110822 Full Details About SJ Members Got Injured During ‘Let’s go Dream Team’ Recording

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 110821 DREAM TEAM Compilation

Firstly, I want to say that the one who updated twitter last night was just staff who didn’t at the recording venue but got a phone call from friend who was there. The details might slightly inaccurate. So we write the conclusion again to make sure and let everyone understand.

Let’s go Dream Team Season 2, there are 4 challenges
1. Run across the blocks (like a stacks of so many plastic blocks)
2. Roll themselves on many balls
3. Run across on the seesaw
4. Climb the rack which keep turning all the time
5. Take a swing and swing themselves to grab around the plastic sack which is hanged in the middle of the water and then run across the plastic podium to the goal.

The recording started with Sungmin who can passed the first 4 challenges easily. After that they kept recording both teams until Donghae who can passed 3 challenges but he failed at the last one. He only grabbed the bottom of the sack and then he fell down into the water. Donghae stayed in the water for a while when he climbed up, he called the staff. At that time, so many staffs went to see him so we knew that he got injured. Staffs help him moved to the tent near stage. The doctor came to see him. Staff tried to block the view of him from fans so we couldn’t take a photo. Eunhyuk and Sungmin went to see Donghae. Eunhyuk had a long bruised on is arm (I think he got it during practicing). Sungmin brought towel for Donghae who still wet.

After the doctor bandaged Donghae’s wound, he did the acupuncture on Eunhyuk’s arm and sprayed something on his arm to relief painful. After that for a while both of them went back on stage.

he next one who challenged was Yesung. He failed since the first challenge. He fell down into foam. At that time no one knew that he got injured. After that for a while Yesung still not came up, all SJ members (except Donghae) and staffs went to see him for a while then they carried Yesung to the tent. The doctor not allowed Yesung to sit but asked staff to move table into tent to use as bed instead.

The recording was stopped for a while because of Yesung’s injury. The next one who challenged was Leeteuk which did very well. When Leeteuk reached the goal, Sungmin and Eunhyuk ran to said congratulations to him (Shindong was a co-MC). After finished recording Leeteuk ran to see Yesung immediately.

After that the member from another team got injured in the 3rd challenge. The pedal for step dropped down so that member fell down too. The recording had to stop to repair the equipment and take care of the injury.

Donghae was brought to the same tent with Yesung. During he was carried passed the fans we could see blood bleeding from the gauze on his left leg and he couldn’t walk easily. Fans shouted to him “Donghae oppa are you okay?” Donghae smiled nodded and said “I’m okay”. After Donghae went into the tent other SJ members also went to the tent. Everyone’s face looked so serious. The manager kept walking around to see the equipment repairing and the tent.

5 minutes later manager brought Donghae to the resort to changed his cloth (He was wet). When he went down, he also met foreigner fans who asked “Donghae Oppa, Are you OK?” Dongha kept silence for a while then he replied “I’m OK” even though he kept his hand on his waist and dragged his leg (I think he doesn’t want fans to worried).

Donghae went back to the tent which Yesung was cured for a while then he went back to bandaged his wound near the stage. The gauze was taken out. We could see Donghae’s wound easier. There are 3 bruises on his knee. The middle one was the smallest. The others bleeding for 1.5-2.5cm (Not too serious, don’t worry). The doctor went back from treated Yesung and bandaged for Donghae again. During he got bandaged, his face looked so painful but he acted like he’s okay.

After finished the doctor went to see the another team. They also did the acupuncture and sprayed for Sungmin. Yesung was in the tent and got cured for about 45minutes then he went out to continued recording by himself.

All SJ members (Donghae, Yesung, Leeteuk, Sungmin, Shindong and Eunhyuk) continued recording until the end. When Sungmin challenged Donghae shouted “Su..” (I think he’s going to shout Super Junior). Leeteuk hit his head. Donghae shut his mouth and laughed instead while Yesung
embraced around his shoulder at the back.

After the recording ended, manager carried Yesung to the van. Donghae walked for a while then he suddenly hopped by using only his right leg (lift his left leg which got injured up) to the van by himself.

So when the recording was about to end, Donghae and Yesung already felt better. Sungmin and Eunhyuk got minor injured and got acupuncture. Leeteuk and Shindong didn’t get injure.

