110819 Youngstreet with Super Junior (Some Transcript)

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110819 KBS Music Bank – Compilation

Yewon: You r very close with PD right? Pls say something to the PD.
Hee: PD-nim, last time when I’m the DJ, you don’t reply to my messages, you started to reply me after I left. I feel that you don’t need to put in too much feelings for Yewon & Kwanghee, anyway Boom is coming here soon.

Hee: Mithra & I are born in the same year, his bday comes b4 mine but I don’t call him hyung.
*Kwanghee hit Yewon
Hee: You don’t hit my woman!
*Kwanghee keeps following his script to host the program
Kyu: You really read it word by word.
Kwanghee: Bcoz if I don’t follow the script, I would be lost. Heechul, how’s the feeling of coming back to YS?
Hee: I’m very happy to be back, but I feel that both of u r doing very well, mk me feel a bit of being betray. Bcoz I will think: could it be that in the beginning, both of u r waiting for me to leave?

DJ: Heard that you guys hv got the first place for 55 weeks.
Everyone: Is 63 weeks!
Kyu: How come that information is not updated for 8 weeks?
Hee: Feel really thankful to be able to win on MusicBank once a week. We still hv to win for the next 62 weeks.

*After Mr.Simple was played
Kwanghee: This song is too short, is not enough.
Donghae: Then we will mk a version which is 8 minutes long.
Kwanghee: Really like to talk to you guys more. You guys are leaving after the program right?
Donghae (?): Then come to our dorm.
Heechul: Yes, come to our dorm, we are all overseas, there’s no one in our dorm, you can come.

Hee: Donghae is very popular among girls. The girls in our company are scare of me except Suli, but the other girls all like Donghae.

Ryeowook: Till the end of 1JIB (promotion), it seems like I didn’t get to talk to Heechul hyung.
Hee: Yes, but now Ryeowook & I talk a lot to each other.

DJ: Is a pity that we r ending soon, pls say something abt today’s feeling.
Hee: Let’s use something irony to describe how we feel in this broadcast. Donghae?
Hae: Hmm, according to the DJ’s standard today, it should be no problem if I’m here as a DJ, seems like keep reading from the script. keke..
Hee: Indeed, I’m stronger (better) than both of u.

DJ: Let us look ahead to 7 years later, that will be year 2018, you guys should hv been married right?
Ryeowook: By then Heechul hyung is already 36 years old.
Hee: Don’t say this. Donghae, what will you be doing?
Donghae: I should be fishing? keke.. I hope to meet a girl whom I like n form a family.
Hee: I also want to form my family. Children who r like rabbits n wife who is like fox. As compared to getting married, I’m hoping to hv my own children more, look like me, how good it will be~

Kyu: You know why the 2 DJs are getting off after a few more days?
Hee: Haha….
Ryeowook: These few days both DJs are doing very well, really very happy.
Hee: How can u say something like this? Now is to say something irony.
DJ: In short, thank you each SJ guests, bye.

Credit: 80后花瓣部落
Translated by:  athena0925 at HeechulSJFacts

Shared at sup3rjunior.wordpress.com by uksujusid


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  1. LOL. Kyuhyun’s being mean really… haha.
    and Heechul really misses DJ-ing. aigoo.
    aww, so that’s why Wookie and Chulie were chatting on twitter before, their getting closer~
    “DH: I should be fishing?” LOL. XD
    why should you be the one fishing? you’re the fish. haha.

    • Fishing for anchovies!! haha
      And Heechul: Children like rabbits and wife like a fox! lmbo, love witty Heenim ^^

  2. ahaha
    popular hae…
    no wonder~

  3. Of course Hae is so popular, he’s nice and handsome ❤
    Heechul is so witty, I'm sure he must really be happy to be back at Youngstreet ^^

  4. kyu must not like kwanghee lol. poor guy.

  5. haha! so funny when Hae invited Kwanghee to their dorm and Hee said you can come, we are overseas, no one is around.. haha!!! poor kwanghee! and Hae fishing??? Hae you’re a fish! bet you mean you’re still going after Hyukie coz he’s anchovy.. FISHING FOR HYUKIE IN SHORT!ㅋㅋㅋ

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