to wait for him, but to me waiting for him is just something that I’m just going to be doing naturally. I’m proud that Heechul is taking this like a man.

    If there’s going to be anyone who will be a legend years down the road, to be still popular and surviving strongly in the entertainment industry. I’m sure it’s no one else but Super Junior. Because Super Junior will be the LAST MAN STANDING!

  49. Excuse me, dear author of this post, it is a disrespect to South Korea for actually calling the mandatory military service STUPID.
    It is for South Korean men to prepare to defend their country in war or help others in need because of crisis and natural disasters. As Leeteuk and Heechul already said, as South Korean men themselves, they will do their duty of defending the country and go for their mandatory military service.
    They do this for extreme respect for their country and it is extremely not appropriate for you, South Korean or not, to actually criticize South Korea’s military service. Criticizing the military service in such way is not only a disrespect for South Korea, but also for the loyal South Korean men, which includes the Super Junior members themselves.

    Please do remove that sentence right at the beginning of the post because it is an extreme disrespect.

    At the same time, it is also upsetting that Heechul has to leave for two years but he is coming back after all and our hearts will always be with him. ❤

    • Military Service is not all about war. In world history, military people has played and important role in world war one and two. If not for them, the world is in chaos now.

      Military=service for peace

      STUPID= those rebels

    • your post connotes how narrow minded you are

  50. how about making a project for heechul???

    i read this on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-JHg3DSeV0 << she made a photo collaborations from ELF all around the world

    and this http://flopymcr.livejournal.com/9760.html << we sing marry you, send it to her, then she'll give it to heenim

    or any suggest? someone from heepetals.com???i desperately want to participate that

    • Sure! Come on ELFs/Petals!

      • anyone to join? i hope we can finished this project around 28 Sept and K-ELF can give it to him..

        umh…sup3rjunior admin!! i need your help for sure…

        please tell me how can i contact you? since I cannot contact the owner of this youtube link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-JHg3DSeV0 (she gave us the email address, but i thought it is an unvalid email)

  51. I was really shocked when I heard this news, and my heart really hurts, its so painful. it just tooo fastttt 1st september!!!!!!!
    when I listening to Memories I cried harder..I love him a lot..everything about him is AWESOME..
    of course we will wait, 2 years, but know than our Oppas will get enlists one by one, it make me really hurts…

  52. he’ve been my biase since suju 1st debut… i dun care wad others think abt him n continue supportin him… i cried when i got to noe it wld be tis soon he’s going for his military service… i was hopin to see him at SS4… its only de matter of tyme n it will b LEADER lee teuk’s turn too… but heechul oppa… i will wait for ur return in 2 yrs tyme… i hope u’ll b strong n well being at camp… saranghaeyo!!!

  53. what should i do without you kim heechul !!!!
    it is so hard to believe that you are going to leave us alone.
    i know sooner or later that day will come and i should face it with strong heart and wait 4 u but ,,,,,,,……. 1st september !!!!
    i’m shocked and completely not prepaired to say goodbye to you oppa !!!
    still can’t imagine this
    i cried alot today because of this
    i’v never seen such a bad day like today in my whole life
    but i’ll wait for you and support you not till i can see you again my dear oppa but till the day i close my eyes forever
    suju i love you to death it’s only you who were by my side when i had hard times
    because of you i learned to smile and laugh and love
    before i know suju i was like a rock,, without emotions whithout feelings without life
    mad and sad all the times because of the circumistances round me are very very hard ( i’m from iraq) every day i was dying andsuffering till i knew super junior
    they changed my life , they gave me a reason to still alive when i was about to suicide!!!!
    just one look at them make me feel much better
    person like me will find it very difficult to lose them away first kibum, after that hankyung , and then kangin and now heechul !!!!
    i don’t know what to do with my life now
    and then return to say ok girl be strong and wait like all the e.l.f
    leeteuk oppa (my oppa my miracle the person that changed my life) is going to leave too soon (i loved suju because of him)
    how can i live now ?
    AHhhhh i’m completly broke
    sorry to bother you guys with my issues but after writing this i feel better now although the pain in my heart is so deep and hard to heal

  54. even i can’t imagine how Super Junior without heechul, but i’ll always wait and support him.
    2 years, i don’t know how those years will pass without him T.T

  55. “He said that due to his back injury he will work as a public service employee instead of serving in the army.” That calms me a lot.. I hope to see Heemin very soon..and all the member together again.. it’s been a year since Kangin Oppa is at army.. so I think those 2 years will pass really quick..I was crying in the morning..but now I’m calm..Because we need to support rest of the members..right?
    Saranghaeyo Kim Heechul WooUBiccal Kim Heechul <33 Calm down ELF family..brother and sister..everything going to be fine! We are all family.. SUJU and ELF! ❤ I love you all

  56. For the first time i’m crying while reading this, hope the time passes quickly, we wanna see u with all SUJU members..KIM HEECHUL WE GONNA MISS U T_T

