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110821 DREAM TEAM Compilation

About the injury of Yesung.
I saw everything since he fall-down, he lay still.
I think he must be kidding. then while staffs came to saw what happens.
He was reinvigorate by staff and manager, and doctor came to him urgent.
I have chance go to back stage and heard his scream voice from inside tent.
It’s alarming ‘coz what I saw, that he can’t sit in the first time. Doctor put him on bed, and spray injection to relieve pain initially. After having acupuncture at waist.
First member of symptoms is Leeteuk. He ran to tent with worried expression.
I asked him. “How about Yesung?” Leeteuk said “He was OK” but face mood not ok.
It’s really bad time. Over time, about half hour. He sat up and began to walk around tent.
After 45 minutes I saw him and manager walk out tent. His gait was normal, walk slowly and use his hands hold at waist all times.
I asked him directly about injury. Yesung said “It’s better, don’t worry” and smile.
Then finally he went back on stage again for record ending scene with everyone.
In addition, Sungmin, Eunhyuk and Donghae were injured in the filming as well.

Credit: @CLOUDPK
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  1. T-T sungi

  2. were they too deep in thoughts abt heechul’s departure that made them lose concentration during recording?

  3. #getwellsoonyesung, #getwellsoondonghae, #getwellsooneunhyuk, #getwellsoonsungmin

  4. no..i think they’re too tired. i believe heechul had informed them 1 days before he informed the company and the pers.

  5. poor yesung T_T they shouldn’t have filmed DT that day

    • agree T^T
      yeye get well soon >.<

  6. I am really hating dream team right now. Poor yesung oppa. I will keep him and the other injured members in my prayers. ❤

  7. i feel hurt reading this… T_T they are such angels…

  8. My heart hurt the most when he said that it’s okay with an assuring smile. :”'( </////3

  9. OMG…OPPA!! Is it just me, or do i think tht th ep’s obstacles were too.. dangerous or something? cus, I’ve watched DT many times.. and all th members were pretty fine when they fell.. Either tht.. or.. the’re too tired.. =(

  10. no, it’s fan account aka pookka, the admin of 4yesung. she follow yesung activities and saw it with her own eyes. she posted this on twitter @cloudpk

  11. the boys are just too considerate…

  12. Hope they all get better soon.

  13. yesung, fighting! >..<

  14. It sounds painful just hearing about it. o_e Get well soon, you guys!

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