Source: @DHislet
Translated by: @mook_yeye
Shared at sup3rjunior.wordpress.com by Destiny



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  1. my heart hurts reading this… T_T

  2. ah~ get well soon oppa
    hwaiting 🙂

  3. yesterday was definitely not a nice day…first with the inkigayo n then the dream team and almost everyone were injured…but thanx for sharing bcuz now we know that the injuries were not severe but i m still worried abt yesung it seems like it hurt a lot =(
    i hope they are okay now ..i really pray that these things won’t happen again cuz there was a lot of worries and panic yesterday =/

    sigh*..we are hearing a lot of sad news including heechull’s enlistment…
    i hope everyone cheers up =/

  4. Everything that’s happening so far… this all seem so sad. I can’t even digest it all… Why? Heechul’s enlistment, the events with their perds yesterday, now all this? I can only ask why… I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling ridiculously helpless and far away here…. 😥

  5. My heart breaks… i can only pray that they will get better ~ :’)

  6. my heart is so numb alr from all these news…. thanks for sharing though… any info at the moment bring such relieve from self mental exaggeration abt the incident

  7. Y______________Y

  8. don’t feel good at all since last night. can’t even concentrate at work. doesn’t help that i.m not having a gd day at work as well. *cries*

  9. ah. I hope not anything serious to them, may they recover quickly.

  10. what a bad day for ELF today
    I already miss Heenim
    and reading this made my heart ache even more
    I hope they are alright

  11. I wonder if Shindong hurt his hand since he is the co-mc.During Mr. Simple performance, I was wondering whether SD had a bandage or just props they were wearing. But y else is he not going through the obstacles?

    Do they really have to risk their health to promote the albums? What dumb show that get 4/6 suju members hurt in a night??…and they will have to dance more later?

    Please do a special stage…just stand there and sing. ELFs would rather see that. Sing memories together with heechul before he leaves!

  12. SJ ahjussis get well soon T_T pls rest well 😦

  13. injuries everywhere.. i’m so worried for suju D: having to deal with these injuries while getting a minimum amount of sleep as well! oh my poor babies ):

  14. i hope yesung will not dance on mbank, mcore and inkigayo this week. it will hurt him more

  15. i almost cry when i watched this. too many things happened at once. plus even on the same day of their winning in inkigayo. poor uri oppas. let’s pray for thier health. they must be so tired. really hope they’ll be just fine. please give them a sufficient rest. elfs always be with you. SJ FIGHTING!! ^^

  16. Me’s still worried! I should’ve prayed for them harder! I blame myself!

  17. I had a bad day yesterday because the charger of my laptop was broken and I can’t open my lappy, then all of a sudden I learned about Heechul!!This is another bad day:((

  18. I was so worried 😦
    >< hope they're not going never again to dream team ..T_T I'm scared of the fact that this could have been worse 😦

  19. screw u dream team!!!! do u know that the boys are so precious?! almost half of the boys got injured…how could u be so careless about all the equipment and platform? You could kill them anytime u know?! the boys are all priceless…u don’t even manage to take the consequences for hurting them….remember, hurt the boys at your own risk….the ELFs are ready for u out there!

  20. So many injuries, I hope Yesung and Donghae are alright since they have the worst injuries… Yesterday was definitely not a good day for ELF and for Suju. I can’t stop worrying, I hope everything will be alright…

  21. yesung was carried? :/ i hope he’ll be ok.

  22. Omg!! Wad kinda day was ytd.. 1st they looked so upset on inki den they gt injured!!

  23. .. Im so sad.. hope Donghae and Yesung are okay.. and Hyukkie too

  24. praying for everybody’s safety and health~ now, more than ever.

  25. poor oppa…..yesung and donghae are the worst injured…….poor eunhyuk and sungmin too…hope they are ok…….

    ❤ super junior hwaiting ❤

  26. my tears are going to falll down….i will always pray for you all Super Junior…….and

    to yesung,donghae,sungmin and eunhyuk….hope you 4 is ok 😦

    very sad 😦

  27. Hello.
    Wow,Fantastic article,it’s so helpful to me,and your blog is very good,I’ve learned a lot from your blog here,Keep on going,my friend,I will keep an eye on it,One more thing,thanks for your post!

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