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— ALSO what are YOUR FAVOURITES.. do comment!!

Happy Monday has changed to .. CandidRandomPost.. don’t even ask lol.. Oh actually it’s because I missed this weeks Monday lol.. anyway dramas that I LOVE (asian dramas) ..  I’m going to do a top 5 ~! too lazy to do a top 10/20 (I’ve watched ALOT of dramas!)  these are the dramas I thought of straight, no order whatsoever..

  • HANA YORI DANGO (By far the best F4 version, totally pawns BOF!) You have to love Matsumoto Jun! His dorky antics, for a tough guy ROFL! Who doesn’t love a love story, especially when the rich guy falls for the average girl! & the way it comes about is absolutely HILARIOUS! A must watch, I really think if you haven’t watched this then you haven’t seen anything!
  • It STARTED with a kiss.. ~~! Ariel Lin & Joe Cheng ❤ this is so sweet, I feel as though I can relate to her. She’s so persistent about her love, & in the end she gets him! Love is a journey don’t you think? You might get put off by the fact that this drama is quite long, but I am TELLING you it’s worth it. Thee best Taiwanese drama!!
  • Absolute Boyfriend – Basically this girl Riko, gets herself a customised boyfriend, YES CUSTOMISED.. as in he is actually a robot!! I was so suprised & taken by this drama, it’s really funny.. & adorable! Mokomichi Hayami is amazing, when acting as Nighto..
  • Full House — One name RAIN ~~!  my shisus is rain sekshii in the drama, his character ahh ~~! Someone who is unable to confront their feelings, ! I think this is DEFO one of the most FAMOUS Korean dramas.. it sometimes makes me cry I really feel Han Ji-Euns pain, somtimes makes me laugh, & somtimes (Rains other love) annoys the crap out of me!
  • 9 Ends & 2 outs ~~ about a boy & girl best friends, both in their 30 ~~! haha she gets kicked out of her house xD & ends up living with her best MALE friend. It is WAR at first (well because they never spent 24hrs a day together before) .. & the comes LOVE.. ~ this drama makes me happy, it makes me feel optimistic about love!!

OTHER dramas ~! Secret Garden, Buzzer Beat, Oh My Lady,  1 litre of tears, Last Friends, Hana Kimi, Goong S, Mr Girl, Shining Inheritence, Why Why love, Devil Beside You, Down With Love, Hi My Sweetheart, Shining Inheritence… all of them are AWESOME 🙂

I LOVE JERRY YAN.. (especially after watching Down With Love)


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  1. My top 5!!
    1º Hanna yori dango – my firt japanese drama and Love!!! Jun Matsumoto in this drama!!
    2º My name is Kim San Soon – LOL!!
    3º Devil beside you – Mike He & Rainie Yang, best drama couple ever! >o<
    4º Secret Garden – Hyun Bin!! (my name's cat XD)
    5º My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox!! (T_T.. crying all day long)

    • I haven’t seen No.2 & 5.. ~~! I shall check them OUT 🙂

      • you should watch MY Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed fox. it’s the best korean drama for me. No dull moments. ^^

    • waaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hana Yori Dango! [please don’t forget Shun Oguri-san! keke] I loooooooooooooooovvvveeeeeeee Matsujun so much as well! Lucky Jun and Shun are working together here again since Gokusen! haha ❤ . ❤

      My top 5!
      1. Endless Love [w/ Song Hye Gyo & Song Seung Hun]
      2. Love At The Dolphin Bay
      3. Meteor Garden
      4. Gokusen [it is also a JDorama right? keke]
      5. Hana Yori Dango * _ *" [i know, huhuhu, well saving the best for last, right? keke]

      there's still way too much asian dramas that i loved but no more space to fill everything in…. Latest most fave of mine was Cinderella's Sister.. what am i to do? kekeke 😉

      • gaaaahhhhhhh…… [this is roselle cabual again, commenting using my twitter account, keke] how could i missed out on the most important and the most dearest drama i have recently watched… and still watching up to now?! I’m talking about “It’s Okay Daddy’s Girl”. Super Junior’s Lee Donghae is in that drama. Certified tearjerker, that drama really is, i swear. It is so beautiful. It is loaded w/ too much good family values and lessons about life’s setbacks and highs and lows. IT’S TRULY A MUST WATCH!!! I hope everyone of us would get to appreciate, love and get to watch it from start to finish. Every episode was so great, there’s not a single dull moment in it.

