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  1. “Sungmin used his butt to draw out the word ‘OK‘” I need to see this!!
    Is there any fancam for his hyperness?

  2. sungmin fancam please?!

  3. kyaaaa i want fancam for fanaccount point number eight!!!

  4. it makes me happy that sungmin shined.

    and lol is that why your tongue is always sticking out in pics wookie?

  5. What diet was he on again? Cuz I want what he’s having. 🙂

  6. LOL, I’d love to see hyper Sungmin in action! No. 11, “He’s gone crazy!!” xDD

  7. Wow.. never heard Sungmin this hyper 😀 I’m so happy for him

  8. I want all of Sungmin fanaccount! He is so beautiful, cute and imperactivo.

  9. Its quite funny about how little things like tounge is pretty…lol….
    Hyper Minnie??… lol… He’s gone crazy….
    I love his solo, you can clearly hear the fanchants….

  10. what i need now is all the fancams of this fanaccount >.<

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