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Donghae got a little injured from almost the end of dreamteam recording. he fell in to the water. he got a bruised on his knee and a little pain at his leg. the doctor not allowed Donghae to continue filming

Donghae is back to bandage again. His scar is not big but there’s quite the blood bleeding out a lot. Donghae has 3 scars. Sungmin is taking acupuncture at his right arm and sticking plaster on both left arm and right arm.

Sungmin continued the challenge. Donghae was screaming and cheering then suddenly Leeteuk hit his head. like he want Donghae to keep quiet. Yesung and Donghae embracing each other’s shoulder. in the end Sungmin failed.

Credit: @DHIslet
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Eunhyuk’s arm seems to be having injury, he went to backstage to do treatment just now

Donghae went to backstage to receive treatment for his legs, Eunhyuk accompanied him by sitting beside him, both of them did not anticipate the next filming

Inhwan(manager) carried Donghae to the ward (Donghae’s left leg got injured and there’s blood seeping out the gauze). there’s fans asked him ‘are you ok?’ Donghae replied ‘i’m okay’ Shindong went to see Donghae and Yesung in the tent while Sungmin and Hyukjae filming at the front. and Leeteuk preparing to record too

Filming continued, Eunhyuk took off his jacket before challenging. As he only took off one of his jacket’s sleeve, Donghae was already behind him to help him carry his jacket… Eunhyuk took his jacket off and gave it to Donghae, Donghae then folded it properly and put on the chair

Eunhyuk successfully completed his challenge!! His completed it in lightning speed! Leeteuk and Sungmin went and congratulate him, Donghae did not go to him right away due to leg injury. Eunhyuk went back to the site and high fived with Donghae, Donghae touched Eunhyuk’s neck and hugged

Credit: villaBUBU
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Yesung came out from the tent, his waist is injured. Pokka said she heard screaming when he was receiving treatment… Donghae’s left knee has stopped bleeding, but he need manager to hold him while walking, he was walking in an unbalance way… Both of Sungmin’s hands was injured too, doctor gave him acupuncture treatment, both of his hand were given the similar treatment, he seemed painful T__T

Shared on sup3rjunior.wordpress.com by elf101586



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  1. woohoo woohoo :(”’

  2. My poor babies! 😦

  3. Shisus they need to stop doing that dumb show!!!

  4. What Happened seems like all the members got injured 😦
    and why did leeteuk hit donghae;s head he was only cheering sungminnie
    thank goddness that shindong is alright and didnt get injured
    i hope the other members recover

    • Leeteuk hitting Donghae’s head because he did not want to Donghae getting worse wound. Leeteuk told donghae intend to break. Leeteuk also must be very tired because he is the leader .. she worked 2 times more exhausting than other members .. Super Junior’s amazing! TT.TT

      • Sorry for thinking that leeteuk’s hitting donghae’s head a bad thing
        Leeteuk is such a caring leader

  5. I hope Yesung is alright..
    as well as the rest of the guys

  6. OMG Poor boys they should be carefull …

  7. ㅜ.ㅜ i think we feel worse bc we are reading abt it and we have these horrible pictures in our head. honestly, yesung worried me the most with a back/waist injury. even though i know they others are in pain, the dream team course is something where they can possibly be hurt even if they take care. i’m sure SJ aren’t the only ones to be hurt during DT filmings. i pray its not too serious and will continue to root for them.

  8. Blahh!! This sucks!!!! Is this like wipe out or what??? I hope our oppas get getter.

  9. Why are there so many injuries? 😦 get well soon!!

  10. Donghae oppa take care please T-T i want be with you now to care about you always T-T

  11. This show seems really dangerous, I hope their injuries are not too bad 😦
    Why must they participate in such a show when they’re already tired because of the promotion ?

  12. Omo! first Hyukjae’s serious iimpression on Inki now what’s a tough game??!! why the boys injured a lot. At least ‘Ace’ Hyukie ^^ is the winner right??? if it true this is good for them. Hope they get well soon because they still have a lot of schedule.TT Please take care.

    • who cares about the winner now ?

  13. TT TT I hope they’re okay…too many injuries……..

  14. I don’t understand the point of this show. They’re singers and dancers. Is the prize at the end worth all the injuries?