  2. My 10 Favorite Dramas as of now. 🙂
    1. Meteor Garden (Taiwanese Ver)
    2. My Name is Kim Sam Soon
    3. Princess Hours
    4. Endless Love – Winter Sonata
    5. My Girl
    6. Lovers in Paris
    7. Memories in Bali
    8. You’re Beautiful
    9. Full House
    10. Wonderful Life

    • BTW, i like gokusen too. if you guys are familiar with it. ^_^

      • I’ve never seen 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,10 xD hahah so many, but I am familiar with gokusen!

  3. woahh~~ i havent watched any of your top 5 except full house!! im too biased ㅋ only watch korean dramas.. i used to watch taiwanese dramas when i was little, but the only one that i remember was just meteor garden xD and never watched jap dramas!

    number 1 would be FULL HOUSE! yes everyone loves this drama!! ive watched it more than once, and cos its just so sweet, love every moment of it, and yes rain is so seksihhh! and songhyekyo is so pretty too~ love all ost songs of full house ♥

    number 2.. endless love! this drama is soo good >< my sister didnt even feel sad but im crying ~ but its recommended, the drama is soo good ♥

    number 5.. oh my lady! to be honest i dont actually like the story line that much, but this drama is special to me since because of it i know siwon, and super junior, and kpop, and now here ii am! ♥♥

    ahh my comment is so long ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
    i still have so many dramas~ like secret garden, sungkyunkwan scandal, athena, etc etc~~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    • my no 3 and 4 is gone somehow? ㅠ anyway.. no 3 is city hunter and no 4 is 49 days xD why did it delete it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

      • I bet you watched Endless Love in Indonesia ^^ and I love City Hunter too..

      • it seems I’m the only one who haven’t watched city hunter!! T_T!!

      • ONLY full house? ahh you have to watch the rest!! Endless love? that seems to be quite popular!, also I totally understand about OML, & idek why city hunter & 49 days disappared, but thansk for this, I shall watch those I haven’t watched..

  4. My top 5:
    1. Full House!! – best drama ever.. Love, laugh, pain, great actor and actress in one drama!!
    2. Flight Attendance (?) I forget the title – This dorama teach me how to catch your dream.. From boyish girl into flight attendance is more than amazing..
    3. Hana Yori Dango – cant more agree with you
    4. Baker King, Kim Tak Gu – not only because Kyuhyun sings the OST, but also the line story is great..
    5. Endless Love – my first K-drama I watched T_T

    • Oh same 1 & 3 ❤ haven't seen 2,4,5 .. wow Endless must be really good, if alot of people are already suggesting it!

      • It’s really sad drama.. You havent watch Baker King? O.o

  5. LOL my friend was just telling me about chinese dramas the other day. she strongly recommended meteor garden and devil beside you. (haven’t watched either.) personally i didn’t watch too many (no time), but my favorite of all time was one you already listed: i litre of tears!!!!! that drama has definitely changed me hahaha. even if it’s just for now.

    i also watched it started with a kiss (XD) and ariel lin = best taiwanese actress EVER. even though the drama was intensely long lol

    hm the only other dramas i can think of right now were hana kimi (taiwan version) and pi li MIT (taiwanese drama). if you’ve heard of the boyband fahrenheit… (they’ve interacted with suju in the past). they were kinda like my former loves before suju came in XDDD

    and if you didn’t already see it’s okay, daddy’s girl (donghae’s drama)…. XD i personally really liked that one, too. kekekeke

    • Devil Beside You, has an actor called Mike He in it.. definately WORTH watching!! I know you mean about 1 litres, ahh so sad.. !!! It makes you think, & be greatful for what you have.. & the fact that it is a true story just kills me.. so sad..

  6. I agree so much with HYD being better than bof, omg HYD was jsut amazing, inoue mao and matsumoto jun<3 and Zettai Kareshi is sooo good yes, I cried sooo much in that drama D:

    • *HI 5* SIMILAR tastes!

