110817 SJ-M performs in Beijing :Kyuhyun with a tear-jerking confession, Siwon pays tribute to Jay Chou

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110816 SJM in Beijing ~! Airport & Fanmeeting [Compilation] 

On the night of August 16, “Super Junior-M 2011 Fanmeeting in Beijing” opened at the Wukesong Gymnasium, and on that night, they sang to several classics including 《Perfection》, 《Destiny》, 《Love is sweet》 and more. Apart from Eunhyuk’s MJ dance segment and Sungmin’s rendition of 《A Pity It Isn’t You》 on the guitar, Siwon also paid a tribute to Jay Chou with a cover of 《Where Is The Promised Happiness》, causing the whole venue to sing along. Aside from that, Kyuhyun’s tear-jerking confession to the Chinese fans also became a focal point of the performance that night.

Singing their classics with utmost effort

That night, the seats were more than 90% filled at the Wukesong Gymnasium. The fans held blue lightsticks and lightboards, submerging the entire venue in a sea of sapphire blue. The first thing the SJ-M members did when they took the stage was to greet the fans affectionately in Mandarin. SJ-M opened the show with the hot dance number 《Perfection》 that night, and later followed up with 《Destiny》, 《Love is sweet》, 《Super Girl》, and various other popular songs in Mainland China, causing the fans to be extremely elated.

Choi Siwon pays a tribute to Jay Chou with a cover

In the solo segment of each member, aside from Eunhyuk performing a medley of MJ’s classic dances, the other members also chose well-known Chinese songs to be presented to the Chinese fans. Kyuhyun performed 《If You’ve Also Heard》 with deep emotions, Ryeowook performed 《I Only Care About You》, while Sungmin sang to 《A Pity It Isn’t You》 while playing the guitar, and was praised that he gave a different feel to the song when compared to Fish Leong’s version. Aside from that, Siwon covered 《Where Is The Promised Happiness》 as a tribute to Jay Chou, and was praised to be the most amazing.

Cho Kyuhyun thanked the fans with a tearful confession

During the interaction session, when asked by a fan about the most touching thing he had done for himself, Kyuhyun answered seriously that: “There was a time where we participated in an awards ceremony, but didn’t manage to receive an award. However, in order to prevent us from feeling upset, the fans made us a golden disk with pure gold*. This made us feel extremely touched, and when we received this present all of the members cried because we were so moved (by the gesture).” This tear-jerking confession also allowed the fans to feel SJ-M’s sincerity. They even expressed that they will come to China more frequently in the future, in order to meet with the fans more often.

* The awards ceremony mentioned was last year’s Golden Disk Awards, and the golden disk was given by the Chinese fans as a present.

《A Pity It Isn’t You》 = 《可惜不是你》 by Fish Leong; 《Where Is The Promised Happiness》 = 《说好的幸福呢》 by Jay Chou; 《If You’ve Also Heard》 = 《如果你也听说》 by A-Mei; 《I Only Care About You》 = 《我只在乎你》 by Teresa Teng

Source:   Sina Entertainment
Translated by:eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET | chunny觅 @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Shared at sup3rjunior.wordpress.com by: Destiny 


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  1. that’s right! gda :,( omg! chinese elfs are so devoted !

  2. really touching, chinese elf jjang!

  3. GDA is such a bad memories for all ELFs… But Chinese ELFS are really amazing, it’s so touching ^^
    They deserve an award too ❤

  4. C elf seem pretty awesome. And they were so great about sharing what happened at the meeting 🙂

  5. woah pure gold~~~ Chinese ELFs are too great! they are simply daebak! amazed

  6. WHY NO ONE SINGLE MENTION ABOUT ZHOUMIMI???????/bitter/ and really touched tho about their golden disk

  7. Only 90% filled? I thought it would be sold out.

  8. GDA. 😥

  9. ahh, so it was referring to GDA. >.< remembering it always makes me feel frustrated… but wow chinese elfs!! jjang!!! O_O wonder how they did that…

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