110818 Super Junior 3D Concert To Be Screened In Singapore Next Month

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With exclusive footages, not seen during the live Super Show 3 in Singapore, included in the movie, “Super Junior Super Show 3 3D” will be screened in Singapore (starting from) 1st September.

3D concert movies are slowing becoming a trend in Singapore; following Ayumi Hamasaki, Kylie Minogue, Mayday and 2AM’s, Golden Village (GV) will be exclusively screening SJ’s 3D concert movie.

When the movie was screened in Korea, overwhelming responses was received and after making its way into Taiwan’s cinemas next Friday, Singapore will take the lead as one of the earliest Southeast Asia’s countries to screen (the movie).

SJ’s 3D concert movie will be 80 minutes long, screening the first show of Super Show 3 held in Korea on 14th August 2010. With SJ, whose popularity is increasing across Asia, the movie will start off with their hit songs “Sorry Sorry” and “Bonamana”

Although SJ had tried to showcase all the performances through the stage layout (similar to Korea’shows) earlier this year, there are still some parts of the concert which they are unable to present it in Singapore. Hence, these exclusive footages will be revealed through the movie*

To Be Screened For A Week

For those who have seen the promotion video, they have been advised not to leave the cinema yet upon seeing the rolling credits because there are more scenes at the end of it. In addition, Chinese subtitles of members’ conversations and song lyrics from the concert will be included in the movie to further allow fans to understand and indulge in the film.

Due to the uncertainty regarding the local responses to 3D concert movies, the film will only be screened in Singapore for a week. As compared to Japanese singer Ayumi Hamasaki and International pop star Kylie Minogue (whose films) were only screened for 2 to 5 days, SJ’s 3D concert movie is considered as one with the “longest lifespan”.

The movie will be screened exclusively at selected Golden Village (GV) cinemas. Advance ticket sales will commence tomorrow (19th August 2011, Friday) to allow fans to pre-book their tickets for the movie screening at GV Marina Square and GV Plaza Singapura. Tickets can be booked either through GV website or GV ticket box office. Tickets are priced at SGD30 for non-members and SGD28 for GV members.

*performances during Korea SS3 but not in Singapore SS3 will be included in the movie.

News Source: Singapore Newspaper – My Paper, 180811 (Thursday)
Addition Information: Golden Village Pictures Offical Facebook & @GVPictures
Article Scan: yumetheny@PBSG
Translation by: pepperdott@PBSG
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  1. Please Philippines too 😦 oh wait it will be expensive arghgh

  2. I want to watch, tought it’s a bit expensive.. I must chose betwen this and 5Jib

  3. my couldnt it be in malaysia?? T_T

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