  7. My All-Time Favorite Asian Dramas:

    1. Hana Kimi (Taiwan) – Wu Zun and Ella ♥
    2. It Started with a Kiss & They Kiss Again – Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng ♥
    3. Meteor Garden – Barbie Hsu and F4
    4. You’re Beautiful – Jang Geun Suk, Park Shin Hye, Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Hong Ki
    5. Fated to Love You – Joe Chen and Ethan Ruan
    6. Devil Beside You – Rainie Yang and Mike He
    7. Goong – Yoon Eun Hye and Joo Ji Hoon
    8. Delightful Girl Choon Hyang – Han Chae Young and Jae Hee
    9. Save the Last Dance for Me – Eugene and Ji Sung
    10. Lovers in Paris – Park Shin-Yang, Kim Jung-Eun, Lee Dong-Gun

    • I’ve seen Hana Kimi the Japanese ver, obviously ISWAK!! I haven’t seen 4,7,8,9, 10 .. *there I thought I’ve wacthed them all. clearly not! xD

      • You should definitely watch drama no. 4 (You’re Beautiful)! Fan girls will surely can relate to this drama ^^ and oh! Super Junior was mentioned in this drama too! XD

    • i watched it started with a kiss and loved it ..but i have been trying to find they kiss again and watch it but i couldnt find it…..hope i get to see it soon…….

  8. 1-sungkyuunkwan scandal (jangoom group _<)
    2- my girlfriend is gumiho (gumiho cuteness and dorky Moments)
    3- 49 days
    4- you are beautiful
    5- city hunter
    6- myung wol the spy
    7-boys before flowers

    • My bestie said No.1 Sunhyyuunkwan is REALLY good, but then again she’s a cassie & loves Yoochunie, but I’mma defo watch it! I’ve never heard of No.6, what’s that about?

      • its a new drama they didn’t finish it yet the actress is han yesul and actor eric from shinhwa

        and for skk scandal its been a year since last time i watched the drama and i still addicted to it thank you for replaying

        • oh and the drama about An elite North Korean spy, and her partner, infiltrates South Korea on a mission to disrupt the Hallyu Wave by kidnapping one of their top stars, . Despite her proficiency at her job, her one weakness is her uncontrollable curiosity. Hijinks ensue when she falls in love with the hallyu star instead.

  9. My Top Drama
    Korea: My Girlfriend is A Gumiho
    Taiwan: It Started With A Kiss -> They Kiss Again

  10. OMG!!!!!!!!!! JERRY YAN!! Yes~~ omg~~ after watching Down With Love I had this HUGE mini Jerry Yan craze hahahaha ^_^ I LITERALLY started flipping out when I saw “Jerry Yan” on your post lol ^^ omg~ and the Down With Love OST was so cute too 😀 It was such a cute drama…

    hmm~~ but my top dramas (I don’t have any particular favorites cause I can never decide which one I like better) would be:

    Korea: City Hunter, Athena (I’m watching it right now and I ALREADY love it so much), You’re Beautiful, 49 Days and My Princess

    Taiwan: Black & White (omg one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES EVER), Pi Li MIT, Down With Love, Romantic Princess, Devil Beside You (I LOVE Rainie Yang…she’s my favorite Taiwan actress lol), Miss No Good, Hi! My Sweetheart (hehe, Rainie Yang beats up Show Luo [he plays a nerd and looks SO FUNNY!!]), Fated to Love You, My Lucky Star (omg~ LOVED this drama SO MUCH!! haha, actually starred a Korean actress as the main), and Autumn’s Concerto (stars Vanness Wu!!!)

    haha~~ I’ve watched A LOT of Taiwan dramas ^_^
    sorry sorry ^^””” Haven’t seen any Japanese ones…

    • i watched down with love too..n jerry yan was really awesome…he was really daebak in there…i smile like a lunatic when i see down with love as one the author favourite drama….it was a really good drama!!!!!!everybody should watch it…….

      • OMG I KNOW RIGHT?!?! Jerry Yan looked SO GOOD in Down With Love!! lol ^_^
        …maybe it was cause of all the suits he was wearing? but still~~ ah~ the drama just SO CUTE and nice 😀 I liked it a lot ^_^

  11. Omgosh YES full house ❤ I thought they were the cutest couple ever and no matter how many times I watch that drama it never gets old for me :')

    Another one of my favs is my girlfriend is a gumiho. Shin Min Ah is honestly so beautiful, her and Lee Seung Gi were adorable!!

    There's also a Taiwanese drama I love its calle Let's Watch the Meteor Shower Together (something like that). I loved the first one and it's sequel ❤ the actors were pretty good looking hehe~ you should check it our sometime ^^

  12. ive been trying to find full house subbed!! i’ve heard it’s really good. know where i can find it?

    my favorites are: secret garden, my lovely samsoon, 49 days, and princess hours.