  57. So sad, crying out loud T_T
    Indonesia ELF please read and comment this  http://duniavioletkecil.wordpress.com/2011/08/22/ficlet-believe-to-always-be-waiting-for-you/
    Anyone can help me to translate that to English and hangul? Please (-_-)

  58. Everyone!
    I’ve made a new blog “Letters to Kim HeeChul”, to write letters to our Space Star once he enters the army.
    Please feel free to pass, comment, collaborate, whatever!!
    Thank you ^^

  59. without leeteuk its like living without a soul 😦

  60. I know it is selfish from me to not want him to go and complete his duty as Korean man but I can’t help my self I can’t control my emotion when I first read the new I was in shock I stop breathing for seconds I love him I know he dose not know me but I don’t care I know him he was the one who attract me to super junior with his pretty look his wittiness and his crazy personality he bring joy to my boring life I love his interact with his members and other idols I love his crush on sohee I love his crazy girl group mania I love his cross dressing he is the best without him Kpop will not be he same I’ll miss him I’ll miss him so bad

    Milky wite skin KIM HEECHUL
    I love you KIM HEECHUL

  61. T_T saranghae heenim..

  62. love you heechul

  63. You know, life is like that. There’s always some ups and downs, mores and lacks. My friend knew about this news earlier than I do coz I was in school yesterday and she expected me to cry rivers and mourns, you know, predictable actions a fangirl would do. Instead, I’m relieved this is the only bast decision he made, nothing more. I’m a Petal before an Elf, I knew him since 2008. I watched him growing, improving, and I learned about his ins and outs. His flaws and his perfections, I remember it all. I hate to bring this thing up, but this is pretty much one of the important point of my going-to-be-long essay. He is never the same without Hankyung, or Hangeng or whatever you call him. He lost his grandfather back in 2008, he was his hero, his ‘man’, his everything. His grandfather pretty much supported him for whatever he’s doing, and he always turned to him for advises or when he needs a comfort. When he’s gone, Heechul seemed to lost it. But then Hankyung stood up, not just as a friend, but more than a family figure to him. Heechul loves his friends, all of them. And not like he cared abt Hankyung more than anything but he had this kind of mindset that everything will be ok and beautiful and nothing hurts as long as at the end of the day, there’ll be Hankyung and him, hanging just the two of them, drinking beer or soju. But then, again his heart is broken. Friendship is everything to Heechul. And fates shattered it away. There’s nothing that we can do, but watch him fall to his grieves.

    I cried almost everyday because of Heechul, no joke. I’m living my life as normal as possible but as soon as I homed, sitting infront of computer and watch the old video of his, I’ll be crying. I missed the old Heenim, the new one is ok, but he had lost his affectionate side. He’s physically present, but deep down both of us knew that nothing is going to be the same anymore. It’s true that he has so many friends apart from Hankyung, I mean lotsa them. And they’re all good ones indeed. I must say, that’s truly a gift from God to him since he is blessed this much by many and loved as well. But you see, there must be this one friend that you cared more than the rest, you just automatically did, not like you’re being picky and favoritism your loves. It happened without you knowing. And it kills him. He felt betray, he had so much depressions because of it.

    And I havent yet reach to my point. I love Suju. I really do. Although I was a Petal before an Elf, but my love towards the boys are unbearable. But Heechul is truly a sensitive person, his heart is so fragile it hurts me every time I see him fall. He needs a break, although it might cost him his fame, but who needs fame when you can’t buy happiness from it? What’s the use of fame? And he stated himself he didn’t hunger for it. And now, reading to the news that he’d take a break from any of Suju activity for 2 years, I’m deeply relief. I didn’t cry at all, and ppl found it strange. They saw me crying whenever he cracked jokes in variety shows, when those things suppose to be funny, and it is indeed laughable. But yet, maybe I’m just simple a maniac? Idk. I hope during his leave, he’ll finally find the peace he wanted and track back those happy days when every single thing he’s doing had never been a burden to him, since what I saw him right now, he pretty much has taken aback the critics ppl threw at him. I love him so much, too much that I grew hatred towards everyone who criticize him personally.

    This is going to be a useless trash chants if I keep it going and not like anyone will read to this after all, but I just want to let out this once and for all. Again, I know this is a hard decision for him, and way too much for Petals to take. But for once, we just have to let him go so he’d be able to do things he wanted freely. Let him for only this 2 years. If you still love him after that, feel free to come back and support him still. If you not, you’re even forgiven. He’s not asking you to wait after all, he just need our bless, and himself to be forgiven by us fans. So Elfs, please. Let’s forgive our Heenim, let’s be happy, let’s continue to shove happiness to him, coz he simply deserve it. Till the day sapphire blue cover the world, till the day of me stop being a Petal, or an Elf, let’s be happy! Heechul deserves everything he wants, our loves and blessings are included.

