110822 Super Junior Gets Injured on the Set of Dream Team

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Super Junior
members Leeteuk, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Yesung, Sungmin, and Shindong recently recorded their appearance on Dream Team on August 21st. As some may recall, SHINee’s Minhois a permanent guest on the show and has gotten injured more than once. Unfortunately, during the recording on the 21st, Super Junior also sustained injuries.

The recording for the show lasted around 4 hours and when it was almost finished, Donghae fell into the water and sustained injuries. He was reported to have feel a little bit of pain in his leg and his knee was bruised. He was taken backstage where the doctor told him to stop recording. Eunhyuk stayed by his side for the rest of the recording. He reassured fans that he was fine and okay.

Eunhyuk was also reported to have an arm injury and received some treatment backstage while Sungmin left with a slightly hurt wrist, who later received acupuncture.

Yesung’s injury is the one that has got fans worried the most. The second stage reportedly collapsed and the entire set had to be repaired twice. Yesung fell off a platform for one of the challenges and landed in the bubbles below. He didn’t move for about 2 to 3 minutes as it seems he injured his waist and leg. He was taken to the hospital and can’t move his body. It has been revealed that Yesung actually injured his spine.

So let’s see. In one recording of Dream Team, Donghae has a sprained ankle, Yesung has an injured spine, Sungmin’s wrist is hurt, Eunhyuk injured his arm, and the set had to be repaired twice. This is insane! The boys are probably already drained from album promotions and now they have to deal with injuries. Even though I want to see them on stage, I really hope they take a break and rest for a few days.

The episode will be broadcasted on September 4th and 18th.

*Update* Dream Team filming has ended and all the Super Junior members are reported to be in better condition than they were before.

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  1. 😦 OMG Yesungie TT TT spine injury…..
    Hope they feel better before performing for the music shows..and other schedules

  2. poor oppas 😥 i wanna cry right now

  3. I hope they’re gonna be okay….

    Super Junior, Fighting!!!!

    This is really worrying me!!

  4. Oh no Yesung!! I hope all of them get better!!

  5. 4 of them injured ? That’s way too much TT
    I hope it’s not too bad and they will get better soon…

  6. Spinal injuries are always to be treated seriously, no matter how small it seems.
    I just hope he wasn’t badly hurt and no permanent damage will be done.
    Saying prayers for him, for them.

  7. Get well soon! I like DT, but don’t wany the boys injured. Must stay healthy so they can enjoy and perform well during promotions. Spine injury is no joke!

  8. Dream Team should be banned! poor boys….;~; they need hella lots of rest…

  9. I seriously hate this show!!! how come the staff was so careless?the build a fragile stage that injure our boys!! and I can`t sleep the moment I heard Yesung and the other members are hurt…gosh they`re alright….Yesung oppa hwaiting i love you

  10. Hope they ok is that why they look so sad when they win award

    • the award was given before they filmed this show

  11. Omo Yesung oppa! He couldnt move his body? that is really horibble! i cant even sleep if he is in pain T_T

  12. i hope Yesung will recover 100%, the same goes to Donghae, Eunhyuk, Sungmin.. Thankfully Leeteuk & Shindong didnt sustain any injury. Dream Team is a tough show & the obstacles have to be hard enough to attract viewers, to which there would be meaning in winning the race. I just dont think SuJu were in the best conditions to be challenging a full obstacles course. whats more the race was done at night… accidents bound to happen with challenged visibility despite all the artificial lights… if DT really was neglecting safety aspects, then they really need to do sth abt that… change the safety inspector or stage setter or whatever. I am a fan of DT but im a much bigger fan of SuJu

  13. they might not perform well bcoz of their injuries..so sad bout that news..

  14. T_T oppas fighting !!

  15. Ooooh Boys !!!

  16. T____T Read this
    I cant hold my tears, hope their better now. Btw hyuk keep look after hae #eunhae
    Get well soon uri oppadeul.

