110818 CeCi Magazine September Issue – Super Junior [8P]

August 18, 2011 at 1:25 am | Posted in 5th Album, Magazine, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 41 Comments

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Credits to. CeCi’s Official Website | Shared by. Blue★Princez @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Reupload and Posted by:  Melody (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

Please credit ‘SUP3JUNIOR.WORDPRESS.COM’ as well. Thank you.

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  1. ooohh.. a change from their usually polished looks.. they look ahm dirty here…lol
    but i like it!!!=p

  2. This, right here, should be the theme for 6jib!

    • agreed!! can’t wait for the rest of the pics!!

  3. i want that magz…………………………………

  4. the booze the grit…nice manly look.

    >< i wonder which cover these pics go to? and what the others have inside them…

  5. are they private detectives mafia something.. o so hot especially Kyu!! i love the minwook picture 8D

  6. from some reason, i laughed at the second pic. lol

  7. i died and got revived by the photos. geez.. why are they so freaking gorgeous in whatever concept they have? hehehe i love!!!

    • i know right
      MY GOD!!!!
      i was like
      HOW CAN THEY BE THIS HOT?????!!!!!

  8. :0 pic # 5…almost too hot to handle even tho there is nothing scandalous about it ^^

    • agree with u.. they are totally extremely HOT!! ^^

  9. the second picture donghae sit like a boss!!AHAHHAHAA xD

    • and he’s sooo skinny aaaaaa HANDSOMENESS OVERLOAD~~~

  10. since it has 3 covers.. i wonder which cover did these pictures from huhuhuhu

  11. Woah!! Finally!! Thanks a lot for sharing. yups, I wonder where can we get this Magazine? hhee

  12. donghae ahh!!! why so hoooot????

  13. :Q_________

  14. First picture: drool.
    And Heechul has handcuffs: kinky 🙂

  15. lol. makes me wanna be a lawyer even more now xD;;

  16. omo…they look so hot n sexy with this conceot….i want this magazine….> u <

  17. handsome!!!!!!!!!i luv this…

  18. OMG they are hottttttttt and wow Kyuhyun ah I love this badas and gorgeous as hell image of yors 0,0 <33333333

  19. Holy I’d love if this was a movie I’d definitely watch it! 🙂

  20. omg i’m so getting this mag!

  21. I friggin’ love the 1st and 5th pic. So different but so hott! Need more of this!!!

  22. a real fruitful photo shoot~ they all look great & awesome & oozes manliness~ the photos look like teasers for manly movie~ we can pretty much tell what kind of character they each could pull off based on their outfits… it could have been a great movie~ hope SM considers it~

  23. LOVE the photos, it’s got a different ‘feel’ to their other photoshoots if you know what i mean ^^
    wahhhhh, i wanttttttt

  24. I find the main vocalist duo in 1st pic with that full body portrait is very charming ~ ♥ heechul looks like a nerd, a very pretty nerd that he looks like an anomaly in that ‘thriller’ set XD. and I fall in love deeply with sungmin’s glasses

  25. you know what,heechul can arrest me anytime.

  26. Woow they are soo handsome they look like they came from a movie .. Soo cool ..


  28. i surrender myself to heechul… kekekeke… i wish they would make a movie out of this concept… i lyk!!

  29. I love the concept, they all looks really handsome and it’s so cool ^^
    Donghae with the car ❤

  30. ohmaigadddddd… i love those concept. mafia, and detective or yeah >w<
    i really wants the MAGZ ==

  31. i am totally dead now!! ><

    *swoons* *awestruck*

  33. OMG, prosecutor/lawyer concept = LOVE. O_O

  34. Oo!

  35. i love the way they lokk!!

  36. lol why are Hyuk photos so small hehe. Heechul with handcuffs and that ‘You look suspicious Siwon, I’m going to have to give you a cavity search’ expression on his face slays me!

  37. They are gorgeous.

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