    • normally only fit people are casted to appear on the show… the minimum requirement when they had an episode on audience special was 20 chin ups… & the contenders against DT have always been the top notch people from military, defense forces, pilots, acrobats etc… so you get the idea of the required physical conditions. which is y DT casted only the physically best in the industry such as Lee Sangho, Lee Sangmin, Kim Byungman, Sangchu, Ricky although sometimes they throw in weaker people for idk why. SuJu was at a physical disadvantage due to endless promotions, other commitments (SUKIRA, KangShimJjang etc) & also the filming was done through to past midnight… can only imagine how exhausted they must have been

  15. yeah, i agree
    i thought mayb bcuz they were tired so they might be a bit careless
    plus it’s at night!!!
    they might feel sleepy already!!
    i know filming DT there might be accidents happening
    but what i’m angry about is the set that is not properly installed
    and filming something like this in the middle of the night
    they SHOULD know that filming scenes like these needs extra care
    they’ve been doing this forever!!!
    nyway, hope the boys are okay especially Yesung oppa

  16. Really hope that our boys will get enough rest..
    They might be very tired last nite..
    After performing at Inkigayo,they rushed to record DT..
    Take care oppas =)

    Remember,you are our superman..
    The last man standing..
    We will stand by your side though,no matter how hard

  17. Omg, that all sounds so painful. I hope they all get better soon… please don’t over-strain yourselves. );

  18. i just hope they are fine now…so many sad news today..
    i just seems to be smilling,even on little things i could cried now…
    hae and yesung went to hospt taday,please just let them be okay
    i can’t handle any more sad news…..

    • i just can’t seem to be smiling
      omg even typing error make me miserable

  19. MY GGOOOSSHHHH … my oppa’s got injured 😥
    Sungmin oppa you must take care of your arms ok? i dont want you to be in pain
    Hyukkie oppa .. please be careful 😥
    Donghae oppa .. i kno ho much it hurts to have bruises and sprains.. but your feet is bleeding 😥 i cant imagine how much that must had hurt 😦
    Leeteuk oppa be careful with your head :”(
    and Yesung oppa.. you must have been in serious pain… reading that someone heard you scream while receiving treament … i really feel sad 😥

    and for dream team.. you should have done the filming on the next day!! our oppa’s are so busy and tired because of promotions but you still let them continue filming and it’s past midnight….
    maybe the regular dream team members are ok .. but our SJ oppa’s are tired.. not like the regular members that doesnt have that much schedule… uri oppa’s schedule are full..
    i understand that you want them to be in the show… but must it really need to after pat midnight??? do you even imagine how uri oppa’s feel??
    tired from schedule all day… they were at inki.. then they rushed there…
    you really should have let them rest at least.. or at least give them some time to sleep before proceeding with the filming…
    i dont like our oppa’s being hurt … IT REALLY BREAKS MY HEART APART!!!!!!
    i like dream team but .. seeing my idols being hurt? that’s a NO NO for me >.<
    and lastly .. to Dream Team PD-nim… please understand that .. if you do invite a kpop idol to guest in your show… you should at least check if they're ok first… or at least check their schedule if were they tired from the past schedule or not… just to prevent anyone from getting hurt !!!!!! SPECIALLY …. DONT LET THEM FILM AFTER PAST MIDNIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sorry for leaving such a long comment here… but i just cant stop myself from being mad with dream team… im sure that all the ELF's around the world feel's the same as me… seeing the our love one's being hurt is just too much.,, and also the fact that we cant really do anything but pray for them… i really feel bad :"( 😦

  20. poor Yesung oppa.. T^T

  21. My Hae 😦

  22. T.T eunhae, yemin… get well soon!!!

  23. crying inside of my heart.. it feels hurt!
    (because i’m fasting now.. i can’t cry. holding the tears back is really hurt. it’s choking TT_TT)
    our beloved oppas got injuries T_T

  24. >.< this was almost too painful to read. i'm glad to hear they're feeling better now, but still………….zomg. poor suju T_T

  25. they should stopped filming for that dangerous show! ELFs won’t feel happy watching them trying to completed those challenges with injuries!

  26. oppa.. fighting…we’ll always support u…don’t force yourself…your health is more important than anyting….get well soon…

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