110822 Yesung & Donghae Injured During Dream Team, Pronounced Fine

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110821 DREAM TEAM Compilation

Super Junior’s Donghae and Yesung were injured during a filming.

Donghae and Yesung participated in the August 21st recording of KBS2’s “Dream Team Season 2” in Gangwon. These two, who usually show exceptional athletic ability, took part in a game a little too enthusiastically that day, and during the game Donghae bruised his knee and Yesung injured his lower back.

Their entertainment company SM Entertainment has said: “Donghae bruised his knee and Yesung strained his lower back. Medics on the scene gave them first aid, and said there was nothing wrong, so we were all relieved.”

After their first aid, the two returned to filming, showing their professional attitude. However, since they are in the middle of promoting their album, in order to make sure that their condition is fine, SME will be having them taken to a hospital for a thorough examination.

Original: Sports Chosun
Translated by: Jubee for SJ-WORLD.NET

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  1. it’s good that they are okay, but seriously shouldn’t have been hurt in the first place. still don’t want them to go back…they already strain their bodies enough.

    • Oh, inorite? It’s good that they’re very motivated and all, but sometimes they just push themselves way to far… it’s good to know that Yesung and Donghae are back up and moving though. (:

  2. glad to know they’re well.. all the injuries + heechul’s enlistment makes me so sad 😦

  3. even the doctor, yesung should check his entire bone since spine is not minor problem..

  4. “However, since they are in the middle of promoting their album, in order to make sure that their condition is fine, SME will be having them taken to a hospital for a thorough examination.”

    i wonder if they’re not in the middle of promting their album, what would you do, SME?

    /sorry it’s harsh. but the way it’s written was just so…. and my bias’s spine is injured again, so i cant help it from rambling 😦

    • yeah…the way they’re written as if the check up is not for yesung and hae’s sake but for the promotion aka money. considering yesung is the lead singer and hae is lead dancer, without them SJ will be difficult to perform

  5. SME u better treat oppas like human otherwise i will be cursing u like hell!

  6. “These two, who usually show exceptional athletic ability” – heh — our athletic Yesung!! XD

    I absolutely adore Yesung… but I am not sure that “exceptional athletic ability” is one of his many talents. :p

    Anyway, we were joking that he would have a little trouble with the obsticle course and maybe make it funny … but, actually, his accident was rather scary looking… T^T ……….. He really didn’t move/get up for too long…..>__<

    I really hope all the biys (and others too) can look after their health and be more careful at these sort of recordings.

    I wonder how the official broadcast will cover all of these iccidents?

    Anyway… next time, though I respect professionalism, please take some of the boys to the hospital first (especially in the case of spinal? injury). <___<

    Dream Team was quite memorable – I anticipate the episdoe.

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