    • you should go to mysoju they have every Korean drama subbed online old or new

      • Thank you!!

  13. My top 5? Hmm. Hard to choose but my absolute fave is and always will be A Jewel in the Palace. It was so beautifully done and that folk song is still in my head: onara onara ajuona…
    2. Sunggyungwan Scandal. Love the friendship and interplay between the four main characters.
    3. Delightful Girl Chunhyang. An oldie but goodie. This one has a special place in my heart cuz I don’t remember laughing so much while watching a drama. Actually I like all the dramas written by the Hong Sisters (including Greatest Love), but nothing beats their very first work.
    4. Coffee Prince. Love the insane chemistry the two main actors have. Love its take on modern Korean life, where family and Confucian values aren’t EVERYTHING. Love the folksy ost. Love everything about it.
    5. Pasta. I don’t exactly love everything about this drama, but there is that crazy chemistry again. And their adlibs were soooooo adorable. Plus there is that added bonus of Kyu singing Listen to You.
    I’ve only seen kdramas so far but I’m definitely going to try abd see some from Japan and Taiwan. My must see list: Skip Beat. 🙂

    • omg your list is amazing Jewel in the Palace this is the first Korean thing i ever knew i thought it was Chinese though XD
      and sungkyunkwanscandal is my no1 forever << yeah right

  14. ive watched 2 of ur top 5. im also a drama addict.hehe.but mostly it’s kdrama that i watch although ive seen meteor garden (who else in asia did not? hehe) and down with love.so u could say im a gerry yan fan. 🙂 boys over flower was the 1st kdrama i watched and since then i was hooked into watching all kdramas. i searched all their best dramas in the past. so u cld imagine the loads of hours i spent sitting in front of our tv.hehe..i just finished watching city hunter..and because of this addiction one of my wishes is to go to korea. hehe..and BTW, im a fan of jang geun suk when it comes to drama. :))

    is 9 ends 2 outs a kdrama? 🙂

    • my 10 favorites in random ( it’s so hard to rank them)
      > princess hours
      > full house
      > hana kimi (japanese)
      > meteor garden 1
      > boys over flowers
      > 3 dads and a mom
      > u are beautiful
      > loving u a thousand times
      > shining inheritance
      > wonderful life

  15. 1. freeter ie wo kau…..human drama….the mother got depression,, the father is to strict,, and jobless son…inspiring dorama…
    2. hanadan..the best f4 version…..matsujun is the best domyoji…
    3. full house…this is best korea drama i ever watch….cute couple….
    4. boss……detective dorama…but you cant guess the end of the story…
    5. proposal daisakusen…..why it’s so hard to say ‘i love you’????
    6. the worlds within…….
    7. hanakimi (japan,,2007)…..

    i like zettai kareshi,,,but the ending is too sad..T_T

  16. oouh I prefer Live Anime action 😀 and some sci-fi suspense(?) and comedy

    1. Nodame Cantabile – a really great adaptation of the manga and anime. It’s better imo.

    2. Bloody Monday- another great adaptation of manga eventhough the story changed a little. It’s about fighting terrorism. The terrorists use a virus called Bloody X and nuclear bomb.

    3. Great Teacher Onizuka – funny and awesome xD

    4. Gokusen 1 – DAEBAK. (gokusen 2 & 3 have different students but the story plot are the same with a few changes)

    5. Samurai High School – A young student get possessed by a samurai at certain times. LOL. Whenever the guy gets possessed he acts so traditional and funny XDDD

    6. Hotaru no Hikari – a single girl (she’s naive and really oblivious to love) starts to fall in love with her co-worker but doesn’t realize that she’s really in love with her boss (which she shares her house with). It’s really funny.