    And I’m sorry for my long post, it doesn’t make sense, I know. And if you’re not agree with me, I’m not going to be mad. This is just an unpopular opinion of mine, no one is forced to agree 🙂

    • It is a long post but I agree with a lot of it. Heechul has matured a lot over the years – sometimes I can barely recognise him from the rangy brat on Full House – but lately he has seemed vulnerable and directionless. He’s said in interviews that he needs a break from the intense life he’s been leading and I think he’s right. I only hope the next two years gives him the space he needs.

    • Thanks for reading my comment. Yeah, maybe I make it sound too cheesy, like Heechul will never live a good life without Hankyung’s presence or something but honestly that wasn’t my intention. There’re too much emotions within me that I am not capable to express it by words, which caused to those nonsense points up there…

      I love reading to your previous comments, and this is actually my first time of writing to some serious comments since I’m joining this fansite. And it turned out long lol. But still, thanks for spending your time reading to it and it’s ok you don’t have to apologize..

    • The way I see it, Heenim shares a lot of commonalties with Hankyung. Neither of them is the type to spell out their feelings word for word. They like to keep a lot to themselves, which make them compatible as friends. They don’t need a lot of words to communicate and that’s a precious thing even within friendship. Hankyung’s absence is definitely a blow to him but I think it helped him mature as well. I think the Heenim today is much more responsible than he used to be.
      And I totally agreed with the part about him being sensitive. Yes…despite acting like he doesn’t give a crap about anything, Heenim is quite sentimental, and it’s reflected in his stories, his writing, and even his jokes. Some of his comments might be entertaining, but if you look beyond that and read between the lines, you realize just how much he can reveal through a simple joke, his love for the members, his sadness, his regrets and his hopes. Heechul is a unique person, a wild yet sentimental spirit. We wouldn’t want the baggage of the industry to cage him. Maybe two years off will help him. We’ll never live without Heechul, because he’ll always be here, safely treasured in every ELF’s heart.

  64. he said in shindong’s radio program that he received the enlistment letter a month ago right. leeteuk’s slightly older than him.. so it means he should get the letter as well. hopefully he doesn’t announce that it’s soon.. ELFs’ hearts can’t take more blows

  65. every time I read smt related to chul’s enlistment..tears just come and haunt me.

    I’m praying- everyday for him.:) I’d wait forever for this human god.

  66. ahh,i’m going to cry,will miss you heenim oppa T_T

  67. When i came back from my holiday, the first thing i do is to check suju news.
    I am in all good mood to know they won in music bank and inkigayo but when i saw the news heechul is going to enlist on 1st sept, my heart sank. Didn they say they going to have a world tour. Why he have to enlist so fast when 5jib promotion has yet to end 😦
    Even though my heart wishes for him to stay on, i will respect his decision. My dear heenim, we will wait for u. Please take care of yourself…

  68. Pleaaaase tell me that it was just a joke Heenim-ah~!!!!!!!!!!! I cant even imagine how Super Junior could be without you………….. Why this all happened all of sudden??? Why less than 10 days you’ll leave us like this T_T

  69. Just can’t stop crying since yesterday. I know he’s still be around working in public. But it’s too sad not seeing him working with all the members for the whole 2 years. Teukkie and Yesung will be next, right ? Will they ever reunit as 10 again ? (Don’t ever dream for 13 or 15 T T)

  70. Every time I read about Heechul enlisting I am crying… I will miss him just as much as I was missing Kangin all the time he has been gone till now…
    Even though he said he won’t ask ELF to wait for him I think everyone will wait! I am going to wait! It’s just impossible for me not to.. how could I not wait for our beloved Heenim? He is a person with such a kind heart, so much strenght and love for his fellow members, friends and fans. It doesn’t matter if he is my bias or not, because I am an ELF and I will miss him as much as I would miss everyone else! For me Super Junior is Familie! Super Junior is Friendship! Super Junior is something that moves my heart, makes me sad and let me cry, brings me happiness and makes me smile. I have gone throug mostly every emotion with this people. I am SO going to wait ^ ^! Till all of our beloved Members are back together.
    I will love Super Junior “till the end of time”~
    I hope you will be fine in the following 2 years Heenim-oppa.
    Believe me Heechul when you get back, I will love you just as much as I do now. Nothing will change! We wont change our heart when your away – we will stay as everlasting friends! We will support and love you.
    Saranghaeyo Kim Heechul – Uju Pica Kim Heechul 😉

  71. Niga tteonagobuteo nan baboga doen geot gateo
    (After you left, I think I became a fool)
    I can’t do amugeotdo jugeora bangguseoge bakhyeo sareo
    (I can’t do, I can’t do anything, so I die)
    Neo eobsin hal ildo eomneunde harun gireo neomu gireo
    (I shove myself into a corner and live)
    Geunde mwo geuri bappeo neol oeropge haesseo
    (Without you there’s nothing left to do A day is too long, way too long)

    Hua….seriously cant hold my tears.
    this pain is for real….
    i will wait kim heechul
    saranghaeyo oppa…..

    • really miss hee so much :(((

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