  17. ahh yesung, hope he is not in pain anymore. don’t want him to feel pain,
    hope the others are okay too.

  18. YEYE ! I love him and shudder at the thought of him not being able to move T_T they need to understand that these boys are going through WAY too much at once ! Hope my Ming is okay too, along with EunHae ❤

  19. he couldnt move??? spine injury?? omg. that’s serious!!


    it’s not even a good show and they’re pointlessly getting hurt. shisus. give their bodies a rest.

  20. Is Yesung okay?! Why are they always getting them selves injuried, I understand that they want to do their very best but please take care of yourselves! It seriously breaks my heart when they get hurt like this!!

  21. OMG..SPINE INJURY!!do u know how SERIOUS is SPINE INJURY!!and do u think it takes only a few days to recover…NO!!and screaming..its that painful until he SREAM!!do u know how painful is tat!!WHY THEM??WHY NOT OTHER PEOPLE??and plus they still got a LONG WAY to go for their 5th album promotion and they even INJURED themselve now!!ahhhhhh~…PLEASE RECOVER and GET WELL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE,okay..E.L.F will always SUPPORT u guys…^^

  22. i was SO SO SO SO SO SO SCRED when i heard about Yesungs injury….i mean….omg *really crying*

  23. OMG! what’s wrong with DT crew??? why are you being careless?

  24. i just read this now, and oh God, Yesung’s spine injury… he even didn’t move for 2-3 minutes.
    and just this morning when i woke up from my sleep, suddenly i had a vision that Yesung fell from a stage when perform and injured. who knows that he really already fell? i’m so shock right now.
    i can’t… i feel so sad now, his spine again… after the neck, and kidney disease Yesungie?
    be better soon, Jongwoon-ssi and other members.

  25. I’m so pissed off with this people! Dont they know about safety measures? they are supposed to be professionals. In the future I really hope our boys dont go to this program again. Oppas I pray for ur fast recovery TT___TT *crying

  26. really sad to hear that 😦
    I hope eunhyuk, donghae, sungmin and yesung oppa can get well soon.

  27. OMG the other day my little sister had a dream where all of SuJu were injured because a stage collapsed while they were performing Mr. Simple and now 4 of them are injured to a certain degree. T-T I’m scared now. I hope they all get better and that they get a lot of rest.

  28. Oh gosh, I hope the spinal injury doesn’t cause permanent damage. The things their bodies go through… I hope everyone heals quickly! Dx

  29. This is serious.
    A spinal injury is no joke.None of their injuries are.
    I’ll be hoping for the best.
    Yesung an donghae got the worst,I love you all boys.Stay strong!

  30. i really hope that they get well..as soon as possible…
    sungmin oppa.. you need to be careful of your wrist… i still want to hear you play the guitar >….< EEEEEEEEEEEEFFFFFFFFFFf yyyyooooooooooooo…. uuuuuuuuuuggghhhhh

  31. >_< i seriously hope they get a break from their schedule to rest up and recover some more… seriously any true fan would rather them to be absent from TV for a few days rather than work in their conditions like this…

  32. It is a scandal if the stage was built in such a flimsy manner that it collapsed. SM had better rethink who it is they trust to secure a safe venue for the guys. This sort of casual incompetence is not acceptable.

  33. DAMN YOU SME!!!!!

  34. I hope all of them will be better soon.

  35. this really freakin upsets me 😡 i was SO happy ♥ about 5thjib and their success, and now i am dumped with a crapload of bad news. ಥ_ಥ heechul enlists for army, i can’t go to the fansigning event, and my favorite bias has a freakin spine injury, as well as other band members whom i love. ♥ SIGH…. ㅠ.ㅠ at least leeteuk and shindong didn’t get hurt… keep well suju~ ♥

  36. But thank God, Eunhyuk made the best time. He beat the rookie’s team’s time. So I’m so happy he made it.

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