    7. Mr. Brain – Kind of CSI but really educational and funny~~ 😀

    8. Tantei Gakuen Q – Live action of detective school Q.

    It’s all jdramas XD

  17. My top 10:
    – Boys Over Flowers
    – My Lovely Sam Soon
    – My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox
    – Heartstrings ( new one! really LOVE IT )
    – You’re Beautiful
    – Lovers
    – The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince
    – Lie To Me
    – Goong / Princess Hours
    – Prosecutor Princess

  18. yay for random post monday, even if it’s tues!! hehe!
    lol! i’ve seen all 5 of ur fav drmas plus the bonus of jerry. ;D
    super drma addict here so i watch dramas in korean, japanese, taiwanese, and even the tvb (hong kong) ones sometimes, when i hav the time.
    scrolling through everyone’s list reminds me of some of my favs & i don’t have a top list cause it changes all the time with new dramas.
    but also a ton i haven’t watched yet cause i never got around to them or just forgot.
    great! now even more dramas i must add to my must watch list. 🙂

  19. my top 5 dramas !
    1 heaven’s tree ( cried like a baby in every episode)
    2 autumn in my heart ( cried also)
    3 49 days
    4 it’s okay daddy’s daughter ( donghae ! :DD)
    5 autumn concerto

  20. My top 5 :

    1. Oh! My Lady
    2. New Heart
    3. Baker King Kim Tak Gu
    4. You’re Beautiful
    5. Hong Gil Dong

  21. My top:
    1- secret garden
    2- korosagi
    3- hana kimi
    4- one litter of tears
    5-oh my lady

  22. My top dramas all the time, which is i can watch over and over again, in random order (i can’t decide which is my favorite):
    *Goong/princess hours
    *Secret garden
    *Shining inheritance
    *My love patzi

    I enjoyed watching oh my lady (siwon oppa!), playful kiss (they said 13members of SuperJunior there!), dreamhigh, cinderella sister, and coffee prince, eventough they’re not my favorite.

    Next, i want to watch city hunter, 49days, lie to me. Oh and the greatest love! They say it is really good. Does anyone watched it?

  23. Oh and 18vs29 too! Young siwon oppa! That time i don’t know nothing about SuperJunior. Just admire that young kang bongman ♥ And i regret that i didn’t found out more about him. If so, i will know better about SuperJunior.

  24. Oh and 18vs29 too! Young siwon oppa! That time i know nothing about SuperJunior. Just admire that young kang bongman ♥ And i regret that i didn’t found out more about him. If so, i will know better about SuperJunior.

  25. Oh and 18vs29 too! Young siwon oppa! That time i know nothing about SuperJunior. Just admire that young kang bongman ♥ And i regret that i didn’t found out more about him. If so, i will know better about SuperJunior now.

  26. OMG. I’m a fan of Hana Yori Dang series too! kyaaa.
    i’ve also watched Absolute Boyfriend, Started With a Kiss and Full House.
    Unnie you should try watching Secret Garden, Shining Inheritance, You’re Beautiful, Marry Stayed Out All Night, Heartstrings and City Hunter. hoho. ^^

    • ohh and also Hana Kimi, Oh My Lady, Iris and Baker King. keke.

  27. Ah, what happen?
    Why i keep reposting the same post?
    I’m sorry everyone 😦

  28. omg the dramas u named i liked also! ive neva herd of 9 end 2 out but i trust in ur taste. gona watch it now. i hope u do one of these posts again lol
    n no one mentioned Bad Guy. awws that drama was so awesome

  29. I watched some doramas,and the ones that i recomending, are COMPLETELY the BEST ones[for me]! You WON’T regret it!!! (and will definitely make you cry kkkkk..)
    – 1 litre of tears
    – Koizora (it’s REALLY REALLY TOUCHING!)
    – H2 (Kimi to itahibi)
    – Taiyou No Uta
    – Proposal Daisakusen (it’s about love, but more like funny…)
    So far the only korean drama that i watched is Dream High (n i love it!)
    Now with this post I can try new corean dramas!! Thanks a lot ♥


    • lol !!!

  31. Oh dear… I think I’ve watched about 90 per cent of the dramas mentioned in this post plus all the comments… think this is showing up my drama addiction! Too many faves to list… But some tops (not necessarily in any order)
    – King of Baking Kim Tak Goo – It has Kyu singing on it but the show really is awesome with great acting!
    – Secret Garden – Great plot and acting!
    – K.O.3anguo – Ok this is one of those kinda lame Taiwanese dramas but I love it coz it’s LOL and well I love the ZhongJi world! What can get better than guitar playing being used as a weapon!
    – It Started WIth A KIss – Taiwanese version is awesome (both seasons). Enough said. If you have to watch this story, watch the Taiwanese version!
    – Hana Yori Dango – The jap version is the best in my opinion!
    – You Smile – This is a Korean family drama but I really love it…

    • Oh and how could I forget Nodame Cantabille!

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