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  1. siwon >//< "Siwon said that in the future he may marry one of the fans. He also said that he may have a foreign marriage in the future (marriage with a foreign fan)."
    im here~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  2. Heechul said he would probably have an international relationship/marriage and now Siwon!!! They know how to say the right things to make us international fan girls go crazzzzy 😀

  3. siwon!!!! marry me 😉

  4. lololol at eunhyuk, keeping up the fanservice X) (i’m not a shipper, but i still find it cute how they both seem to have fun promoting it lol–like in that 27 minute fancam)

    and wow 30kg gold O_o that’s some dedicated ELFs! go c-elfs!

    • It wasn’t really 30kg. It was only bout 4gram but the exaggeration reflects how much weight they think of that golden disc

  5. Siwon said that in the future he may marry one of the fans. He also said that he may have a foreign marriage in the future (marriage with a foreign fan).

    OH SNAP. this could just be fanservice and all but…lately i’ve been wondering about siwon’s love life. i mean his suju’s visual lol there’s gotta be somethin happenin….waiting to see how he reacts to kyu saying he has a gf on star king.

  6. Asal bukan Agnes Monica, it’s okay siwon ssi !!!!

  7. LMAO at Eunhyuk saying Mimi would do good as a nude model. can’t stop laughing :)))

  8. when hae and siwon turn 30…everythng’ll chnge

  9. I’m waiting for Kyuhyun or SUngmin to consider interracial marriage muhahahaha XD

  10. Getting married at 30 ? Good, I still have some time ^^
    But it doesn’t really surprised me when they talk about foreign marriage, they’re traveling so much so they’re meeting a lot of foreign girls, love doesn’t have borders (I sound so romantic right now XD) ❤

  11. Is Donghae open to foreign marriage? With a girl who’s not as cute as him but will love him to death & always take care of him? Oh god! That sounded so ‘girly’ & embarrassing!

  12. Minnie ah. love U so much!!! You ‘re too sweet !!! Love the way you smile and change that for ELFs!!!!

  13. hyukjae WAYLT to MiMi… nude model…. i can’t… T~~~~~T

  14. siwon I’m hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee♥♥

  15. I Know Leeteuk said he would have one as well. And when kyu was on starking, those White girls where dancing and one of them forsure got Kyuhyun flabbergasted lol
    But I want to see the video of Siwon saying this so I can see the others reactions

    I gotta get over to Korea right away!!

  17. LOL I love how hyuk said zhoumi might succeed as a nude model haha his always so unpredictable w/ his gags LOL

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